Ms. Elaichi, I feel that we
should leave right away. It’s quite late and there
will be some problem if we don’t leave right now. Oh, come on!
This is such a romantic weather and you are acting as if there’s some ghost
wandering around! Actually, Ms. Elaichi,
a ghost will spare us even if it catches us. But if Mr. Murari comes
to know about us he’ll probably hang me
upside down on a tree! Do you get it? We are just spending some
quality time together. We are not on the run from
anyone that we’ll get caught! Hold my hand! Keep distance!
– Save our culture! Keep distance!
– Save our culture! Keep distance!
– Save our culture! Keep distance!
– Save our culture! What are you doing,
Ms. Elaichi? Mr. Murari will probably
kill me! I won’t do it. You won’t hold my hand?
– No! If you don’t hold my hand I’ll ask the ice cream vendor
to do so. Do you really think that
I’ll believe you on this? Come.. Hey, ice cream vendor. Greetings. How dare you hold a girl’s hand in broad daylight!
Are these your manners? What rubbish!
What insolence is this! Leave me!
– Really? You are enjoying
with a girl and I’m the one who is insolent! Just a second.
This is a mistake, mister. Miss, please don’t
speak in between. I’ll beat him to a pulp.
How dare he touch you! But..
– Listen.. It took a lot of courage
for me to hold her hand. I’m being truthful.
And what you are doing is wrong. How is it wrong
if I held her hand? M-My intentions were
totally clean. Leave me! Really? Tomorrow, if I find you
on the lap of another girl then you’ll say that
you regard her as your mother because your intentions
are supposedly clean! Should I trust you, then? L-Leave me!
What are you even saying? What do you mean by..
She is not a stranger. Is she your wife? Yes, she is my wife. You are quite angry
but you seem wise enough to see that she is my wife. You are right.
– Really? Will you believe me if I tell
you that Sunny Leone is my aunt? You don’t look like a relative of
Sunny Leone at all! Similarly, you don’t look
like her husband at all. What are you even saying? Why don’t you ask her
if you don’t believe me? Ms. Elaichi, why don’t you
tell him about us? This man is irritating me! He is my brother-in-law.. Brother-in-law..
– What? Really? Ms. Elaichi?
– God! What a sinful world! What are you saying,
Ms. Elaichi? Why are you calling me
your brother-in-law? Why don’t you tell him
that I’m your husband? What should I tell him,
Brother-in-law? Tell him that I’m your husband.
What else? What..
– Something is definitely wrong. Mister, there is nothing wrong.
Got it? Wait for two minutes. Just wait.
Ms. Elaichi, tell him. Brother-in-law,
why are you not getting it? Why are you not telling him? Tell him that I’m your husband! Why are you shouting at her?
Are you threatening her? Listen, you wouldn’t have
talked to her in that tone if you were her husband. Let me teach you a lesson.
– Wife.. He’s my husband.. He’s my husband! What?
– Yes. Ma’am, were you both fighting? We were about to beat
such a noble man. This is not fair. Sorry, mister. Look at them mingling
over there. Catch them.. Elaichi, why were you
not telling him that I’m your husband?
I asked you numerous times! But you weren’t telling him! Why are you rolling your eyes? Oh, gosh!
Where did he come from? I have been living
in Delhi since childhood. Run! Ms. Pintu. Today is a lucky day for me. I mean.. You.. You have called me here. So, your friend, your companion,
your server is here to serve you.
Tell me. Yes. Mr. Sonpal, we have
been friends for long now. So, why don’t we take this
friendship to the next level? W-What? Ms. Pintu, you don’t know,
my hands and legs are quivering inside
my clothes. And look at this.. My palms are sweating. And my stomach.. It is rumbling. Tell me, Ms. Pintu.
Tell me. Tell me, Ms. Pintu. What should we
name our relationship? Hang on. Oh!
