Intro to Depression, Anxiety & Anger Therapy

So a person comes for therapy has depression anxiety Anger problems Many times you think “what we’re going to go to therapy. I’m going to sit down and talk and I’m going to get better?” Someone just talks to me and I’m suddenly gonna get better. What is exactly therapy, what does How does therapy work and how does it help a person? We need to understand that – yes talk therapy can work but the best way to do it, when we do it in a structured way, is if this person came with anxiety or anger problems or depression, he didn’t just get up one morning and he’s depressed we need to figure out what was the root of the problem and try to want to work with the root and not just with the with the depression You know, we can’t just make him laugh, and now the depression is gone we need to see what is the root, so a lot of times people and the founders of CBT claim that the root is negative thinking this person has negative thinking and because of his negative thinking he developed the depression, you know, you have negative thinking and because of negative thinking he got anxiety problems. So yes, that is true because of negative thinking we get anxiety anger and depression, but that’s not the root that’s not you know treating it as like we have a sewage in the yard and its spewing all this sewage into our living room and we’ll just keep cleaning the living room from the sewage, we need to go first close the you know, clean up the sewage problem and then clean the house, you know it doesn’t make sense to just go and take care of certain things without taking care of the root. to take care of the root and make us some kind of video and show it in a constructed in a nicer way, but right now I just want to say it in a you know in a general way. We have to realize that the root is always a trauma there’s a trauma that person was traumatized, because of the trauma he got negative thinking or, you know, people call it twisted thinking I like to call it negative thinking. Once he had negative thinking it developed depression anxiety and anger so to treat the depression, the best way and the right way, is to go first and see where was the trauma that originated this sequence of events that cause this person to become to become depressed. So we need to go and look for the trauma that caused this person to become stressed, braced realist, cynical and developed the negative thinking and from the negative thinking the depression. Once we take care of it in that sequence, when we take care, I’m not saying that we have to go and hunt every trauma, but the big main trauma we work with that then just automatically we can take care of the other things, and we can we can definitely help the person come out of depression, not have any more anxiety attacks and be able to manage anger problems. So, the root is the trauma, and in a video I’d like to explain exactly how one causes the other.

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