Is it a Headache or a Migrane?

(upbeat music) – To tell the difference
between a regular, everyday, garden-variety headache, and migraine, is very difficult. Patients will often have
a premonitory symptom with a migraine, they may
experience a loss of vision, they may experience funny lights in the periphery of their vision. They may experience
numbness in an arm or a leg, or numbness around the mouth. Almost 40% of patients with migraine never get recognized as having migraine. Most patients will have
just a unilateral headache that’s very severe and pounding, and the nausea, the nausea
photophobia, are the key factors. To tell the difference, they
have patients chart migraines, and or, chart their headaches,
and see if there are characteristics of their day before, or their day of, when
they get the headache, that may fit the trigger pattern. And if they’re having
five or more of these kinds of headaches over
a long period of time in their life even, then
they probably have migraine. For migraine treatment, we
tend to use two approaches. We use a prophylactic approach
or a preventative approach, then we use an abortive approach, which is a drug you take to get rid of the
headache once it appears. – [Announcer] Live Healthy is sponsored by Grand Strand Health and provided as a service to you and your family.

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