Jim Rohn: How to Take Control of Your Anxiety ( Jim Rohn Inspiration )

In my seminars the last few years I have
covered what I have found to be those few simple basic principles that can
make major changes in life and lifestyle one of those subjects that gets the most
comment is diseases of attitude and out of that subject worry and how to kick
the worry habit have caused the most questions so in this brief visit with
you let me give you my best look at worried how to recognize it and define
it and what to do about it and hopefully these ideas will give you
a good chance for confidence over worry first of all worry might well be killer
number one and if it is not the number one physical killer although doctors
tell us warriors die sooner than non warriors and we have all heard the
expression worry yourself to death at least it is the number one killer of
dreams and achievement of energy and vitality and lifestyle I know the damage
and effect of this killer worry firsthand I will spare you the details
but over a period of some three years I let worry get out of hand as I’ve
mentioned before I became a super worrier I was good at it
the combination of small and big worries about my circumstances what people
thought of me my finances my abilities the future my progress all led to a
complete physical collapse a stay in the hospital emotional mental and physical
exhaustion and a deep despair I couldn’t shake a sad picture for a young man who
should have been well on his way to carving out his share of opportunity I
am happy to tell you that good fortune came my way and as many of you may be
aware I met a man mr. Earl show with his ideas and inspiration and the help of a
very close friend I worked my way past the
minefields of worry and disaster and out into the clear air of mental sunshine
and if I did it anybody can do it I’m not saying it’s easy it took me almost a
full year to kick the worry habit it took practice and much effort but it
was well worth it remember don’t ask for the tasks to be
easy just ask for it to be worth it don’t wish it was easier wish you were
better don’t ask for less challenge ask for more skills don’t ask for less
problems ask for more wisdom it’s the challenge that makes the experience and
life and its colour and meaning and adventure for you is this collection of
experiences to wish them away is to wish your life away so let’s get to worry and
what it is and what it does how to define it and what to do about it and
let’s do it with eager high hope that it won’t be long until you will be free of
the worry habit and on your way to the life and lifestyle that you want
first of all let’s define worry there are many ways we could describe it worry
is fear painting pictures in your mind and if you watch that mental movie too
long you get a false picture of how things really are worry is a mental
broadcasting station and more often than not it is false or at least distorted
propaganda worry has that sneaky way of stopping short of giving you all the
facts worry is often the trickery of mentally filtered facts on the negative
side and the bold declaration that these are all the facts worry has the mental
audacity to suggest that the elevator only runs one way down many times worry
is a 5 alarm bell for a wastebasket fire and worry is a depletion of constructive
emotion it’s wasted mental energy it’s like letting the starter
the battery down when the car won’t start and worry is most often a lack of
all the facts a lack of full understanding a lack of total
information and an unpreparedness of ability knowledge talent courage faith
and all the other virtues that should give us a better definition of worry and
remember left unchecked it can become like a mad dog loose in the house and
the sorrow and pain and regret is too large a price to pay not to do something
about it and to do it now you see if you contemplated the total sum of human
suffering long enough it would drive you mad
you must understand how life is human suffering man’s inhumanity to man war
disease poverty but it must be in what I call its rightful ratio of your mental
and emotional time so much for what worry is the next question is what can I
do about it what is the first step my best advice on this is to first
recognize worry for what it is admit what it does and then decide you
now want to be free it first starts with decision on your part and may I add well
you should decide why let worry continue to take money out of your pocket and
bank account why I let worry any longer keep you from becoming all you can be
why let it rob you of better friendships better business better profits better
results better communication better family relations
why impose your worry on others any longer it’s a burden you can get rid of
and a monkey you can get off your back why not be rid of those thinking nagging
feelings that all is not going to be well that you can’t do it that it won’t
work out for the best worry is undue concern that takes up too much of your
mental and emotional time now we must all be concerned hey life is
no joke except to the Joker’s life and how to live it is a serious matter it is
risky full of peril and there are constant threats to the good we want and
to the pursuit of happiness however it is undue concern or a concern
that takes up too much mental time that begins the harm it’s like a family
planning a wonderful trip while they certainly should be concerned about the
condition of the car the tires and making sure they pick the proper route
it would be foolish to allow themselves to be completely turned negative with
the thought that they might crash and kill the entire family if that were the
case even if they went the entire trip would be turned into one nightmare of
fear with the specter of chaos looming around every curve rather than enjoying
the wonderful trip they had planned for themselves and their family a lot of
