Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 430 – Full Episode – 28th August, 2019

Ms. Pintu.. Ms. Pintu. Ms. Pintu.. Ms. Pintu.. Mr. Chopra.
– Yes. You know what? I was practising
how to blush. The thing is,
after our marriage when you will lift my veil..
– Hey, forget about all that. First tell me the secret
about which Elaichi was talking. What!
– Yes. Did Elaichi mention it to you? Oh, my God! Mr. Chopra.
– Yes. Brace yourself. The thing is,
after coming to know the truth you might have a heart attack. Please tell me about it. I don’t want to tell you,
instead I want to show you. What? Look up. Mr. Chopra, I too
am a male just like you. But I am a woman
trapped in a man’s body. The thing is, I was fond
of dressing up like a woman since my childhood. Since the time, I got this wig I feel that I have
become a woman completely. A m-man! Only the body
is that of a male. Look into my heart,
you’ll find a beautiful woman. Once we go to Dubai, I will
permanently turn into a woman. I hope you don’t
have any problem. Leave me! I am not that kind of a person. I.. I am a straight guy. But, Mr. Chopra you have promised to be with me
till death do us apart. Get lost! I..
I wish I were dead. My heart.. Darn! I have left that Chopra
completely shaken. Come on in. God! You are so clumsy. Listen, everything depends
on you now, Mr. Murari. If the don loses his temper,
you should come to my rescue. If anything goes wrong,
you take the blame. Don’t tell me
to face his wrath. – Okay. Listen, he is here.
– What? He is here. Come, let’s go.
Come on. Come. Come.
– I am coming, right? Talk to him. To whom?
– What? The don is in front of you.
Talk to him. Idiot! Mr. Murari,
you are out of your mind. He is not that Tarun Chopra
who is a don. He.. But even he looks familiar
to me. Hey, Mr. Khajoor! You are the one
who sell Dubai. What! – I mean you are the one
who sell dates in Dubai. How do you know him? He has availed services
at my shop many times. He even owes me 10 Dirham. When will you
give me my money? Mur, what is going on here? What nonsense is he talking? Listen, are you quite sure
that he is not a don? Darn you! How dare you doubt me! Chopra.
– Yes. He is my friend, Khasote.
He is a good friend of mine. He was saying that you
are a big don in Dubai. And the other day, you were even
talking just like a don in front of me and Karu. God! Mur,
I had told you that my job involves sending people up. I mean,
I manufacture elevators. My company’s elevators
are installed in most of the buildings. I send people up
in that manner, right? Shut up! Mr. Chopra, what happened? Did my sister hit you,
Brother-in-law? – Shut up! I am not your brother-in-law! Mur! I am heartbroken! My friend.. Shut up!
Tell me what happened. I have lost faith in this world! The person whom I embraced
assuming she was a maiden he turned out to be an oaf. Pintu is not a woman,
he’s a man! What! That’s rubbish! It’s true! He is a man. He likes to dress
like a woman but I’m doomed
because of his habit! Hey.. I will never fall in love
with anyone. I am leaving.
– Listen.. No way.
I’ll never return to Delhi. Also, get your daughter married. Only one wedding will take place
now. Your daughter’s wedding. I am leaving!
I am leaving.. You better leave. Elaichi, what was Chopra
talking about? He said, Mrs. Pancham is a man. Yes. I asked Ms. Pintu
to lie to him. I couldn’t find a way
to save her from the don so..
– That’s right. He’s not a don! What do you mean? This dimwit is responsible
for this! Darn you. When you realised,
he’s not a don why didn’t you fix
Elaichi’s alliance with his son? I am sorry. A better boy will come
another day and Elaichi can marry him. You moron! Mangilal..
– Yes, sir. I have come across
dangerous criminals and nabbed
many clever criminals. But I have never come across
anyone as shrewd as the don. Sir, this is his plan. He wants you to get emotional
and close this case. Mangilal..
– Yes. I will never let go of
fresh vegetables in the market and such challenging cases. Sir, ensure that the don
doesn’t escape. What do you mean? When you nab the don,
remove his wig scratch his face
and pounce on that don. Mangilal,
what’re you talking about? I am not that wild. Sir, just think about it. Hair don’t grow so quickly. If a mixture of henna
and gooseberries is applied on the scalp,
hair can grow quickly. Sure, why don’t you use it? Sir, I meant to say don’t get distracted. The don is wearing a wig. As soon as you get there pull off the don’s wig
and blow the whistle. I’ll come in
with the entire police force and attack the don. Wow.. Wow, Mangilal. Amazing. Mangilal, I’ve noticed that you’ve learnt a lot from keeping company with me. I’ve lived in Delhi
since childhood! Khasote has returned
after so many years and he’s messed up things
big time. Murari. – Yes? Try to remember if you’ve made any more promises to anyone else
in your childhood. Oh, yes. I did make a promise to Kamla,
the wrestler’s daughter. What did you promise her? Marriage. What! Murari, I’m doomed! Come on! Don’t take it to heart. I promised I’d find her
a nice guy to marry. And I’ve done that already. Murari, you’re too much! What do you gain
out of troubling me? You’ve made my tea spill. Listen to me. It’s done and dusted.
I got her married long ago. Why boil your blood
over it now? Come on, let’s go to our room. Hey! Murari,
not in broad daylight! Go, sit at your shop. What have I hired Pancham for? Come on, let’s go..
– Excuse me! Hey, Don! Your game’s up. You’ve been caught! I’ll pull your wig off! Inspector Pinky, what are you
up to? What?
