I’m Afraid of Trump—The Work of Byron Katie®

Let’s hear
what you’ve written. “I’m frightened of Donald Trump because he could create
concentration camps.” “He could start”– You’re not afraid of him
because he “could.” When you’re writing these Worksheets,
you know, he “could”– That doesn’t– I’m afraid he “will”– Yeah.
“I’m afraid he will”– “I’m afraid
he will start a nuclear war.” “I’m afraid
he will ruin the environment for my son
and future generations.” “I want Donald Trump
to not be president, to disappear, to not be on the way
to ruining our country, or at least to get a better,
kinder set of cabinet members.” “Donald Trump
shouldn’t be president, should step down, and offer the space
to Hillary Clinton, (audience laughs) or even another
Republican candidate, shouldn’t say and do racist, sexist,
ableist, homophobic and xenophobic things.” “I need Donald Trump
to disappear, step aside, die, (audience laughs) or wake the f up.” “Donald Trump
and his supporters are possibly the bringers
of internment camps, concentration camps
or even Armageddon.” And let’s say “will,” -rather than “would possibly.”
-OK. Because we’re putting
our fears on paper. Yeah. “Will bring”– Your same experience will happen. But if you put yourself in the position
where it’s really happening, you know, it really is so.
When you’re doing inquiry, then, “possibly” isn’t going
to take you as far as it’s happening, because this is hypothetical. “I don’t ever wanna
experience the fear and anxiety that Trump and his supporters
have caused me, ever again.” OK. So, let’s start
at the top. “I’m frightened
of Donald Trump because he will create
concentration camps.” So, Donald Trump is going
to create concentration camps. Is it true? So, several of you, I heard that,
you know, “internment camps”– I heard several of you,
when we were meditating out loud yesterday. “He is going to create
concentration camps.” So, can you absolutely
know that it is true he’s going to create
concentration camps? No. No. OK. Can anyone here
absolutely know that that’s
what he’s going to do? OK. So, just feel that
for a moment. It’s as though we think
if we don’t fear it, we can’t do anything
about it to stop it. Close your eyes and notice
what happens internally. Notice future images
when you think the thought, “He will create
concentration camps.” Now, think of it as a movie.
Because it is. What do you see?
It’s that simple. What do you see? OK. Now notice
how all those images of the future, notice how everything
you’ve said, seen and heard here are only
images of the past. See it?
You’re carrying them forward. And, for most of you,
they’re completely borrowed. You weren’t even there. And notice the emotions, because you can see you there,
you can see your children there, you can see military there,
whatever it is you see there, just give it a moment,
give it some respect, look at it.
This is the ego. Know it well. Those aren’t people. That’s not Trump. It’s a movie.
We’re like children. So, now, who would you be
without your story? Open your eyes. Other than what you’re thinking
and believing, are you OK? Now, go back to how you react
when you believe the thought. This is obliterated. So, you’re witnessing
all the evil in the world. Is it in Trump
or is it in you? I will create
concentration camps. Yeah, you just did. Mmm– There is the proof on paper. Yeah. And notice how much time
you spend in that, that movie– “creating-concentration-camps,”
“creating-concentration-camps.” As though, if it did happen,
that’s not enough. You have to create-it-now,
create-it-now! You know, if it’s gonna happen,
have a good life until then. You know, who knows?
It may never happen. And you’ve lived
on a concentration camp. It seems, like, it’s gonna happen!
Just before you die. (audience laughs) So, feel what’s holding you. And notice the breath.
It’s free! You don’t even notice it
when you’re in your concentration camp. The gifts, the light, the– “He will create
concentration camps.” Can you find
a turnaround? He will not create
concentration camps. OK. So, let’s do some popcorn, here.
“He will not create”– He won’t create
concentration camps because
I’ll stop paying taxes. Now, we’re stepping
into a little wisdom. Those things take money. That’s a mind opener. And that’s
what I’m inviting you to. Trump will not create
concentration camps. Yes. In my experience, I’ve never heard him say
he’s going to put every American in a concentration camp. Or any Americans? Any Americans. Yeah. So, there’s one. And also,
if he’s anything like me, I say I’m going to do a lot of things
and sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. (audience laughs) See, she’s in her Work. She really– Feel the laughter