people do that with their entire life so start to make these declarations and if
you mean it they will start you on your way to confidence and adventure free of
the worry habit say first I’ve had it with worry I’m tired of being beaten
down and hassled with all those negative mental pictures I refuse to be tricked
by false facts I’m really not that weak never again do I want those sick
feelings inside those mental false alarms I am tired of the drain on my
resources I’m tired of the embarrassment of the
lack of confidence I don’t want people especially my family to see me in this
state anymore I’ve got more to offer I refuse to let my life be short-circuited
any longer by letting my mind run wild with a distorted view of the facts
whether I bring it up or if I comes from someone else prove it to yourself think
back over all the things that you worried about
all the fantastic catastrophic events that your well-meaning advisers had told
you were going to happen be pleased that none of them ever happened to you or
else you would not be alive today 90% of the things you worried about never
happen anyway all of us have had these well-meaning advisers who want to appear
larger in the eyes of those they wish to advise and who immediately rare back and
describe every single bad option they can think of that might possibly happen
by the time they have finished the one who has come for some confidence and
some help wonders why he even bothers to live anymore and the fact is those
things are never really going to happen anyway bring to question now what your
mind tells you are what others tell you and pledge not to go for false alarms
I’ve had it is a good beginning this first step will start you arguing with
your worried thoughts soon you will start to examine your fears and worries
to see if they are valid and you won’t let your mind play those mental tricks
any longer it is possible to destroy any emotion you have including worry and
fear by a very simple process and that is analyze it to death drag it out on
the table and look at it weigh it against all of your past experiences
make sure this one can stand against all the past facts you have you will now
start to use worry instead of letting worry use you it’s a beginning being in
control instead of out of control you will now let concern and the first
signs of worry prompts you to learn ask questions and look at all sides in order
to evaluate true positive constructive action now you can say I will let fear
advise me of the facts but I won’t let fear tell me these are all the facts nor
will I let fear determine my action to the facts I will gladly take
up the war of faith over doubt reason over fear and positive expectation over
worry so talk to yourself right now into a change of attitude be persuasive go
all out show yourself the hell if you don’t and
the good life of answers and progress if you do say to yourself what a fantastic
feeling it must be to stop the panic drain on my mental energy emotion and
physical strength imagine putting all that saved energy and emotion and
strength into my action plans for the good life
hey accept the challenge believe your beliefs doubt your doubts stay on the
campaign to give worried a bad time like being your own conscientious judge say
I’ve had it with the presentation of a one-sided story I sustained the
objection that worry has failed to bring out all the facts I despised these
mental courtroom maneuvers that try to belittle my client me I demand the whole
truth and if worry will not be silent I may cite him for contempt of the court
of reason call up that scene often when worry wants to hassle you with the same
old tricks and the same old results it will work every time okay let’s move on
to some really positive steps if you can survive all that has happened to you up
to this moment in your life in spite of doing and thinking many of the wrong
things imagine how you can succeed by now starting to do some of the right
things first the best answer to worry is confidence and confidence starts first
with awareness here is one of the most important lessons in life to learn life
and business is like the changing seasons and the real challenge of life
is to learn how to handle the winter and take
advantage of the spring in short that’s it you see winter always comes but so
does the spring night follows day but also day follows night sure the tide
goes out but it always comes in opportunity follows difficulty as surely
as difficulty follows opportunity I have written and recorded much on how to take
advantage of the spring how to cash in on life’s opportunities work hard all
summer learn more ways to plant and protect what you invest and to reap in
the fall without complaint knowing it’s your harvest then you’ve reaped what
you’ve sown for this subject however let’s talk about how to handle the
winters those times when worry like winter takes its heavy toll so we tell
it like it is winter always come so does the night some happening within our life
will always be a cause for concern and sometimes concern turns to worry and
worry turns to fear but remember that is to be expected each day each event each
season brings both expected and unexpected challenges that we must think
about and make decisions on life is like a stream that flows continuously the
better we understand that the better chance we have to produce good results
out of all of our challenges may I suggest something to you I have a friend
who is an avid skier you know something he can only ski in the winter time you
can only hunt the elk when the snow falls in the high mountains and drives
them down that’s called winter time you see it’s alright if it’s 12 below just
be prepared for the winter and here is a good thought a full well devote
developed human being will find a way to take advantage of the winter
not just handle it the big challenge is to make something out of each
