Jeremy Clarkson reveals James May was nearly KILLED by a monsoon

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed his presenting partner James May was nearly killed by a monsoon as they filmed Series Four of The Grand Tour In his column for The Sun the veteran presenter, 59, admitted they were forced to abandon shooting scenes for the new series in Vietnam and Cambodia, as James, 56, had to be rescued from a rowing boat in the South China Sea Jeremy’s revelation comes after he confirmed that Series Four of The Grand Tour would see them shy away from the traditional live audience format, as he, James and Richard Hammond, 49, instead hit the road for a series of specials Jeremy explained that they originally planned to embark on a rowing trip across the South China Sea, which is famous for having such treacherous conditions But after learning about the extreme weather, they were forced to abandon the production, with Jeremy explaining: ‘It transpired four people were killed an inch away from us It’s about the only time health and safety has made the correct decision.”I, of course, was fine, but May had to abandon ship as crew boats were filling with water ‘ The Grand Tour is expected to return to Amazon Prime Video sometime later this year, after Jeremy confirmed they decided to end the studio setting in favour of more travel-based episodes All three presenters have signed a two-year deal with Amazon that is expected to yield as many as four stand alone shows a year, with the presenters travelling to far flung parts of the world in scenes not dissimilar to their globe-trotting adventures on Top Gear   And fans can expect no-holds barred excitement when the specials do eventually air, with Jeremy claiming they have been given a huge budget to rival the Marvel film franchise Top Gear, which suffered a ratings drop following Jeremy’s departure, is now hosted by Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Jeremy was asked if he was happy the show’s ratings had taken a dip after his departure  Jonathan asked: ‘On a scale of one to ten, how thrilled are you that Top Gear is nowhere near as successful now you’re not on it?’Jeremy grinned: ‘It’s a hard face to pull, this one Let me try.’ And then he pulls a laughing face.He continued: ‘James [May] and Richard [Hammond] always wish them all the best I don’t. No I do. [He shakes his head and mouths ‘No I don’t’.]

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