Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 493 – Full Episode – 2nd December 2019

Sanjana, you’re not eating
anything. Have something. Well, no, now that you’ve
let me be with your brother I won’t dare to ask
for anything else. Ms. Sanjana you eat four Parathas
almost every day. You didn’t have even one, today.
This is not done. Have them. Well, I’m in a state
of shock, right? Really?
What are you saying? Hey! What are you doing?
Hey! They’re my shoes! You, thief, move!
What are you doing? Buddy I wasn’t stealing your shoes
but I was touching your feet. I was touching your feet.
I came here to meet you. You’re pure-hearted! I’m serious. Chatanki.
– Yes. You have impressed me greatly
by accepting my dear sister, Sanjana.
Thank you so much. Can I be honest?
– Okay. I thought you were the most
cheap person in the world. The cheapest, the laziest
and a useless man.. Whereas, now.. Now, I feel you’re
akin to God, buddy. Love can change any person.
– That’s right. Khatose.
– Khasote. That’s what I said.
Khatose, right? Say, Kha. – Kha.
– So. – So. – Te. – Te. Khasote.
– Khatose. Forget all that. Whatever I
did was, for my love. I swear. Well, that reminds me.
– Okay. If you wish, can you give me
a massage and do my facial? I will feel you’re praising me
wholeheartedly. Will you?
– That’s all? – Yes. Is that all? You don’t want this?
– What’s that? I brought a gift for you
as I was impressed by your goodness. I have got
two honeymoon tickets.. Here you go.
– Buddy, sure.. Wow, Khasote, good job. Thank you very much.
Or else he would make me sponsor
his entire honeymoon. I’ll take your leave.
I’ve left the shop open. – Fine. Dad! I don’t approve of
this relationship! Elaichi, what problem
do you have when they both are happy
and have agreed? Tell me something. What’s wrong
with you all of a sudden? Dad, do you even realise
what you’re doing? I’m still young.
I may say any such thing. But you all are elders. You should at least think about it,
right? Hey, you..
What should we think about? Tell me,
what should we think about? Think what people might say!
– People will surely gossip. That’s something they always do.
Ignore such useless things or else, the time will pass. Listen, your uncle anyway
had a bad reputation. It will hardly matter
if he takes up another blame. Tell me.
– Oh, please, Dad. Uncle Chatanki can still get
good proposals! Pickpocket Munni
still calls him up. Doesn’t she?
I’ve noticed. Then, why would he accept
someone else’s child as his! Come on, Elaichi. It’s you
who said the child is innocent. Why are you being
so conservative, today? That’s because I want
such a woman to be my aunt from whom I
can learn something. Someone who has
a good character. In fact,
a very good character. Just imagine,
what will I learn from her? No.. What am I going to learn?
I hope you got it. Elaichi, listen. We don’t know what made
Sanjana do this. – Right. But your uncle is making
our family proud by accepting Sanjana.
– Right. So, you can learn
from your uncle if you want to. Ms. Sanjana! Why don’t you go away from here!
– Elaichi. Are you casting an evil eye
on my marital life? Hold on! Sanjana, forget all of them. You tell me,
what should we do? Well.. W-What do I say?
Well.. Please.. I..
I think.. Please let me be. Please.
I request you all. Move, you scoundrel! Sir, you all are so bad. You did as you wished
and hurt my sister, right? Sister. After seeing all this I feel upset. So, I was wondering if you could give me a glass
of milk flavoured with almonds I may feel better.
Go get it. Go. What do I even say? Elaichi, I
can’t understand you. Till now,
you were supporting Sanjana and now you are
treating her like this. Because I was thinking
of her till now and now,
I am thinking about his welfare. Elaichi, listen. Chatanki is very happy with Sanjana.
– Yes. – Okay? Why are you making
a big deal out of it? I’m not creating a fuss!
Please. I agree that he’s a thief. He’s a good-for-nothing. He doesn’t command
any respect in the market. And yes, he has spent most of his life
in the jail. But that doesn’t mean,
that he has lost the right to marry
a good girl. No, right? Elaichi, I always
wanted to marry such a girl and I got her.
So I don’t have any worries. No, please, Uncle. I know that you are marrying
her as you have no choice. I know that all
your friends have kids and they are of marriageable age. That is why, you are compensating by picking
this cast-off.. I know.. Please, stop! You aren’t understanding. Elaichi, listen. When he’s happy
with her then why are you
complaining? Tell me.