opportunity now if winters are always going to occur
in our life shouldn’t we benefit from them to come the next winter you could
be on the inside looking out seated by a warm fire the company of a good friend
and those unique feelings of security in spite of the circumstances or the season
begin to know now that the night will pass and as you learn to grow and
progress you will better understand how to handle every night and better live
every day here’s some of the best advice I have on worry first don’t be afraid to
face the facts of life it is not negative to understand that the winters
always come don’t be faked out don’t clip the word impossible out of the
dictionary sure the Bible says all things are possible but I don’t really
understand all that means my daughter’s asked me have you ever tried putting
toothpaste back in the tube don’t say I don’t want to hear the problem I don’t
want to see the difficulty don’t show me the weeds don’t say anything negative
only see the positive that’s foolish there is a thin line between positive
thinking and kidding yourself and remember there’s also a thin line
between faith and folly here is the key humans have the unique ability to see it
as it is and they also have the ability to see it better than it is one is
called fact the other is called faith faith you develop facts you
acquire the facts you acquire our essential
it’s like belief you constantly must find facts to support your belief faith
says I will move mountains it doesn’t say I will move mountains if someone
gives me a bulldozer I’ll move a man if they will build me a road up there if
the weather’s nice if they give me a shovel faith just says I will move
mountains faith doesn’t ask for a result to prove
its existence faith is because it is and remember people die for faith and some
people give up everything they own their life for faith many years ago over in
Vietnam a Buddhist monk did a very clever thing he did the ultimate in
political dissent he burned himself to death that toppled the government that
was faith totality begets totality here is a good prayer help me to see it as it
is and helped me to see it better than it is
and then inspire me to act facts and faith and action what a combination for
personal progress and action puts fear to flight an Old Testament phrase says
watch the end you sluggard consider their ways and be why not a bad
suggestion the study of ants what do they do in the summer to prepare for the
winter that’s a lesson in life and survival happiness wealth peace security
success HD friendship reward results and all human achievement comes from a
growing ability to understand and handle the changing season and so we come right
back to the theme of our entire enterprise self development learn to
work harder on yourself than anything else the key to all success in economics
or mental health is self-development it will all change for the better when you
change for the better it’s what you become that really counts
and you are the only variables so a good statement is you can’t be all
positive you can’t be all confident you can’t be all faiths but confidence and
faith and courage and inspiration can dominate worry and fear physical and
emotional forces are always at work and something will win and conquer make sure
you give yourself the best chance to get mental and emotional domination over all
of your challenges and here is one of the master keys to the good life
developing the intelligence and accepting the challenge of putting all
of your emotional experience into their rightful ratio beginning this progress
can bring about the most dramatic changes you see disappointment is like
winter it always comes it is foolish to say don’t be disappointed but you must
learn to discipline your disappointment if it dominates 51% of your time you’re
in trouble continued heavy disappointment is like
12 months of winter and 12 months of winter leaves very little alive use the
guidelines of seasons to adjust to all the meaningful things that happen to you
so concern fear and disappointment like many human emotions serve a useful
purpose as long as they are kept in their rightful ratio left unattended the
weeds take over disappointment rule worry breaks loose fear gets the upper
hand and doubt moves in but managed worked given human action with will and
knowledge and purpose and Gardens overcome weeds faith overcomes doubt and
confidence pushes worry into a small place the second major key to mastering
worry is to respond build up inside of you that heavy desire to be free
to get on with building your life and lifestyle too much is waiting to delay
take a new look at your opportunity figure out new ways to seize them
immediately and make them work for you and here is a key bring a new dedication
that you will master yourself with enough discipline to be more than
qualified to do the present job and prepare yourself for the next move up
expose yourself to every stimulation possible that will put all this in
perspective now let’s move on to a very important point and that is the best
answer to worry is confidence first self-confidence I can better handle next
winter I have a strong shelter it is stocked with supplies I now know how to
take advantage of the spring I’m going to plant better crops and bigger crops I
can last through the summer I won’t quit this time I’ll study weeds and how to
get rid of them I’ll be less frightened of the changing weather in the quick
storms in the fall I will exercise more care and reap what I have without
complaint and blame nothing for the amount of my harvest I’ll learn to save
a fair portion so that I can survive the bad seasons when out of control the
hailstorm comes and it all goes wrong now we must consider this the most fatal
deterrent to self confidence is guilt not doing all you know how to do to the
full extent of your present ability weakens the foundation for confidence