that you know yourselves. OK. So, that is,
you know– Thank you.
Those last two were just so delicious. So, Trump will not create
concentration camps. You feel empty? Kathlyn. Trump will create
liberation camps. So, tell us about that one. Where does your mind go,
“liberation camps”? Just– It’s such a stressful storyline
that people, and myself included, I can only (inaudible)
about me, but– it’s inspired me to think in ways
that I’ve never thought before. So– Let’s move to the next one. “He will start
a nuclear war.” Is it true? Can you really know that it’s true
that he will start a nuclear war? I can’t be
absolutely certain, no. And notice what happens
to your life when you believe the thought, “He’ll start
a nuclear war.” It’s the images
from the past, again, the little kid
running in Japan. I think many of us
have seen that picture when the bomb dropped. You know,
I feel sick to my stomach. I imagine
everybody being sick. Who’s still alive? There’s a movie
I saw a long time ago about a nuclear war, and it’s just
living hell, you know? So, that image, those are the images that happen
when you think the thought, “He will start
a nuclear war.” Let’s turn it around, “I will”– “I will start
a nuclear war– –in my head,”
if I’m not aware of the difference between reality
and fantasy in the moment. Yeah. So, “He’ll start a nuclear war.”
Turn it around, “He won’t start
a nuclear war.” “He will not start
a nuclear war.” Where can your mind go that would match
that, “He will not start a nuclear war”? Jerry. Right here. Well, he’s all about business and that would be
too disruptive to business. (audience laughs) It’s a good thing he owns
a lot of hotels around the world. (laughs) You know, what Jerry said
is very practical and– very smart
when you consider it. Something to contemplate. Just noticing, noticing. Yes. “He will start a nuclear wave
of consciousness in our world.” Mmm– (audience laughs) Yes. “He will not start a nuclear war
because he loves his children.” Mmm–
Beautiful. The awareness of wisdom
is available when we’re out of fear. Fear takes up all the space, that space junk. Artificial intelligence
taking up all the wisdom. “He will not start
a nuclear war because those today in power
already started it.” (audience laughs) Well, why aren’t you laughing? (audience laughs) He appears, from what he says,
to have a very hands-off management style. And, you know, there’s a lot of people
in the background in the military that probably think
it’s not a good idea. And he’s relying a lot on,
from what he says, their expertise. So, “He will start a nuclear war,”
turn it around. I just got something So, “nuclear,”
if you read it differently, it’s “newclear.” Ooh! “He will ruin the environment
for future generations.” Is it true? “He will ruin the environment
for my son and future generations.” Mmm– I will ruin the environment
for my son and future generations. Yeah, in your head, before it even happens,
should it even happen, it’s already ruined. Yeah. And who ruined it? Was it him or you, in that moment,
when you see it that way? And that’s the cause
of your emotions, your depression, your anxiety. So, he will not ruin
the environment for future generations. I’ve actually thought he could, sort of,
save the environment, um, because
so many of us will– double and triple our efforts– to stop polluting and– be more mindful of the environment. And, also,
we may need to see skies like they have in China,
before we get it. So much fear. So much confusion. Yeah. You’ve written,
“I don’t want Trump to be president.” Is it true? (audience laughs) Yeah, it’s true.
It’s still true. (audience laughs) OK, that’s like saying
you don’t want democracy. (audience laughs) I feel like
I’m bringing bad news, here. (audience laughs) You don’t want Trump
to be president. Go back to when
you first realized that– the map all turned red. (audience laughs) (audience laughs) It looked like blood to me. (audience laughs) Pure imagination. (audience laughs) I mean, it’s like, the screen, on the screen,
on the screen, on the screen. Who would you be
without the thought, “I don’t want Trump
to be president”? Often when I do The Work,
I think I’d be what I was the moment
before the thought came. Mm-hmm– Who would you be,
listening to the news, without the thought,
“I don’t want Trump to be president”? I couldn’t bear
to get the news. So, I went to sleep. And I told
my husband and son, I asked ’em to please
wake me up if she won, but don’t wake me up
if she didn’t. And, so, I woke up in the morning,
I remembered that they hadn’t woken me up. (audience and Katie laugh) And it was like– (audience laughs) And it just– I felt so heavy,
walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Arrgghhh— But it was still the same bathroom,
and the same toothbrush– And, you know,
I was just brushing my teeth and I did realize that– yeah, nothing really changed. Not in that moment. We’re still here. So, other than
what you were thinking and believing, nothing changed. “I don’t want Trump to be president,”
turn it around, “I don’t want me”– “I don’t want me
to be president.” Yeah, that’s for sure. (audience laughs) Mmm– Kind of gone
with Christie’s Work, yesterday, “God is president.” You always say, “Who needs God,
when we have your opinion?” We don’t need my opinion. It’s an opinion that put, kind of like,
this blanket over the world that morning. -Mm-hmm.
-Yeah. Alan Watts, the teacher, he says that everything’s
a continuation of the Big Bang. And that gives me a lot of comfort
’cause I think that is true. Mm-hmm– That is not
a stressful thought and so, Trump got elected when– when the whole thing
came into being. This whole “it.” So that’s a timeless state. -Yeah.
-Mm-hmm. So, “I want Trump to disappear, to get better,
kinder cabinet members.” So, “I want me”– to disappear. Yeah, “My thoughts,
my thinking, that’s crazy,
out of time, to disappear.” And continue,
“to get better”– –better, kinder,
set of cabinet members.” Yes. So, Worksheet on those
cabinet members. Because they’re not ever gonna
be kinder and less of a threat until you do a Worksheet
or have some kind of major epiphany. I can almost feel my ego,
like, squirming, like this creature whining to stay alive,
because I, it’s like, “But, but, but”– You know? I just read some news from Breitbart News
about how all the hate crimes are fake news. And it just– It brings this all back. And then you get upset. Yeah. -Because you don’t believe it.
-Right. OK. So, you don’t believe it. You’re safe. But when you imagine
how it’s gonna affect us, it’s a bit arrogant to think that we don’t know
at least as much as you know. I mean,
you’re thinking for us. And so, for some of us,
that kind of arrogance is our suffering. Yeah. I’m being president. Good one. I don’t wanna be president. Yeah. “He shouldn’t be president,
he should step down and offer the job
to someone else.” Yeah. So, turn it around,
“I shouldn’t”– I shouldn’t be president. Yeah, you’re running the Cabinet,
you’re running the world, you’re running
who should be president, you’re running– Yeah. And it hurts. It’s a lot. It’s a burden
that’s not yours, but is yours. “I shouldn’t be president,
I should”– I should step down,
offer the space to Hillary– No, just offer the space– Or anyone else. Offer the space
to the one that’s got it, Trump. Offer the space
to Trump, yeah. Soon-to-be president Trump. President-elect Trump. I mean, you may as well
offer it to him, it’s his. You’re just
catching up with reality. (audience laughs) I almost didn’t do this, as several people
have come up to me, like, “Are you gonna do Trump?,
Are you gonna do Trump?”, like, they can’t wait. And several also–
A couple said, “I didn’t want to do Trump
’cause I wanna keep hating him.” (laughter) Mm-hmm. Yes, there’s a lot of power in that.
In that I-know mind. It’s like,
“Whoa, I’m right on this one!” OK, sweetheart.
The next one, 4. “He shouldn’t say and do racist, sexist,
ableist, homophobic and xenophobic things.” Oh, good.
So, turn it around. I shouldn’t say and do racist, sexist,
ableist, homophobic and xenophobic things. Yeah. That’s the best
teacher to walk this world to your thinking. Yeah. That example
goes a long way. It’s the opposite
of what you’re fearing. OK. Yeah. -Should I do Number 4?
-Mm-hmm. “I need Trump to disappear,
step aside, die or wake the f up.” OK. So, if he did all those things,
would you be happy? If that completely changed,
would you be happy? Were you happy
before he even ran? (audience laughs) Happi-ER. Oh, really? It seems like it. Like, comparing
with what moment? Well, like, now, I sometimes
I cry because of this. I wake up in the night. Have you ever cried and– Yeah, but for other reasons,
yeah, yeah. But not
because of the president. (audience laughs) Yeah, OK. (audience laughs) It’s true. OK. So, let’s try this. “I need Trump to disappear,
step aside, die or wake the f up.” Turned around,
“I need my thoughts, my thinking regarding Trump,
his cabinet, I need”– –my thinking to disappear, step aside, die, or wake the f up. (woman in the audience laughs) To wake up– that’s the only way out that I know.
I don’t know another way out. I mean,
even death isn’t a way out, because if you’re dead,
you don’t know you’re out. (audience laughs) There’s no way out but in.
That’s it. So, we’re going to be
pushed to it, pushed to it, pushed to it, as love would have it. So, the next one? “Trump and his supporters
