IRRITATED! My Pet Peeves

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[♪♪] Have you ever had that one awkward juncture where the one thing that drives you crazy happens, but you have no power to fix it? Today, I’m going to tell you about those moments in my life and my pet peeves. [♪♪] [♪♪] Hey, listen. We need to talk. About… Bruh Pa pa pa… P-E! It starts with a P-E… pet… Gosh, darn it. I forgot what I was going to say. I hate that! You’re in the lunchroom, right, with your friends, your pals and you’re talking about stuff, chatting, having fun, right? Totally random girl that you’ve never met before and she just comes up to you and says, ‘So, I heard you like blah, blah, blah. Tell me the details.’ And you’re just like, ‘I don’t know you. I’ve never met you, I don’t even know your name. Why would I want to tell you about my personal social life?’ So what have you done in a situation like this? Express your rage in the comments. Give me some pointers and tips. And you know what else? When you’re playing Project Diva and you saved up all these diva points, you spend them on three help items that you need in order to pass the song and you really want to because there’s a reward or something, right? And you’re like, okay, I got this. And you start playing and for some reason, the flick sticks won’t work Why can’t I hit the star notes? Why isn’t it working? And you’re freaking out trying to fix it and you’re trying to figure out what’s going on, but you can’t find it and then you get up and you’re like, ‘I give up.’ And then you see it… There’s your remote in between the couch cushions, with the flick stick sticking upwards. So it already thinks you’re flicking, so you can’t hit the star notes. And it’s so annoying. You know something else that just makes me really go, ‘ugh!’ When you’re watching TV on the DVR, watching “Once Upon a Time” Hook is about to die because he has his heart ripped out and someone is holding it and about to crush it and you’re all like, noo! And then it cuts off. The DVR stopped recording before the episode was finished and now you have to go on the internet and look up and try and find what happened to Hook. Sigh. I hate when that happens So I love me a sleeping mask, right? They’re awesome. So I get in bed and I got my PJs on. I’m all cozy, right? I’m all about to go to sleep and put my sleeping mask on, but wait… it’s not on my head like I thought it was. So now I have to get out of the bed and go find it. So annoying. Scotch tape, can’t find the end. Utter rage. So I always put my earbuds in my back pocket. So I’m just walking along, right? And then I take them out of my pocket and one of the little rubber pieces is gone. So now I only have one ear. Bye-bye, headphones. Sayonara, headphones. So I’m reading some fanfiction on Wattpad, right? I’m reading this book and I’m like, oh my gosh, This book is so awesome. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Cliffhanger! Next chapter! And you’re all like the next…chapter… Is not there, because they say, I’m sorry, I’m ending this book. And you’re like what! No, I love this book! Why you have to end? Why you end? Why? You’re drawing, right? You have a permanent marker so you can’t erase, right? And you’re drawing and you’re like, yeah, I’m so into this. And someone just bumps the table And you draw a huge line across everything and you’re like, Noooooooooo! You’re texting with your friend, right? You’re having a good conversation, right? And then they text you and they put blah, blah, blah, space, dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot, dot should go word, dot, dot, dot, space. Right? Don’t do that! Velvet. I really don’t like velvet. Don’t ask me why. Just, no velvet. When you’re with your friend and they tell you, ‘please stop doing that.’ I’m like, oh okay. I’ll stop. And then they start doing it. Really, mon? So those are some of my pet peeves, but now, I want to know yours. Leave a comment below telling me about your pet peeves and I may feature your comment in an upcoming video. Are you typing your comment? Please tell me you’re typing your comment right now. [Whispers] Comments are welcome. Don’t forget about this face. Click that little red button down there. Don’t forget to like, comment about your pet peeves, and subscribe, because remember, every click saves a whole Merit and or her channel. Virtual hugs. Come on. Hugs. You guys are really good huggers. Okay. Nailed it. [Singing and sound effects] What are you looking at? [Singing] Take this. Oh, thank you, old man. I needed that wooden sword. [Making noises] [♪♪] Milku, that’s cool. I’m so excited to be here. Okay, guys, remember, every click saves a whole Merit. [Whispers] I’m only doing this to be on the show, cause, you know, I– Whatcha doing? Nothing.

29 thoughts on “IRRITATED! My Pet Peeves

  1. My pet peeve is when there are many endings to a game and they ask you a question, I answer the question on my own opinion, then I later find out that is the wrong answer to the good ending.Now I have to do the final battle all over again

  2. I hate hate hate when people ask if I like someone because that is not their business??? what's even worse is when they get angry about not getting to know but I don't have to share my secret with anyone?? it's really annoying

  3. Pet Peeve: I hate it when you're walking down the street and someone passes you by. You smile or say hello to that person and they say nothing. Rude!

  4. If you have DVR you SHOULD be able to just watch the episode on demand….except that ABC is being REALLY dumb about keeping their on demand service updated as of late >_<

  5. Pet peeve.

    I search for something on my phone and see the link and move my finger to tap and the page REFRESHES right when my finger makes contact taking me instead to ANOTHER website entirely. GRRRRRRRR. I wasn't searching for broccoli recipes! 😭

  6. Ohhhh,AND JACOB! I'm so excited now!
    Btw,I hate it when you're on your phone and your fingers start getting really cold,but you're like,doing some thing important that requires BOTH HANDS. It's sooo annoying!

    All right bye

  7. Oh wow Jacob's voice has matured 😮 almost didn't recognized him ♥
    Love that Pokèmon Beenie

  8. my pet peeve is when your watching a good show and you get up to get a drink and someone changes it or it ends when your away D:

  9. two people hit the dislike button! and my pet peeves are when people call my friends and i weeaboos!!

  10. I absolutely hate when people chew their food really loud and with their mouths open… And btw love the video and you and Jacob are so cute lol.

  11. Expressing rage when random guy asks you about ur personal life:
    Do I know you? No. So get out of my life you random creep!

  12. I hate it when I'm reading on Wattpad and I'm ready for the next chapter of a really good fanfic and it says 'to be continued' and it shows that they haven't updated it in like 3 years, so that means they won't get back to it.

  13. I hate it when your looking up something on google and while your typing it in it shows something your interested in so you click it and it doesn't even show what you clicked on!

  14. i hate it when it finally stops raining and soneone says finally the rain stopped and then it starts raining again

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