100 thoughts on “Intel Sources ‘Absolutely Aghast’ Over Maguire Removal | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. The failure to investigate Quid Pro Joe is what gave this President the right to do whatever he wants. If what Joe did with his cokehead money-laundering son is ok, then anything goes !!

  2. "Intel Sources 'Absolutely Aghast' Over Maguire Removal". Basically they now understand they will loose thier job next for spreading lies.

  3. According to Hillary Clinton, and MSNBC, not only are the Russians working for Trump, but they are also promoting Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard is a mole. It seems anything, or anyone that is a threat to them, or their agenda automatically becomes a Russian plot.

  4. So where is senate leadership on this issue? under their desks or inside liar trumps underwear MOST likely. so sad we have cowards like McConnell, blunt, Blackburn, cruz, etc. etc. etc. ALL the g o p.

  5. its so funny to watch day after day the surprise reactions to Trumps actions, your perfect political system not only got him elected but protects him against all the attempts to control him,. The banana republic of America has millions of MAGA hat followers of this stable genius, the whole world laughs at you and loves to see each episode of this comedy.

  6. * * * Must see:
    The Russians place images of 🐷Trump's 🐼 vile, orange, face on deadly, toxic bales of asbestos currently being imported once again to pollute the USA. Asbestos had been aggressively regulated by the lustrous President Barack Obama. See another one of inept Donny Beelzebub Trump's destructive decisions as well as the toxic bales with his demonic image approximately 3/4 of the way into this video.
    Just dreadful.
    Oi vey !
    Impeach "Hobbit hands" Donny J. Trumputinixon at: Change.org
    We MUST do this for our children.
    Dr. Earl Gray, a very disillusioned Methodist Republican in N/W Pennsylvania, U.S A.

  7. * * * Sweet Jesus the 🐷 Trump 🐼 tree sure is loaded with a record number of saps.
    Impeach Trump at Change.org
    We MUST do this for our children.
    Dr. Earl Gray
    A very disillusioned Republican Methodist in Western Pennsylvania

  8. I have never in my life of 73 years come across a little crawling rat like Devon Nunes, running to Trump telling stories, it is so obvious that he is Trump little Spy

  9. So Trump employs yet another ally for a job for which he is unqualified.
    Yet he still says Hunter Biden did something illegal because he did a job for which he was unqualified.
    This from a president doing a job for which he is clearly unqualified.
    Go figure.

  10. Putin's puppet has learned something – how to run roughshod over democracy – straight out of Putin's playbook. If Trump gets another 4 years, American's will need to learn Russian.

  11. Is it safe to assume that the last time that genuine laughter was heard at the White House some 3y ago?
    It seems that there is only envy, anger and corruption now.
    That's not a House, because it isn't safe

  12. Emperor trump just eliminates anyone who poses a threat to his regime. What's worse, the masses are too ignorant to care. History will not look fondly on the citizens who sat idol while the dictatorship is implemented.

  13. What is next on the Dictator's agenda? Recruit his own private army' Black Shirts, KGB Agents to take down his opposers? Trump is as dangerous as can be. Let's, not repeat History (WW1 and WW11). Stalin/Mussolini/Hitler. Barack Obama would never have gotten away with a tenth of what the traitor in the WH is doing…..he would have been left to hang dry!! Trump is capitalizing on his white privilege.

  14. Why are their almost daily stories of a crazed shooter killing innocent people… but never Republicans or Christians.
    The reason is that the shooters are REPUBLICANS or CHRISTIANS and they do not shoot their own.

  15. Is it unthinkable that this national security threat is so serious that other forces step in and take control to restore order?

  16. Trump is building his tyranny brick by brick before our very eyes. There can be no doubt that this is happening. As he walls himself off from any public scrutiny and ability to be controlled in any way, does any sane person really believe that he going to use his impervious position to do anything other than to advance his own psychotic, criminal and maniacal agendas? By doing nothing in the face of this clear threat to our Constitutional process, Americans may as well kiss what's left of their democracy goodbye. Pathetic!

  17. It was Maguire's JOB to inform the House Intelligence Committee about Russian interference! Under Trump, you do your job well, tell the truth, you get fired! What kind of hellhole is this WH?

  18. You are reporting the story but you will not call a President who is clearly favoring the idea that he can never win the 2020 election without the help of A foreign power who also happens to be an adversary of the United States. Is this normal or is this treason??

  19. He fired an intelligence director who is protecting the United States against foreign interference by speaking the truth about the fact that The United States is under attack and there is no outrage. Instead your response is his replacement is only occupying the position temporarily. How much damage can he do to destroy the agency in one day. ?