will bring internment camps, concentration camps
or even Armageddon.” “My thoughts bring”– My thoughts bring
internment camps concentration camps
or even Armageddon. -Yeah, that’s true.
-Yeah. And you can do it
from your couch. You can– just get still, meditate on those questions
and Worksheets like this, and “wake the f up.” (audience laughs) I’ve been trying
to wake the f up and I’m stuck. Well, trying didn’t give me
a lot of answers. They came
when I got really still to the questions. I ask, I open, I notice, I realize, and this consciousness shifts. OK. “I don’t ever want”– “I don’t ever want
to experience the fear and anxiety that Trump and his supporters
have caused me, ever again.” His supporters
are the cause of your anxiety. Is it true? They voted, darn. (audience laughs) This is a democracy.
We vote. So, his supporters– are the cause
of your anxiety, is it true? I gotta say “Yes.” And what supporters are those? -How many of them have you met?
-Some of them are relatives. (audience and Katie laugh) So, are you
the black sheep in the family, or are they
the black sheep in the family? I don’t know. It could be
you just all have a vote. It’s a vote
out of your own mind. I got anxiety when someone
in the room yesterday shouted, “He’s gonna
Make America Great Again.” It’s like,
“Oh, they’re here!” (audience and Katie laugh) “And I’m gonna do
The Work on Trump, they’re gonna attack me
when I leave the room!” (audience and Katie laugh) We all have a vote. If you believed
the thoughts that they believe, you would vote for Trump, too.
You’d have to. Mm-hmm, yeah. So, they’re guilty of thinking? Woman in audience: Yes! (audience and Katie laugh) Boy, I tell you, the prejudice
that the left is holding. I don’t know– It’s true, though.
That’s true. But it’s OK, because– “We’re right.”
Right. (audience laughs) You know
what the right is saying? You know,
“Yeah, it’s true, but we’re right!” You know– Can you stop believing what you believe
in the moment you believe it? Try it. You can’t. We’re– That’s it. We’re equal in that. People who voted
on the right have every reason
in the world to do that, just like your vote on the left. I get that. Anything less
than getting that is war. It divides a country. And then
we blame it on Trump. Or “them.” My parents grew up
in Germany during World War II. They were little kids. So, when I came to The School,
you did The Work with me about Nazis. Well, I was down there, but– Mmm– I also like to blame Hitler for my fear and anxiety. So, that’s what
you’re moving forward here. And sweetheart, that’s a lot. That’s a lot. But it’s not more
than you can deal with, because it’s yours,
that’s your thing. Yeah, it’s my thing. I once had a counselor
who said to me, “You’re a second-generation
war victim.” And I loved that.
Like, someone understands. But, you know, then there’s
“Victims are violent people.” And that whole thing of, like,
grabbing onto that identity, wanting to be understood
as someone who had these things– Who suffers legitimately. Yeah, yeah.
It’s legitimate suffering. It’s like,
“I suffer legitimately and– let’s see,
I’m still suffering.” Suffering is suffering. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There’s been
this crazy story, like, “If people got it, if they understood
my suffering, then I’d be better, then I’d stop suffering.” This is all bullshit. (audience laughs and applauds) (audience cheers) (audience laughs,
applauds and cheers) Good Trump sign. I’m good, Katie. You know, sweetheart,
you have just “Made America Great Again”. (audience laughs,
applauds and cheers) Ah, man! What? (inaudible) Ah, Trump help me do it, yep. (laughter) He brought me here.
That’s why I’m here. It’s the “newclear.” The “newclear.” The first day I was, like,
what you’re talking about? “Your girlfriend not saying
hello in the grocery store?” We’ve got Trump! You know, like,
everyone should be doing Trump. (audience laughs) I was mad. (laughter) Suffering–
Suffering is– That’s what I’m addicted to. The question, “What are your
addictions and compulsions?” That’s it. Suffering
and attempts to control. Suffering and attempts
to make that suffering real. Yeah, with this weird idea
that that makes it go away. OK. So– Yes, the lady in the back. Thank you so much
for doing your Work. And I really wish that I was able
to get a lot more relief out of it, but I have not been able to. And I understand, you know,
Donald Trump has a right to run, he has a right
to pursue his ambitions. And my annoyance is– And I have done
the Worksheets, I haven’t been able
to find any relief, but my annoyance is that, I feel like,
