Waa. this animal will lock all the airports just standing! Hey you tell where do you want to go Singapore Then go He should get an oscar for this. Best useful Mucchad Of the Year!! today ill tell how our directors direct a film by taking drugs Do you know why indian actors don’t get oscar? Because there is no Best over acting award of the year yet Brother, but sunny has the natural tallent Yes. they don’t give oscar knowing that Why? Don’t know but i think they don’t want the naked oscar’s d*ck standing up Yes . it is true i need to know 1 thing. Why should he stand on 2 cars and go chasing that person? He could have come by standing on 1 car he could have come by sitting inside the car Even by mistake if 1 car changes its direction Then Dharmendra’s balls would become omelette stealing my 2 desi Bothela you are running away I won’t spare you dog!! I order you to leave my back Heyy! where are you holding the rope. Hold the knots!! I think they have drunk 2 peg more Waaa Our people fly kites in the sky but our dharmendra Flies helicopters I’m telling Raid his house Those missing aeroplanes will be found there after drinking, he would go to the rooftop and pulled them off by a rope Hey leave the rope. want to take the life of a kid or what? Give me back my bothlea or else ill make you suffer n*gga By chance if i find this film’s director Ill hang his d*ck on a flying helicopter Phone rings Compare this heart with this one! is this the heart of a human , elephant or a dinosaur’s And this one looks like a rubber toy Wow this is called a throw i have never seen such a throw in cricket With the broken glass it went and fit into the body of that girl After that it even started to twinkle i dont understand if she is a girl or an alien Imagine how would they have done the discussion of this scene it is a scene of heart transplant Ok sir Our hero will throw the heart like this in the sky! Sir !! in sky… This is only the creativity OK. After that the heart will break the glass and enter the hospital Wont the glass enter the hear? No no that is only the creativity part! Oh i get it After that , the heart will fit into the girl’s body perfectly and then starts to twinkle Sit. it will twinkle?! Yes. that is only called as creativity Sir finally lighting has come Now we can dance inside the heart and show No no that will be in part 2 This doctor will be a part time tailor Surely See this , This C*nt is cutting the thread using his teeth This thread is used to stich our underwear Did you think this Patchy died? NO no no no no The picture still didn’t end my friend Champuuuuuu Champuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu if she is about to die , he will come even from his death Aaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaa :clap: this was the only thing left to watch today i got my Salvation mothers get tired of calling their children Still that c*nt does not listen he keeps looking into his phone and sitting! if his item calls, he will jump from the burning position and stands strait It is kali yuga my son! kali yuga! His mother’s mouth has a lock! his items speech has a tail! this person’s face is black! he is surely a c*nt Jai channa keshava ra !!! Jai channa keshava ra !!! Jai channa keshava ra !!! Well done! Showing a finger he moved the train back! Make him stand in the railway station, he will ride the trains using his finger At Least the money will be saved! Hey Prash! today we wont let you go, we will slice you up! What will you chop me! ill send you back OM! bhagni bhagodari Bastard’s om ne om swaha! His mother’s p*ssy These film directors will be cutting our f*ck and we will be letting them do it Cut it . cut it more hardly Cut mine now C*nt

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