Intro to Anger

Welcome to Caregiver Anger. There are six
videos and nine journal worksheets in this
module. There’s a reason this segment is so large. It’s because every day, most caregivers
are presented with multiple situations that would make anyone blow their top.
Take your time going through this module. You’ll probably want to divide it into two,
or even three, different sessions. Here’s what we want you to take away
from this segment. First, anger is a normal and predictable response to situations,
events, and people over which you have little or no control.
And as a caregiver, the situations, events, and people over
which you have little or no control, is practically limitless. So then, if you are you living, breathing human
being, understand, you are going to get angry. And finally, we
want you to remember that getting mad does not make you a bad person. The goal
is not for you to stop getting angry. The goal is to first, help you understand
and accept that anger is a part of the caregiver experience, and second, to help you manage your anger, so you
don’t end up in the repetitive cycle of anger/guilt, which can lead to depression and countless other undesirable
emotional and physical outcomes. So here are the steps: Watch the video; then complete the accompanying journal
worksheets. After that, determine the action steps
you’re willing to take. Now this is a crucial step. Write them down. Commit to doing them. Finally, start incorporating those action
steps into your daily routine. When you’re
ready, let’s get started with Caregiver Anger #1. “Why am I Angry? Let me Count the Ways!”

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