  20. Vote Bernie to stop this insanity and put America back on track! Join us as we change history. No Republican or Democratic runner has won in the first 3 states like this I hear. We are making history, join us, join this movement in this moment and change America for the better by electing a decent human being and bring back decency and respect, not to mention sanity, to the White House and this nation. Join us now!

  21. What bothers me the most is when People were saying things about violence. We started paying attention and saw that violence was all that was being forced upon thousands of People, if not more of People without cause. Too many contradictions. If you respectfully show your proof to Courts, Governments, and Prosecutors. If they become violent because you showed your proof. How are they not viewed as violent. These actions that we have witnessed proves why the innocent People become violent. No One is going to keep letting People hurt them because of their Title, money, or fame and nothing happens to the aggressors. That is insane thinking. I do not apologize for fighting back Anyone who wanted to harm me for showing my proof. Or for telling People that they can be at my home because the Sheriff, Court Staff, and the Police are violent aggressors.

  22. There is an insane person as the president. Any other job he would have been fired. Why can't we as american citizens demand he be removed. We should join together and do so,. Why should we have to wait for an election. He shouldn't even be allowed to run. He doesn't meet any qualification for the position.

  23. America should be pleased that Trump was not impeached by Congress. America should decide themselves on Election Day. That is a better decision.

  24. Trump is like a hurricane it seems his goal is to cause as much destruction and spend as much money as possible it is clear his goal is something that no thinking person would want we can’t take our eyes off of him because you can’t tell what he will do next but everyone agree that it will be bad THAT BEING SAID a very important question IS who will profit from this we are sure that Putin thinks he will BUT who else who that lives on the UDA will profit some group or groups seem to think so not just the Republican Party seem to feel that to help Trump with all his craziness will help them that to help Putin will help them They are not loyal to Trump they are using him as a tool but what purpose I see what is happening and I know the real actions will never be known to the public and to me they are ALL CRAZY to want such mass Destruction is Crazy

  25. Thanks Trumpublicans for being such craven cowards by voting no to removing Trump from office during his impeachment. Yeah, Trump truly learned his lesson. They has tought Trump he can get away with outright corruption and these disgusting Spineless republican Syncophants will not raise a finger to stop him.

  26. Of course Devin Nunes was the squealer. This guy has no guts, no glory! He is a slippery, slimey turncoat to our nation and should be charged with treason! He was the one that started the FISA saga! He is accused now of taking that info straight to trump…..but no, he took it to Paul Ryan!

  27. Another example of Trump's ineptitude and ego?! Maybe if we're lucky Trump will replace Air Force One pilots with red-hat-wearing bus drivers.

  28. Anonymous sources report that the Chinese government has numerous assets not only in the academy but in mass media, the CIA, and NSA.

  29. Trump for Russia Mike Bloomberg for the USA Trump for a russian jail lol Mike Bloomberg for the whitehouse You go Mike thanks

  30. WHY, WHY WHY??? DO YOU GUYS/PEOPLE ACT SURPRISE. Robert Mueller told us this in his report & when he testified before Congress. Just like the Impeachment Articles/hearings things go nowhere because of a CORRUPT GOP.

  31. Hasn’t Grennell got links with Russia? Is this putting Russian asset at the top of security? Would he get a security clearance? What does the German security service say?

  32. Ray Charles could see through all this..Trump is as crooked as the Mississippi River, yet people still support him…unbelievable.

  33. We Already Know T-Rump doesn't give a Rats A$$ about Our Country, Our Constitution, Our Democracy, or Our National Security!!!😜😝😣😒😡…. The Only thing that he Cares about is Himself and Anything that can Benefit HIMSELF, Is Completely Fine with Him!!!😒😈…

    And that's what you get when you Allow Putin's Russian Propaganda and Conspiracy Theories Bots to Help get this Completely Un-Qualified, Un-Presidential, Complete and Utter Narcissistic Sociopathic Xenophobic Egomaniac Demagogic and Serial Habitual Compulsive Pathological Lying Orange Man-Child and WANNABE DICKTATOR-N-CHEAT POP💩EOTUS ELECTED!!!😜😝😣😒😡….

    He Literally Does Not Care how Much Dis-Grace he brings to Our Intelligence Agencies or Disrespectfulness to these Dedicated Life Long Officials who have Courageously Served "US" for Many Years thru Many Bi-Partisan Administrations Faithfully!!!💙❤🇺🇸….