the biggest part of worry comes from the lack of this personal confidence and
lack of confidence comes from two major things first no goals or plans
and second no daily discipline to achieve the in action to cure or handle
small tasks is what starts the guilt process
and that always tends to make you look at what’s wrong and expect the worst so
listen to the voices of creative experience let nature experience wisdom
books everything speak to you and teach you remember both opportunity and
challenge await action everything yields to diligence it’s not what you can do
it’s what you will do that counts an undeveloped ability comes from three
problems first lack of inspiration to find out second lack of reasons to learn
and third lack of applied time and action for developing those ability
remember humans are remarkable a marvelously functioning entity imagine
how uniquely your body and mind have survived and managed to function in
spite of all the worry humans don’t die easy they die hard develop a plan for
your life rather than aimlessly drifting through it the victim of circumstance
create your own environment and learn to control it you control your own mental
environment by developing yourself so go on a crash program to clean up
decisions get things done get other things set up and started and organized
start doing all the things that would make you feel better exercise diet
reading more books open a floodgate of positive moves in the right direction
and be thankful add up what you do have make an actual as well as a conscious
mental list of all you possess tangible as well as intangible in view of the
four billion other inhabitants of the world yours is probably an incredible
list that lists and being thankful should then lead to the big step of
discipline the discipline to sit up and listen the discipline to pay attention
the discipline to give people and kids the gifts of your attention the
discipline to be alert take care of yourself rest eat properly
the discipline to talk well and practice good manners courtesy is contagious take
one day and see what a variety of positive steps you can take and projects
you can take on at the end of the day go over it write out the positive steps the
progress on projects the rest the exercise the meals the hobbies calls
record conversations and letters and speaking of calls and letters write at
least one encouraging letter or thank-you note and make at least one
encouraging phone call or thank-you call every week then have a friend help you
as one helped me to get all the facts and prepare for action from such a
friendship the greatest gift you can draw is the truth – one of my dearest
friends I said just the other day as my friend do me the one best thing you can
do for me and that is tell me the truth from there I can grow I can start making
wise decisions we all admire poise confidence awareness
courtesy good manner courage health kindness attention beauty speech
expression and unhurried intensity and talent at work this can be your life say
with me today today I will draw on all I’ve learned and practiced from
curiosity to confidence and I will utilize it all to meet the experiences
and challenges that may come my way or that I may seek out and if all I know
and do does not meet or match some unforeseen challenge or experience I
will keep careful notes and take them to my private conference table and try to
figure them out and learn and grow mixed in my curiosity as thanks
that I’m alive and able to see and feel and learn and handle and enjoy being
human and being alive and having been given a chance to turn challenge into
experience how great to have a mind to expand and a
soul to nourish to have hands that can feel a heart that can experience a mind
that can enquire and learn a soul that can soar a body that can respond to no
love sadness hope disappointment
accomplishment failure thrills terror appreciation bafflement wonder awe
frustration misery confidence courage contentment impatience expectation
apprehension fulfillment music sound pictures art beauty and harmony to have
all this happen to one is one thing to know it is all happening is much more I
wish for you that you might develop a growing awareness of the world around
you and your possibilities in it develop a sense of history and destiny and be
grateful for the opportunity that you have to participate in that grand
endeavor to sum it all up first understand what where he is you now know
that it can be beneficial and destructive depending on your awareness
next resolve to be free of the habit that job is up to you to work on
yourself to get the right attitude next start the daily action of first cleaning
up all your current situations remember little achievements lead to
confidence that conquers guilt then buy up every challenge to reach your goal
you can now handle it the winter the spring the
bring a new zeal to every problem to every fear to every opportunity the
inspiration from it all and the immediate and future progress
that will someday give you a view from the top of your goals your adventure and
your achievement in conclusion let me give you one piece of poetry that sums
up what a life of adventure should be like and how you should feel you are now
a seasoned warrior you bear the scars of honorable battle and here is where you
stand today the familiar words of William Henley out of the darkness that
covers me black as the pit from pole to pole I thank whatever God’s may be for
my unconquerable soul in the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor
cried aloud under the bludgeonings of chance my head is bloody but unbowed it
matters not how Strait the gate nor charge to punishments the scroll I am
the captain of my fate I am the master of my soul from all of my staff and from
myself personally I want to thank you for listening let’s do something
remarkable you

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