Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 477 – Full Episode – 8th November, 2019

Sister.. Can’t anyone hear me
shouting or what? Hey! What’s with the commotion
so early in the day? Uncle, what happened?
Are you all right? Oh, my God! Why are you
holding a bottle of poison? Chatanki, what are you doing?
I am doomed. He will apply it on his hair
like shampoo! – What? Let’s take a selfie as uncle is going to apply poison
on his hair like shampoo. Listen to me.
Drink it right away. What are you saying, Murari?
I am doomed! Let him drink it first. Come on. We don’t have time.
Hurry up. I will drink it. Hey. Let uncle say what
he wants to, Dad. Come on. Tell us He could talk later.
Let him drink the poison first. Don’t be stupid.
Come on. Drink it quickly. Hurry up.. Drink it.. It’s about my life!
I love Sanjana. My love is true and pure.
Understand it. Oh, my God! Mr. Chatanki
is in love! True and pure love! This calls for a selfie.
Let’s take a selfie. What are you saying? You are so ugly
whereas she is so pretty. A-Are you out of your mind?
Don’t be stupid. I love Sanjana and
I want to marry her. Let me marry her or else
I will take this poison. I love her a lot.
Why can’t you understand? Uncle said what he had
in his mind. It’s Mr. Sanjeev’s turn.
Let’s ask his opinion as well. Mr. Sanjeev, tell us. Yes. All right. Mister, the thing is.. I am looking
for a good suitor for Sanjana. If a person like you.. Yes. I mean.. If a good-looking
and hard-working man like him wants to marry her,
why would I not consider it? Let me ask Sanjana once.
Tell me, Sanjana. I think he is a good man. I like everything that
is good about him. What? What is the good
quality that you see in him? Murari, when Sanjana doesn’t
have a problem why are you questioning her? I am just giving my opinion. If someone wants to invite
trouble, what could I do? Leave it be. Ma’am, you agree
to it, don’t you? I.. Well.. Yes. She has agreed! Oh my.. This guy acts intimidating I swear I will.. Hey! Who is it? Oh, no.. What happened?
– Hey! Khasote!
Why are you slapping him? Hey..
– Oh, no. What’s with the ruckus?
– Oh, God! Forget that, tell me what you
have applied on your face. I will tell you, Mr. Murari.
It’s my mistake. Ms. Karuna gave me spinach
to make Chutney. I forgot to close
the lid of the grinder. It splashed out
over her face. Oh, God.. Sir, please calm down.. Why are you thrashing him? He is forcing you
to get married! This is how I am
going to deal with him. I will redden his cheeks. I will beat the living
daylights out of you! Khasote, why are you
getting involved? She agreed to it, right?
– Yes.. He has forced Sanjana
to say yes. Who would want to marry
this thief! Because she likes thieves. She loves movies about
thieves and robberies. Am I not right?
– Yes. That ends the conversation,
right? Let me go. Stay here quietly. Please calm down. But she would not want
a gambler, would she? Gambling..
She loves gambling. She is an expert in
Indian poker. Am I not right?
Tell him. Yes, I love playing
Indian Poker. I was called the queen
of Indian poker in Agra. That ends the conversation,
right? Let me go. Stay here quietly. Listen..
– What? She gambles too. Really?
– Yes. Perfect! Listen to me, Sanjana. One could quit thievery
and gambling. What about his debauchery? He has relationships
with numerous women. He is a flirt.. Sanjana, you are like
my sister. How can you let you
be in trouble? She loves dealing with trouble. Am I not right, ma’am? Yes.. It’s really amusing. Mr. Khasote, he has agreed
as well. You should agree too. Please..
I am scared. Please don’t do this. Since she agreed to it,
I accept it. We will organise a grand
engagement ceremony. We will welcome
the groom’s family with flowers. Hey, listen. All the expenses will be on you. I shouldn’t have said that. Nice. Can I talk to you? Yes, Elaichi. I am in a mare’s nest. I can’t believe you. It’s been long
since we got married but you never thought
of dying. As soon as the engagement with
Uncle Chatanki was discussed you are trembling! Am I not right?