You are feeling shy, Ms. Pintu. Mr. Sonpal, now remove
this cloth. – What? Fine. Now tell me,
which one do you like? I’ll tie that one to you
on this ‘Raksha Bandhan’. Tell me. Why are you delaying?
Choose one. M-Ms. Pintu I have left the gas on. I have put milk to boil. It may spill over..
I’ll be back. Hey, listen! Mr. Sonpal! Now he has learnt his lesson! Rascal, I’ll surely tie a rakhi
to you. Mr. Sonpal! Mr. Sonpal.. Mr. Pinky! Please wait!
– Mr. Pinky! What is it?
– Stop! Elaichi, why are you
stopping me? I want to know.
– Mr. Pinky you are going to dad,
isn’t it? Yes, I am going there. Mr. Pinky, you are
misunderstanding us. I agree that Pancham
and I got married. But it happened in a rush. We didn’t get the time
to tell dad. – What? You got married and didn’t go
out to just play that you didn’t get time
to tell your dad. What does that mean? Inspector, we understand
what you are saying. But we are waiting
for the right time. Whenever we feel that Mr. Murari
can handle this news we will surely tell him,
we promise you that. I see. That means you will
give him this news and do a big favour on him,
right? Please don’t tell
my dad anything. I.. I will tell him everything
very soon but please you don’t tell him
anything. – Yes. Okay, that’s fine.
I won’t tell him anything. Really? Do you mean,
you won’t tell dad anything? No.. I will keep the secret
within me. I have some very important work
at the police station. I had chopped bitter gourd. I have been living in Delhi
since childhood. Congratulations to you both.
– Thank you. – Yes. Elaichi, how did Mr. Pinky
agree so easily? Don’t be suspicious
for no reason. He knows me
since I couldn’t speak properly. You understand that, right?
– No, I don’t. Still, I want you
to think about it. – Please! Please. Nothing will happen.
Mr. Pinky is very sweet. Relax. Let us go.
Relax! Come on. What! You want medicine
to control your wife. Hey.. I am not able
to handle my wife. You are talking rubbish. Listen, if you call me again I will get inside the phone
and thrash you. Stupid! Mr. Murari. – Yes?
– Look, I found Rs. 100 in the lehenga. Listen, search all the lehengas. Sift through them properly.
We may find Rs. 100, Rs. 500
or even Rs. 2,000. Today, Goddess Lakshmi
has blessed me. Listen,
you are the only one who is honest
with the money. You could have kept it
for yourself. What are you saying, Mr. Murari?
I have been working with you since such a long time.
I owe it to you. I can never cheat you.
– Wow! You are the only one
to be so honest. You have not been dishonest. While there is Chatanki.
He lives off me and my house but he is never satisfied. Listen, I am feeling
affectionate towards you. Come on, kiss me.
– No.. Actually only Pintu has the right to.. Hey.. Come on!
You are getting me wrong. It is not the kiss of love.
It is the kiss of blessing. Come to me..
– Okay, then it’s fine. Well..
What is happening, Mr. Murari? Why are you loving him?
I would like to know that. Inspector,
I think that I am very lucky that Tantan works at my store.
– Right. It’s Pancham.
– Yes, it is okay. That is true, Mr. Murari.
Pancham does a lot more than working at your store.
Isn’t it? Mr. Murari,
you turned out to be a miser. What! Miser! What happened, Inspector?
What is the matter? It is not very ordinary,
Mr. Murari. It is a big matter.
Pancham and Elaichi got married but you didn’t give me a treat. Inspector, what nonsense
are you saying? He is a nonsensical man. Sir, I meant to say
that I could not imagine that Pancham can do something
like this. Are you inebriated
early in the morning? No, Mr. Murari,
he does not do that. But he is consuming
strange medicines lately. He might be
under the influence of that. So, you better ask him about it. Hey, can’t you stand quietly?
You keep blabbering. No, it is not the influence
of any medicine. Moreover, I am in my senses. Elaichi has accepted it herself.