white women voted in Donald Trump. And, you know, the numbers are, like,
93% of black women voted for Hillary, 68% of Latino women
voted for Hillary, and then 53% of white
women voted for Trump. And it kills me because
I feel like, historically, we’ve all been taught of,
like, white women being you know, the embodiment
of women’s empowerment and freedom and going around and teaching it
and being the face for feminism. And then, the one opportunity
that they have, where their vote was really going
to make a difference, they failed. And it’s really one of those things
that annoys me. Also, they succeeded,
their candidate won. It’s like– people are not
who we believe them to be just because we believe it. So, who disappointed you?
Them or you? I disappointed myself,
but I still feel like– People aren’t who you believe
them to be, necessarily. Yeah. It’s just
what you wanted, sweetheart. You know, there’s a lot
of fake news out there. And it doesn’t matter
in the world if it’s true or false. The fake news is run in here. And just a slim,
just a sliver of that– An example is, if your mind were opened
to not believing what you think, then there’s no way
you could have been disappointed. When you’re less disappointed,
you’re more in touch with wisdom. The way you navigate
in the world is much wiser. And you could be right
about the women– It’s true. –but you don’t know. So, when the vote comes in,
you’re not surprised. You’re more fascinated, interested,
informed, alive, curious. And that’s where
change takes place. Now that you mentioned that,
I’m, like, now, I am kind of curious -as to why the vote–
-There. There. You see,
it happened instantaneously. Just keep doing
your Worksheets, get still. It’s like if I had the thought about
“White women dahn-dahn-dahn–“, OK? And I believe that.
So, I’m working on that one. OK. So, every time I had connection
or a thought about white women, they’re going to show me what’s true,
what’s not, what’s true, what’s not. And I learn and grow from it.
I’m informed from it, because I’m not coming
out of prejudice. So, anytime I believe, “he is this,”
“they are that,” “she is that,” I am building prejudice. It’s that artificial intelligence
that overrides intelligence. It’s fake news. -Thank you, Katie.
-You’re welcome. This wonderful man
walked up to me this morning and thanked me
for my Work on Trump. Like lots of you
have been doing, and I– I went to hug him and he– went like this and I said,
“Oh, you have something contagious.” And he said,
“Well, I’m a Trump supporter.” (audience laughs) Where are you, friend? Are you here?
You don’t wanna stand up? Mmm– And so I just wanted
to hug him all the more. Mmm–
Such a sweet man. Well, who needs
the hug, him or you? Yeah, me. Me. He told me
why he voted the way he did and it just melted my heart.
So, thank you, friend. Woman in audience: Tell us. Because he thought it would break up
the gridlock, or whatever you call it, the thing in Congress,
the way things are not moving. He felt like that would change,
shake things up, yeah. Yes. Mmm–
(clears throat) I wanted to out myself
as the white female Republican. And I’d be happy
to give you a hug. So, if you go collect that,
if that’s– Katie: Yeah. What I got from this,
what I got from what you said was the fear about them and us,
it’s always there. I had no idea
how fearful you were of me. I had no idea
that people disliked me so much. It was painful
to find that out, and that– I don’t want to be disliked. I don’t want you
to dislike me because I’m a Republican. And when I die, it’s not going to say that
on my grave, you know? It’s going to say
I’m a good person. Or I tried my best, or–
you know? Yes. And I feel sad
that people are so scared of change. And I wanna embrace change. And I want best
for the world and everybody. And I appreciate
and I love these things. I’ve been to three of them and I’d never talked,
and I was always afraid, but oh, my God,
now I’m outed, you know, as the Republican white girl. So– Hey! Thank you. (audience applauds) I’ve never really– thought about
politics very much. When I thought I did, it was more of just
what my parents were regurgitating. Trump is only what I believe
him to be in my head. I don’t know who he is. I had a best friend
who introduced me to The Work, and I’m 23, and I get to free myself
from my thoughts. I’m not seeing Trump. And maybe I will never see him,
we will never know. But that doesn’t matter. I’d rather tear
that piece of paper up than believe
that it’s Trump. Or my mom. Or my dad. Or the boy who incited
the entire class to kick soccer balls
at me in eighth grade. You can kick a soccer ball
and hit me in the face and break my nose. All I’ll need is a surgery. That’s all.

