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Hey there! Welcome To Life Noggin. Arrrr!!!! Arrrr!!! I can’t do it, I can’t be mad… Anger can come from anywhere – from certain
people or events, to even past memories. But research shows that anger can negatively
affect relationships and even lead to bad health. Some studies show that anger can increase
blood pressure, prolong reaction times, and even impair decision-making., Researchers
have even found an association between negative emotions or anger and conditions like heart
disease, bulimia, and type 2 diabetes. And repressing anger can have bad consequences
as well. Anger suppression has been linked to anxiety,
depression, hypertension, and high blood pressure., Despite all those negatives, expressing anger
in a constructive way can actually be beneficial. To help with this video I brought on my good
friend SomethingElseYT. ADAM: Did you put me in this video because
you think I’m an angry person? Blocko: well no…I just… ADAM: because I’m not!!!! ADAM: …Anyways! Research shows that in social situations expressing
anger can actually increase an individual’s power and control, and even help them in negotiations or confrontations. And psychologists have found that angry episodes
actually helped strengthen relationships around 50 percent of the time Due to an improved understanding of the person
and problem. But they note that only constructive anger
expression between the two parties is beneficial – in which one person expresses their anger,
in an assertive, non-aggressive manner, and the other reacts appropriately to help
solve the problem or concern. BLOCKO: Anger can also have physical benefits. In a small study on athletes, researchers
found that performance in a physical task was significantly greater for participants
that were angry compared to those who were happy or neutral before completing the task. And while they didn’t find any difference
between the groups during cognitive tasks, other research indicates that anger can actually
boost creativity, though only for a short period of time. So, what’s the best way to express your
anger? Well, it turns out that ranting may not be
the best choice, sorry! As a study on rant-themed websites found that
this just made people angrier. And breaking stuff may not work so well either,
again, possibly leaving you even angrier afterward. So you can forget about replacing therapy
with those Break Rooms. Even though they’re really fun! ADAM: But a popular method of managing negative
emotions is through something called affect labeling – which is when you put your feelings into words. This can be done through talk therapy or even
just by writing them down. Research would suggest that this method may
work by diminishing the emotional reactivity in your brain. Whatever the reason, studies have shown that
it’s an effective method of regulating emotions. BLOCKO:
A study on chronic pain sufferers found that patients who wrote about their anger significantly
increased their control over pain, decreased their depressed mood, experienced a marginal
improvement in their pain severity, and were more likely to try to make sense of their
emotions compared to those who wrote about neutral topics. In addition to talking or writing about it,
there are lots of healthy ways of dealing with your anger. You could take a break to let yourself calm
down, try to solve the problem that caused the anger, or release tension through relaxation
or humor., And if you feel your anger is out of control
or hurting your relationships, you can always seek help through therapists and other medical
professionals. Just don’t do what he’s doing. ADAM: I’m expressing myself Blocko. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Adam continues shooting flames. So do you think you’re an angry person? Was there an event that made you the most
angry you’ve ever been? If you feel comfortable with sharing, let
us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to check out SomeThingElseYT’s
channel, he’s very talented and makes incredible videos! freshman year like any kid or teen starting
school i had this mindset of “i need to act a certain way to fit in” or “i need to like
what everyone else likes to be cool and whatever”. An exhausting and annoying mindset to have
because I could never express myself properly without feeling as if i was doing something
wrong. As always my name is Blocko! This has been Life Noggin! Don’t forget to keep on thinking.

98 thoughts on “Is Getting Angry Good For You? – Ft. SomeThingElseYT

  1. Well you need to get your anger out or you'll explode XD BUT to be anger all the time… That's when you have a problem

  2. The event that made me most angry is when my friends don't listen to me but I controlled my anger by telling my friends to give me some space till I feel better

  3. I am a elly aggressive person thats cus i have diabetes when someone is being annoying to me my sugar is going up and then the rage is coming and then i am littery killing you

  4. "Has anything ever made you angry?"

    Me: yes, when people say your "too young to understand" Even if there isn't that much of a year distance.

  5. Anger is awesome it increases
    testosterone (male hormone)
    decreases cortisol (stress hormone)
    And increases adreneline

  6. My way to let anger out is to scream my head off not literally that just scream at the top of my lungs I could make you go deaf

  7. I got my first like,
    And I hope it's from you!
    Let me check it again,
    Wait,why is it blue?

    So YOU didn't like,
    That makes me blue!
    And I'm suppressing anger,
    Hey therapist, I called to see you!

  8. I'm a Angry Person, a Vary Angry person.

    It's that or I am to happy or positive to be human.

    Anger Issues are awsome….

  9. 2018 December,
    A paper aeroplane flew into my butt by a cowardly P5(2018) i thought it was the P4(2018) and threw a dustbin towards his face.

  10. Honestly,
    I don't think I am an angry person.
    Sure, if you mess with my friends I am pissed off,
    But if you hurt me or insult me nothing really is gonna happen.
    I guess I just have no more feelings to hurt anymore.

  11. Due to lack of sleep my percentage of easily getting mad has increased. As a result, I cannot focus on school and most of the time I have anger issues.

  12. the angriest time is when my bff got mad at a bully and ticked him off. my bff was strangled and sent to the hospital, as the bully, julius, was expelled and moved three grades

  13. The reason I get REALLY ANGRY is because of getting bullied.
    I tried to show them why I'm angry and they don't care 🙁
    How do I make them understand me if their hearts are literally CRAP!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

  14. For me,there is this one student named…ima just call him A (like my first letter)
    On every school days,he is CONSTANTLY making me angry…

  15. And i get angry every time and every day that is true now my mom is angry too when i get mad and thats alot when im angry

  16. The angriest I've ever been was when the lion king live action came out (but it's technically cgi not live action)

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