– Dad. Understand that I can’t accept this
characterless woman as my aunt.. I want a noble woman
to be my aunt not the opposite of it. Understood? I don’t want
this cast-off.. Elaichi, listen.. One minute, Sister. Elaichi, listen. If you hate Sanjana so much then Sanjana won’t
stay in this house. It’s clear. Really? And if she doesn’t stay here then even I
won’t stay here. Really? I will go somewhere else
with Sanjana. There are many rented flats
near Tihar jail. I will settle there. That reminds me,
give me the money to pay rent. And don’t search
in the rice utensil I have already stolen it.
It’s clear. I am doomed. My dear gang members,
what is going on? Elaichi, you are asking this! I feel afraid to even
sit with this unlucky person. Hey you..
Fool. I will thrash you,
if you speak ill of me. Why are you scolding him? You are unlucky,
that is not his fault. Is it? So it’s my fault
that I’m unlucky. Wow, Elaichi. You also
teamed up with them. Of course, it’s all your fault. It is quite clear to us. Forget this. Do you know something? I have told my parents that I don’t approve
of the relation between my uncle
and my so-called would-be aunt. I don’t like it. So did they agree? No! Your bad luck
played a role in this too. My uncle is so mesmerised
by your beauty that he’s not ready to agree. He clearly said that if Sanjana
leaves from the house then so will he. No option is left. What do you mean? W-What are you trying to say? Will you send me on honeymoon? Listen, if her uncle
goes on honeymoon with you then he will die
over there. Yes, that is possible. Elaichi, why shouldn’t
I try to run away again? No.. Your bad luck
will affect us again. Do you remember
what happened the last time? You put on this disguise
and ran away but he became a taxi driver
and found you. If you run away this
time around, then it’s possible that he might become
a train driver or a pilot and find you,
anything is possible. I don’t think that he will let
go of you so easily. Please. Even if you disguise yourself,
he will find you somehow. So, what do we do now? What do you want? In front of your uncle..
Are you understanding? Let me think.. Sanjana, good morning. Sanjana. Can you give me
a good morning kiss? “She is feisty!” Do you want a kiss?
– Yes. Really?
– Yes. Please make tea for me.
I am really tired. Please, baby. Please go. Oh, no! This won’t
let me do anything! Sanjana, I will be right back. Okay? Then, I
will get you ginger tea. I swear..
Oh, no.. Hurry up.
Get lost! Chatanki. The bathroom is over there. Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. Karuna..
Oh. How many times did
I ask you to get me some tea? Until you give me some tea,
I can’t relieve myself. Oh. I have no idea what she
is doing. Whatever. Who is inside?
– Brother-in-law, it’s me. I have told you not
to use my bathroom. He got inside.
Such a nuisance! Where is the soap?
Oh.. Oh, yes.
I got it! I can’t reach behind my back.
Let me call Karuna. Yes..
I can touch it now. Oh! Where did I keep my glasses? Yes. I think I kept it here.
Yes.. How come
it is here! Look at this!
I can’t believe Karuna dropped her earrings here.
It weighs 4 ‘tola.’ She is so irresponsible!
Karuna. Where is the wig? Don’t worry, Pancham. I have it. I also have the solution
to this problem. Why can’t I open the door? I will make ginger tea
for Sanjana. Please add more lemon for me. Add some chilli as well. Elaichi, I’m telling you.
I will really kill your uncle. What did my uncle do now?
– He has crossed the limit. Why are you overreacting?
What happened? Am I overreacting?
It’s your uncle’s fault. What did he do
to upset you so much? If I could get away
with one murder I would have killed your
uncle first. Seriously! Elaichi, let’s take a selfie
on this note. Go ahead. Are you going
to tell us what happened? What did Mr. Chatanki do?
– What did he do? He has made my life miserable. He recited bad poems. ‘The roses have come to bloom
in this season of love..’ Wow.. Are you guys done? Do you know which poem
he recited? ‘The roses have bloomed
ever since we met.’ ‘Sanjana, my heart skips a beat
every time I see you.’ Oh, God..
– Do you guys find this funny? After that, he told me many
things that I can’t tell you. He told me indecent things..
I’m bashful.. – No. .. to say it.
– I am unable to laugh because of my moustache. Please tell us.
The fun has just begun. – Yes. Do you know what he told me? He wants to take me
to the doctor to get
a sonography done so that there won’t be any
problem during the honeymoon. He’s such a pervert!
Disgusting! He’s wicked and vile.
– Listen.. When are you going
to the doctor, to get examined? Go on and ridicule me. You can’t ridicule
me if something goes wrong. I
won’t be here then. But Mr. Chatanki
wasn’t so crazy about me! I think he is enchanted
by your beauty. Hey! Enchanted by
his beauty! I have an idea! Uncle Chatanki’s life
will be full of problems. Look.
I will tell you what to do.

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