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  10. I love it. Usually you see a teacher and he or she receives a question, answers it to the best of his abilities and that's it. No new questions. This lady, the questioner however, knew what she was coming for: answers. She was honest in her pain. And Byron Katy, she could provide. Awesome.

  11. I am not about when she says "are you okay?" Sure. But other people aren't and that's the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals CARE about other people. We can't just "have fun until then."

  12. Hahaha, Wow! Someone 'hypothetically', is in serious need, of heavy medication, or a better adviser for their own good. So sad to watch.

  13. I can't wait for the Unites States kids to win the battle for gun regulations.
    I cannot wait for the world community to get together and cut air pollution.
    I cannot wait for the Muller Investigation to finally bring out the whole truth about what happened in 2016.
    I cannot wait for the new Congregational elections.
    I cannot wait for out culture to be tired of the "governed by self interest" fantasy.
    I;m sure it will take a while…
    That is why I cannot wait.

  14. Can't go along with Byron Katie on this one.. seems to me a denial of reality. TrumP is dismantling the EPA and does not care about the environment. She says if you don't want TrumP to be president you don't want democracy. TrumP stated his objective is to dismantle our govt to rebuild it, even to the point of 'looking at changing our Constitution" because it's "very unfair to him." She couldn't put words in my mouth that easily.. js

  15. You stupid stupid cow your 'work' is too really pathetic for words the only reason ur making money is because, yes, there are that many dumb stupid loser people out there… why are u afraid of trump? he is cleaning up and cleaning out all the child abuse rings in the country do u like that ? do ur homework on him stupid old cow

  16. I love every minute! I’ve watched this a few times and I didn’t even dislike Trump, but this is still one of the most powerful!!

  17. Huge lesson here:
    "I, I, I, need to be less racist, sexist, able-ist, homophobic, and xenophobic."

    She is the racist. She sees racism in other people, but it IS INSIDE OF HER.
    People who call others "racist" are the very racist that they HATE.
    We hate what we dislike in ourselves, and we point it out when we see it in others.
    No matter what race you are, sit a little bit with that one and feel how the ego fights against that statement. If you can overcome and transcend the ego's murmurings, take a deep sigh of relief and realize: All human beings are equal. Equally good and equally bad.