– Inspector. – Yes. Let me tell you,
had you not been an inspector I would have broken your face. What are you waiting for,
Mr. Murari? Sir, I meant to say,
he should not wait to know the truth.
– Right. Inspector,
if this is true then prove it before Elaichi. Then I will accept it.
– Sure. Why not? The truth will get revealed,
it can never stay hidden. I have been living in Delhi
since my childhood. What are you looking at?
– I am looking at you. Karuna! Elaichi!
Tantan! Sir, it’s Pancham.
– Come here. Ah.. Karuna, Elaichi, come out. Inspector.
– Yes? Now everyone is
present before you. All right? Now the matter will be discussed
in everyone’s presence. Go ahead. What happened, Murari?
Why is the inspector here? Listen, Karu.
– Yes? The inspector says that Elaichi has married Tantan. Oh, God! What are you saying?
I’m doomed! Inspector.
– Yes? – Please be honest. Is this true?
– The thing is, ma’am I swear by my karahi and ladle. What did she mean
by that gesture? Inspector, her eyelid has been
twitching since the morning. Oh, I see. – You complete
what you were saying. Did you see them
with your own eyes? Sir, the thing is,
I don’t like to poke my nose in other people’s business.
But you see this concerns my neighbourhood. So, I could not digest this.
And I had to share it. Gossipmonger! I mean,
sir is not a gossipmonger. He does not gossip. I meant that.
– Yes. Mr. Pinky. – Yes?
– What.. What are you saying? Mr. Pancham.. I.. He is already married.
How can I marry him, then? Exactly! Elaichi the thing is,
this is not a comedy. What? Please, sir! We would
never do anything like that even just for fun. I see. You mean,
I should remind you about it. Did you forget the time
when you two were holding hands and eating roasted
corn on the cob outside? And the people from that
committee had caught you and were about
to thrash Pancham. Then you saved him by saying
that he is your husband. What.. What is he saying?
I-I do not understand. Holding hands,
eating roasted corn.. What is all this, Mr. Pinky? I don’t even get any time off
from my studies. And I am always busy
working at the shop. And.. My wife has been
asking me to treat her to some roasted corn on the cob
but I’m not getting the time. I told you about it, sir.
Tell him. Darn! Is it?
Do you both mean to say I am lying? Mr. Pinky,
do you have any proof? No. I don’t have
any evidence as such. Inspector, how can you
falsely accuse a young girl of something so heinous
without any proof? Well, this man is despicable! Sir, I wanted to say
that you have to buy ghee. Mangilal, I am in trouble and you are talking about ghee.
Keep quiet. You are a policeman. Yet you are accusing someone
without any evidence. Oh, my God!
This is very sad, Mr. Pinky. Dad, tell me something. Do you really think
I would get married without informing you? By the way, you do
most of the things without informing me.
But, getting married.. Yes. Absolutely, sir.
You are right. I think, he is mistaken.
It must be someone else. Yes. Really?
It’s.. Maybe. I must be mistaken and.. I mean.. Sir I want to apologise to you all
from the bottom of my heart. Mr. Pinky, you are
a weird person. You accused
my innocent daughter. And he made a mistake. Sir, I want to tell you
that your face looks tanned. Looks like, you didn’t
apply bleach properly last week. I have been living
in Delhi since childhood. Yes, Mangilal. I must get it done.
– Let’s go, bleach. I mean, let’s go, sir. Yes, let’s go.
Okay, I’ll leave now. I am so upset. I must get back to work. I have been living in Delhi
since childhood. You got us humiliated. Sir, I was saying
that if what you said is right then Elaichi has tarnished
Mr. Murari’s reputation. Shall I say something?
– Yes. It’s wrong to accuse anyone
without any evidence. Mangilal, you are
acting too smart. Shut up! Move! I have to go to
the police station to peel taro! This is what I was saying.
– Really? Yes. I will be right back.
Make way! They fooled me! They got me in trouble. They made me a subject
of mockery. No.. I won’t give up so easily. I shall prove that Elaichi and Pancham
are a married couple.

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