– What are you saying, Elaichi? Don’t say such things to me.
Please. I am in trouble
just like you. Your uncle is after me
all the time. He always sticks to me
like glue. Wait. D-Did you just say I am trouble? Everything is not about you!
I was talking about your uncle. W-Why do you think so? Because you should be happy. As I came up with a plan
to stop you from leaving. But no,
the cat got your tongue. Really?
– Yes. Elaichi, I think you don’t
understand the seriousness. I feel as if I am a red
veil and your uncle is a bull! Anytime, he could.. You are like a red veil. Every time I see you,
I feel happy.. Are you joking?
Why are you doing this? The engagement will happen soon. Have you ever thought what’s
going to happen after that? Please come here. Come.
Sit here. What, Elaichi?
– Come.. Why are you worrying
about the future? Uncle is in prison
most of the time. He won’t have time
to trouble you. Calm down. Calm down? You think so
because this is happening to me. It’s your uncle. Turn on the loudspeaker.
– You are a moron! Hush.
Turn on the loudspeaker. Loudspeaker.
– Hello. Sanjana, you won’t believe it. I was having hiccups. As soon as I uttered
your name, they stopped. How are you? I am good. I haven’t
abused anyone since morning. Nice joke. Sanjana, what are you saying? This is what
I love about you. You won’t believe it.
I was a flirt earlier. I feel like I am
worshipping you and it’s great.
– No.. Don’t worship me. I will worship you.
I will light joss sticks and make offering too. Wow.. Oh, my God! Sanjana,
I really mean this you have made my day. Do you think of me
at night as well? What? No.. I was
talking about a film. The hero fools everyone
by mimicking a girl. The show is at 12. I am going. It’d be great
if you could come as well. Will you come? Are you going to a movie?
I love movies and I enjoy them
but I can’t come today. Let me talk. – Sanjana, what
are you saying? It was so hard
to get the corner seats. I will be heartbroken
if you don’t come. Oh, you got the seats
at the corner! Great.. But I can’t come now. I-I have sprained my ankle. How can I come? What are you saying, Sanjana? Have you sprained your ankle?
– Yes. Don’t worry. I am here for you! I will apply balm
on your soft feet and make you feel better
in 2 minutes! No, Chatanki.. Please
don’t do it. You don’t have to come. You won’t be able to touch me as I don’t let anyone touch me. Hello.. I.. He wasted our time.
He is so clingy. 2 multiplied by 1 is 2. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4. 2 multiplied by 3 is 6.
Say it. 2 multiplied by 1 is 2.
– Wow. Great. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4.
– Well done. 2 multiplied by 3..
– Come on. 2 multiplied by 3 is.. 2 multiplied by 3 is.. What was that? Sir, I forgot the answer. But I remember the tune. That’s why I improvised. Just repeat what I say. Don’t try to act smart.
Do you understand? Yes, sir. 2 multiplied by 1 is 2. 2 multiplied by 1 is 2. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4. Don’t sing.
– Don’t sing. I am talking to you!
– I am talking to you! Pintu! ‘Murari’s class.’ Oh, no.. Oh, God! Officer! Yes. Look what Sonpal has done.
Call the ambulance immediately. Wait, sir.. What happened?
I want to know. Sonpal has drunk poison. Because he misses Mrs. Pancham. I see. I’d have to arrest you then because you are the reason Pintu
left the town. Am I not right? No.. You will end up in prison. Because I had asked
you to imprison Pancham. But you let him escape. That means.. P-Pintu.. Why do you disappear? Don’t you know that
I can’t live without you? Pintu, why did you leave me? I can’t live without you. I can’t.. What..
What is going on here? I don’t understand. Sonpal, how come you can’t
live without Sanjeev? Sonpal, what did you just do?
Did you drink poison? T-This isn’t poison. It’s honey. What? Officer, if you don’t find Pintu I will drink poison
and die. Karuna.
– Yes. Where is the stick? Where is the stick? I have lost my patience. What have I done?
– It’s not you. The fool at the shop! You never
told me about that. I am doomed. W-What should I do to you?
Tell me. What should I do to you? What should you do?
Massage my feet. Here you do. You can joke and I can’t.