  18. Luv when Katie laughs. This is such a relief. This is a video to come back and watch over again while Trump is still in office lol. Thank you both.

  19. As of 6-16-18, rump HAS 1) created Internment camps for refugee & immigrant children/minors. 2) ruined environment by pulling out of Paris Climate agreement, & allowing criminal Zinke to drill, mine, & build pipelines in our National Parks & Native American Sovereign nation lands, & protected Coastlines-endangering water & air, & land quality by deregulating biz to enable pollution (a la Koch Bros). 3) endangering National Security by carelessly leaking Confidential National Military positions to Russia, China, Israel, UAE & Saudis, & N Korea Dictators, while idiotically endangering our economy with his ignorance of Trade & all Biz in general by mouthing off to & insulting our Allies & created needless Tariffs. 4) running our govt like a Crime Gang, obstructing justice & attacking free press , freedom of Speech, & freedom of religion in favor of white supremacists, sexist & anti- gay anti- religious freedom while promoting Propaganda Faux News, & insisting that he needs no guidance or inelligence reporting to actually run our country. Rump is America’s Hiltler & Mussolini. It’s time to end his Traitor russian-installed regime. 5) Blatantly taking bribes, loans, payments from foreign countries into his own pocket, & every Mira Lago golf trip = 1.5 million to tax-payers, & charging $ 150,000 each trip for golf-cart rental going straight into his pockets- rump is profiteering off our nation.

  20. Do this today, & rump IS a real danger, & this whole process is dangerously untrue. But I do like “The Work” for personal problems. Rump is an International criminal Danger & has been systematically destroying our Democratic Republic. Rump’s red states DO= blood, sorrow, & death as their end result. Using “Fake News” is dangerously supportive of rump’s propaganda, even if U do use it as a description of Ego’s dominion chatter

  21. Sorry, even Byron Katie can’t make the US a democracy. If it was a democracy he wouldn’t be president because he lost by almost 3 million votes. Republicans keep winning without the popular vote and instead of doing anything about it democrats blame Russia.

  22. This is the best Byron Katie video I've watched. That woman's personality would be hard to wake up from, because she's so amusing; she has the delivery of a comedienne. Watch the vid all the way through to the end. Poignant.

  23. Teaching people to accept the unacceptable is harmful. If a government's policies make you angry or afraid, you have the right to take action to protest that.

  24. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! This is what Liberals, Haters, Fake New's and Lack of All The Good that the President has and is doing to people. However, this is BEFORE he even took office. It is so sad that so many people cannot accept reality and the Higher ups and Hollywood are Brainwashing these people to not even be able to think for themselves but instead believe what Fear Mongerers are spewing. I do like the teacher/counselor a lot tho~ She is very good!

  25. I want Donald trump to be president because he can run the show. I don't want me to be president because i can't be like trump. I want Merkel to be Bundeskanzler because she appears in my world as axactly what she is a Bundeskanzler. I don't want to change that , even though my ego wants this, because she is conservative, reliable ( always same haircut, same face expression, same clothes style) and I am more a kind of a hippie, I think so! Wow a part of me is Merkel, so letting her go with love and admirer her. I am back in love with my country Germany. Yes, thanks Katie.

  26. This is just wonderful, and of course goes in all directions, could be anyone at any given time if they're running with their thoughts and without self-inquiry to keep reality in mind. <3

  27. This is probably the best thing on YouTube or wherever right now. FEAR has thousands, if not millions, of people held in a tight grasp of disempowerment and illusions. I have not bought into any of those negatives, so grateful I haven't, which has left me with a profound sense of PEACE. If anything, one thing that came up that I agree with, pro or con, President Trump is definitely transformative!!!

