INDIANS EXAM BAKCHODI (Part 2) | Angry Prash

[EXAM BULLSH*T] Prash: Do you know why I have not uploaded a video for so many days? Majnu: Wifi is closed Prash: no Majnu: You are sick? Prash: No Majnu: Your brain is not working Prash: Nah Majnu: Girlfriend ran away Prash: no Majnu: Periods Prash: Exam period are going where are taking all these stuff retard [SUPERVISER] Prash: Whom do you think disturbs the most in exam hall? Majnu: Front bencher, Back bencher people sitting in left or right Prash: NO no no this is your misunderstanding the supervisers are the ones who disturb us the most as soon as the exam start, he will check the I card hall ticket and leave Then he will come back with attendance sheet, take a sign and leave again he will return, make us stand out of the bench he will check ech of our private part with his hands Bro are you keeping a check on cheating, or this is airport checking going on Am I a terrorist sitting with a bomb in exam hall? He will return again and sign on exam, again he will return and stick a barcode he will return…. do one thing dumbass, you sit here, write my paper I am leaving In the past 15 minutes, you have been here 15 times Exams have not started and they start giving last warning, ask for eraser from the person on side LAST WARNING I tried picking up my fallen pen, LAST WARNING saw time on my watch LAST WARNING It’s itching last warning at least let me scratch, I am sitting here for the past 2 hours, are you gonna take life of kids!!! They have been just made supervisor for 2 hours they start thinking of themselves as the president of america made them sit on shoulder, they started peeing on my ear *[email protected] [MATHS] biggest enemy of college students is maths You know I am giving mastery subject for previous 3 semisters and I have not passed yet You know why because, these scumbags always give that long problem and ask us to Find Sin, Cos and Tan F**k there M**er with algebra @#!K who are these Sin Cos algebra tan where are their parents, who forgot their kids huh And why should I find them, file a report in police And sometimes they give us this spider web place ‘X’ somewhere and ask us to find ‘X’ Is this maths paper going on or some hide and seek game, I can’t get it Mathematics without ‘X’ and life without sex is a waste Find ‘X’ Here I can’t find my own ex where should I find that ‘X’ [QUESTION TO SRK] I have a personal question to King Khan of bollywood You said we live once, we die once, we only love once and we only marry once, so why are these mean exams taken again and again Have we singed any contract before coming out of the womb that we will compulsary give 200-300 exams Syllabus is like a ocean we only study like that of a ocean we only remember as much as a bucket and we get only marks in the form of few drops and we drown in that See if a student passes then congratulatins and even if you did’nt pass then double congratulations because there will be new girls in your class and if you are a mechanical engineer then you are stamped ‘no girls’ at your butt, right from your birth nothing is gonna happen with you those who have got compartment Hit the like button if you are new hit the subscribe button you will pass in the next exam for sure

100 thoughts on “INDIANS EXAM BAKCHODI (Part 2) | Angry Prash

  1. Bhai electrical engineering ke bare me kya khayal hai mene to khud ka bussiness start kar diya lekin mechanical wala kyu nhi kr sakta

  2. Find x 😒😒😒😒😒😑😑😑😑😑 for us for teachers 😈😈😈😈😈

  3. Mai electrical mai hu bhai, meri ek junior thi socha uska patau par saala pahle se hi uska ek bf nikla 🀣, wo bhi mechanical wala

  4. Maths result ⏬⏬
    Front benchers
    Ohh no,I got only 99 percentage.
    Back benchersβ¬β¬πŸ‘Ž
    Ohh yeaa I got 36 percentage
    His mate.
    Ohh yeaa I also got 36 percentage

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