    T-Rump is trying Desperately to Turn Our Great Country and Democracy into his own DICKTATORSHIP… And this IRRATE LUNATIC Is a Severe IMMINENT THREAT to Not Only Our Country…. But the Entire Civilized World!!!🌎😜😝😣😒😡😈

  34. Not sure about the 'least qualified' label. Trump appears to appoint nothing but spectacularly unqualified people. Betsy de Vos and most of the Cabinet, for example

  35. Yeah! He lose by 3 million on favorable votes! Still trying to figure out how he won with all those favorable votes for Hillary?? Trump is not going to win.
    1. Because Trump needs to turn his tax returns over.
    2. He has an indictment as a co-conspirator.
    3. Trump's recruitment for foreigners to interfere in Americans Elections.
    4. Trump and his family continues to make money while his in office, which is against policies.
    5. Trump's lies has effect the values and morals of United States standards, for all Americans families.
    6. Trump has shown his face to be a races, bigotry, sexist, and allegedly sexual harassment, discriminate, says he's the United States savior.


    Special consideration given to Mitt Romney for his meager mustering to convict on at least, yet only, ONE of TWO counts.

  37. King donald will soon have all his supporters wearing red armbands, God help any poor soul not wearing one, going back to Hitler, very scary

  38. This is why we are voting for Bernie, warts & all. MSNBC has lost much of my respect. I am SO naive. I thought this was the channel for Progressives. Joe, you are as Progressive as any of your Hosts. You are to the left of Joy Reid & Chris Moo….moooo…moo, mooo, (interrupting cow) Mathews. What are they doing at MSNBC? They sound like Fox & Friends. Let them go to Fox & call Bernie a commie. Yep, MSNBC is all about telling the people they are poop, they are too stupid to pick their own leaders so the thoughtful folks at MSNBC will think for you. They will pick for you a leader. Say…..Queen HILLARY for example. We, the people were quite clear: She reeks 🐲! So, the DNC & the DCCC & Donna Brazille, & DEBBIE Wasserman-Schultz, & Tom Perez (of the botched Iowa hit job on Bernie) ……. you know, the people who run this planet, they decided it would be for our own good…….so they jammed that nasty thing right down our throats. Not cool Jenifer Palmeri. Not cool Joy Reid. No-……moo, moo moo, moooooo………. mooo, mooooooo……. moo, -t cool Interupting Cow Chris Mathews….. just not cool. Y’all best stop hammering our nominee to be. Stop giving the treasonous republix any ammunition to use on Bernie. Gosh dang it. Your “Too Smart By Half” ways are what gave us tRump for the last eternity of ever more horrific days in America. STOP SLAMMING BERNIE. SMH

  39. Putin is the President of the United States. He is running the country and the republicans are giving him the green light to do so. I have no idea why the media won’t report it as that. There is no other way to report it. Moscow Mitch and Lindsay Graham are Putin’s generals. Those men along with the rest of the senate republicans act like they work for him. I know Putin is a happy man and never thought it would be this easy.

  40. The Russian's want Trump to run against Bernie Sanders for a reason and it's not because they think Bernie can win. Bernie is too extreme to be President of the USA.

  41. MSNBC is trash news.
    MSNBC lied everyday for three years that the Trump campaign colluded with
    Russia to win the 2016 election. Fortunately the hoax is being investigated.
    Trump is right not to trust the FBI they spied on him and his campaign.
    The president would. be foolish to trust the "Deep state" with all. the leaking that 
    is taking place.

  42. If you don't lie you can't work for trump he need liars because he's a liars.The truth make him angry a lie makes him happy


  44. MSNBC IS SO FULL OF STUFF! Why would Russia push for Trump when they have commie Bernie to support, you people are hate Trump crazy. Bernie was briefed for that very thing, MSNBC, get a job. Mr. McGuire was temporary and due to leave anyway. Democrats are really stupid!

  45. The fact that the leader of the free world is a narcissistic sociopath is bad enough, but the people that support his continued agenda because they buy into it, or worse, know that he's a POS and act like he's a great president, should be really, deeply, profoundly ashamed of themselves. But, I'm afraid that, like Trump himself, it's just not in their nature.

  46. Tell us again how trump learned his lesson! Sick schmucks! Autocratic empire building, king making behaviour matches on, gathering momentum with no consequences. So, if they still can't hear us in DC, how do we get heard? History shows loud, organized rallys worked on Nixon, on Viet Nam. This is even more dangerous. How do we get this outrage focused so they will have no choice but to hear? This is our country being put up for sale, for demolition.


  48. What we're seeing here is Donald j Trump, and his administration, as well as the Republican party, are going to be responsible for tearing this country apart, as well by ruining our economy.

  49. The scary part is there are 30 million Americans who support this absurdity. Burn down the house to support this madman.


  51. Because people like you have been acting like all of this is semi normal. Of course this is a unified effort. Your willfully blind. Don't you see????? your too scared to see

  52. "we are not clear on what they are up to specifically" IDIOTS — THEY ACCESSED OUR POLLS. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU REPORTERS!??!?

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