  28. Really great content! I enjoyed this video immensely! But my, oh, my! How did we get to this point where people believe that Trump will create concentration camps? I want to understand where it comes from! What makes people actually think like this? I just don't get it. I've never heard Trump mention anything close to that! I could understand statements like "Trump is bad for this country" or "Trump's going to reverse all of the policies that Obama put in place." But create concentration camps? What has he done or said that would make people believe this? Someone help me understand.

  29. Just for the record, I tried typing (me)dia brainwashing on this page and uTube shut down all of my accounts history and access to past videos or commenting. That literally just happened. This is getting a little spooky folks.

  30. I just posted that this was evidence of ((me))dia (b)rain (wa)shing -brackets to not trip algorithms-. YuTube shut down my accounts access to commenting and history. Deal with your shadows folks, this is getting waaaaay out of control.

  31. I totally "get" what is trying to be done here, however, when you KNOW a person is TOTALLY unfit, is working to undo all the things that have already been put into place to protect us, when he is disrespectful to those groups that are minorities-it goes against all that I stand for. This would never work for me. And IF the election had been run as it should be this would not be happening. God DID NOT put Trump into office. An ILLEGAL act took the presidency away from Hillary. THAT IS THE MEAT OF THE argument.

  32. This is so funny to me- this gal needs to realize the evil we avoided when Clinton lost. She needs to read Trance" FOrmation of America by Cathy O'Brien. Didn't want Trump? REALLY REALLY didn't want Clinton!

  33. How in the hell could ANYONE think that Trump would create concentration and internment camps? I know I am writing this two years later but COME-ON!!! How in the fuck can anyone be that delusional? She is the victim of some serious Democrat propaganda. Its 2 years later and I wonder what she is thinking now? Trump has done more to keep us out of a nuclear war by making peace with Russia, China and North Vietnam. The Democrats have done so much damage with their propaganda just like the Nazis did in Germany.

  34. If she feels this way about Donald Trump can you imagine what state she would be in if genuine Nazis turned up.

  35. Whats that word we use for a person who calls for the Death of another person they disagrees with :
    Oh yes that`s it……A Nazi.

  36. Think what you will about Trump (hopefully loving and kind thoughts;) but as a Canadian, it always surprises me that any reasonable, awake and aware American could find a single reason to support Hillary. Isn’t it clear to everyone by now that she and her husband are as corrupt as any politician/human could possibly be?

  37. I was about to ask YouTube to stop recommending this video to me. I'm glad I stopped to watch it instead.

  38. DonaltrumpoPhobiac ….( dont worry you re american ….so you dont need to be worry….Trump just want to kill stranger children ;))) …. )

  39. Omg the black girl at the end. She’s literally living in a delusional world of racial tribalism and corporate sponsored identity politics. Wow as a black woman that is a message black people need to hear! Lol

  40. Some of her concerns have come to pass. He DID defend white supremacist Nazis, he DID start camps. Many, many children have been raped, beaten allowed to die in the camps. She was on the right track, Byron.

  41. WOW! I love her technique, but watching this two years later, it's harder to swallow, because, TRUMP HAS CREATED CONCENTRATION CAMPS OR INTERNMENT CAMPS (for refugees from Central America), and he has taken MANY steps towards destroying the environment!! (Like letting coal mines dump arsenic laden silt back into the rivers and streams again.) We need to have her do another one for people still suffering from what he has already done and in fear of what he may do next – like start a war with Iran, or win reelection due to help from Putin and Russia, or for Mitch McConnell to be reelected and continue to block everything good that the Democrats have done – like pass a comprehensive new ethics bill (they did), and pass a bill for the minimum wage to go to $15/hr (they did), etc.

  42. LOL  yes Katie this is all BS, people who needs to be a victim are just BS  lol lets make America great again !!

  43. This reminds me of when the guy in forrest gump hits his gf then apologises and blames it on his stress from nixon. Delusional

  44. This is such a helpful talk for democrats, republicans, and for people in every country on Earth as mine, Argentina. It´s amazing!!

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