This isn’t fair. Your jokes have
made my life miserable! Don’t lie. When did
I make your life miserable? Not you, but Sanjeev has. All right.
Some people take time, Murari. He is taking way too much time. I will have to spend my whole
life teaching him! He is getting paid
for nothing. Pancham was much better. He’d have at least
done the job well. I’d not have had such
a tough time. You are never going to find
another employee like Pancham. You made a huge mistake
by firing him. Pintu was my favourite. You are right. You really are. You are absolutely right. Dad is missing Pancham. That means
I have to remind Pancham! Oh, my God! 2 multiplied by 1 is 2. 2 multiplied by 1 is 2. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4. 2 multiplied by 3 is.. 2 multiplied by 3 is.. 2 multiplied by 2 is 4. What is
2 multiplied by 3 then? What is 2 multiplied by 3? 2 multiplied by 3? What is 2 multiplied by 3? Oh, God. Haven’t you learnt
the multiplication tables? Didn’t your teacher beat
you with a stick at school? No, sir..
My teacher tried his best. But as soon as came to me
with the stick I ran out of my class. How am I going to teach
you math? Sir, don’t worry. Just give me a few days
and I will learn everything. Sir, greetings. Hey.. How come you are here? It’s me, Pancham.
– I know. Tell me what you are doing here. Sir, I was
at the bus depot. I heard a voice saying that
you are facing a difficulty and you need me. I felt you were missing me. Your mind said that to you. Or are you
up to something else? No, sir. I haven’t
done anything as such. I came to apologise
to you for one last time. I hope you could forgive me. I want you to leave.
Just go. Sir, please forgive me. I don’t want to work anywhere
else. Please, sir. Please give me
one chance.. I said, leave. Sir, he seems like
a good man. Mister, do you know
the multiplication table of 2? Yes, I do.
– Shut up. Move..
– Sir, please let me talk. I really want to apologise
to you. Sir, though I was underpaid,
I worked here for 2 years. Sir, I never
complained to you. You rebuked me all the time but I never
said anything to you. I endured it.
Please let me work here, sir.. You will not get
a better employee than me. Sir, please.. Tell me something. Are you taunting me? Are you trying to prove
that you’re a nice person and I am wicked? Get out of here.
– Sir, please.. I will hire a useless person
but I will not rehire you. Get out of here! Why do I always come across
useless guys? Pancham, for the first time a wife must be decking up her husband.
Wow! Elaichi, what’re you doing? I might permanently
become your female friend. Stop it.
Your wife is very beautiful. I will keep
your masculinity alive. I am finding you attractive
as well. If you were a woman,
I’d have married you. Pintu, please stay away
from my property. Pancham, I hope no one casts
an evil eye on you. Let me ward off the evil eye.
Hold on. Pancham! Oh, my God!
You look so pretty! My uncle is going to fall head
over heels in love with you. He will be impressed. Elaichi, please stop joking. I am trying to be with you
and you’re getting me married to your uncle. What should I do? This is the only way
to keep you here. What should I do? This wig is very itchy.
Please remove it for some time.
– No way.. Everyone is ready.
You can’t take it off. – Yes. Hey! Hold this. Pancham, what is this!
– What do you mean? I am so irritated.. Wear it again.
Give it to me. Ms. Sanjana! Ms. Sanjana.. Ms. Sanjana.. Tell me, where’s Ms. Sanjana? Well.. I am here. I was looking for you
and you’re here. Come out. I want to talk to you. Uncle, this is very bad. It is inauspicious to see each
other before the engagement. Go! Just leave.
– Yes. I am not superstitious.
I have to meet her. Why are you being so silly?
Don’t be silly. Move aside.
I have to talk to her. But Uncle..
– Elaichi , I have to talk to her
and you cannot stop me. No.. Hey..
– Hey.. You can’t do this. No! No way..
– Hey.. Stop.. Stop!
I’ll tell mom about this and we’re running late.
She has to get ready. Why do you want
to tell your mother? Keep this matter between us. I am yearning to see her
before the engagement.. You’re very understanding. Just get out! Tell me something. Whose wig is that?

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