– Why are you tugging at my wife’s hair? Oh! This isn’t a wig,
it’s her real hair. Inspector! What’s wrong with you? Why were you tugging
at my wife’s hair? What’s this? Well, you see.. The don.. Wig.. I’ve lived in Delhi
since childhood. Bless me, Lord.. Come on. Here you go. Wow! This is great. What a decadent meal
you’ve served me! We have ‘Papad’ too. But where is the Roti? That’s Roti.
– Sorry? Hey. This is what you call a Roti? What an idiot you are. You spend all day
wallowing on the bed. Do some work around the house. You can’t even cook
a proper meal. Hey! I haven’t come here
all the way from Agra to cook for you. We started off as friends and turned into husband
and wife. And now you’re treating me
like a slave. Stop talking nonsense! You act like
such a delicate darling. Why don’t you do some work? I won’t work. I’ll keep acting delicate. This is all I can cook, eat it
if you want or else, get lost! Find someone else who will cook
for both of us. Why are you..
First you make a mistake and then you talk nonsense! Why are you irritating me
early in the morning? I’m only irritating you but you’ve ruined my whole life. I have to dress up like a woman. And this itchy wig has become infested
with lice. I didn’t ask you to come here
with me. Shut up, will you!
– I won’t! What will you do? What will you do?
– What will you do? What will you do?
– What will you.. Idiot! Hey! Listen..
– Wait till I.. Wait a minute.. What’s wrong, Elaichi? What’s wrong with you two? Why are you both fighting
like animals? Ask him. Look at the sort of food
he has cooked. It’s nice and crispy. What’s wrong with this ‘Papad’? The only thing that’s wrong here
is that this isn’t a ‘Papad’. This is Roti. Tell me if it’s fair, Elaichi. I work hard all day and your father ruins
all my hard work. Is a decent meal
at the end of the day too much to ask for? This is what I get to eat.
I feel like slapping him. Hey! You’ll slap Pintu
for such a petty reason? Very bad, Pancham. Elaichi, please stop taking
his side. Don’t encourage
his misbehaviour. He’s been showing
too much attitude nowadays. You’re the one
showing attitude here. And let me tell you that this.. Irrespective of what this is.. I can’t even make this. Elaichi, you’re different.
– Why is that? You..
– He’s your best friend not a chef from a restaurant. That’s what I’ve been
trying to tell him. That I’m not a chef. He’s just acting smug
for no reason. Pintu, relax.
I’ll deal with him. Don’t worry. So, Pancham..
What is it with you? He has to parade dressed
as Ms. Pintu all day. For whose sake? Yours. It’s not that easy, you know? Even I can’t pull off a sari as well as he does. You’re lucky to have
a friend like him. Got it? Hey.. Pintu.. Pintu!
Pintu. Elaichi.
– Yes? The way you spoke reminded me of my mother. As a kid, I’d often snip off my father’s moustache
when he was napping. This is exactly how
my mom would defend me. She’d stand by me like a rock. From now on, I’ll address you
not as Elaichi but as mom. You’re my Elaichi Mom.
– Oh! Pintu, from now on,
I’ll be your Elaichi Mom and he’ll be Pancham Pop. Aren’t you taking this
a bit too far? Sir. – Yes.
– There hasn’t been as much rain in Delhi as expected. You are right. Well, Delhi has become vile. How do you know that?
– Of course, I know. You are blabbering. Here you go. Read the newspaper. Read what it states. ‘Meet us to get rid
of your weakness.’ ‘Our clinic is located
behind the post office.’ Have you lost it? I am asking you
to read this news. You won’t be able to read it.
I’ll read out to you. ‘Robbery at Agarwal Garments.’ ‘The robbers took away
Rs. 10 lakh.’ Sir, this is the same man whose
wife had been possessed, right? Right.
– Possessed by a ghost. And your uncle took
advantage of that and enjoyed a few times. Are you serious?
– Yes. I used to consider my uncle
a very decent guy. He’s not decent.
He’s very shrewd. He attacks like a guerrilla.
– What’s that? Come closer. Shut up! How is Elaichi? – Shut up!
Or else, I’ll attack you like a guerrilla.
I am warning you. What’s going on?
I was getting a lot of hiccups. Who is missing me?
I want to know. Someone is cursing you. Sir, I was saying
that your voice is hoarse. Have some warm water. You’ll make me emotional.
Don’t be so concerned about me. You know?
It’ll make me teary-eyed. Why did you stop your
conversation as soon as I came? Inspector. – Yes.
– I’ve a major complaint against you.
– What is that? Many robberies are taking place
in Chandni Chowk and you haven’t taken
any action. Sir, don’t blame me
for your mistake. My mistake?
– Do you know who are the people who commit robberies mostly? Your domestic help and staff. Have you guys ever brought them
to our police station and got their registration done? No. Later, they commit
robberies and flee. What’s my mistake in that? Inspector, wow!
You have.. You have put the blame.. Let me speak. – Please do.
Am I stopping you? Inspector, what I am saying is you put the entire blame on us
and got away. Well, sir, I’ll tell you what.
You first bring Pancham and Pintu to our station
and get their registration done. Inspector. – Yes.
– Tell me something. I understood that Pancham’s
registration is necessary. But why should l get
his wife’s registration done? Of course, it’s necessary. When you buy radish, they don’t
leave out the leaves. They weigh even that. I’ll tell you what.
Bring Pancham and Pintu to our police station
and get their registration done.

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