Identifying Problems Of The MIND | How To Master The Mind | Part 1 | Swami Mukundananda

Today’s topic of discussion is the way this
mind works. The mind has many afflictions. These are called Manas Rog in Vedic terminology. You have got sharirik rog, afflictions of
the body, one affliction brings you down! Swamiji I could not come to your lecture. What happened? My tooth was aching. 6ft frame and 1 toothache brought you down? That’s the way it is. Now the mind has got a whole lot of afflictions. Anger, Greed, Desire, Hatred, Envy. We don’t see them as diseases, but the Vedas
say these are Manas Rog. How they are created, how they will go away,
this is the subject of Vedic psychology, and if you understand it you will say the whole
of western psychology starting from Sigmund Freud it all fades into insignificance. Such powerful analysis of the functioning
of the mind is given in the Bhagawat Gita. Shri Krishna says, our Vedas say – look Anger
is a disease and Greed is a disease. Anger is such a problem, the government has
got it’s laws in place yet people are unable to control, they break property, they hurt
and kill people all out of anger. There is story form UP. One Thakur family, the land owners. There was a litigation going on between the
elder brother and the younger brother. The younger brother won the case, he was returning
from the court in the evening, the elder brother was sitting in the courtyard with his mother. While returning he lifted his mustache.You
know the Takurs in UP keep long mustaches. He lifted it like this..The mother said to
the elder brother, if you have drunk my milk teach him a lesson. He killed him, later on, when the inquire
was done what was the instigation it was found out the instigation was the younger brother
has lifted his mustache. This is Anger. It’s a disease of the mind. But then is the disease of greed. Motivated by greed people spend their whole
life hoarding when they know that nothing will go away with them. They are going to leave everything here and
yet a lifetime is not enough. It is said Andrew Carnegie once the richest
man in the world with the steel empire, he had so much. He was asked are you satisfied you are leaving
this much. He said no, I want to leave 10 times behind. Once one man got the boon from the king, he
saved the kings life in the forest and the king being pleased, told him ask what you
like. He said your Majesty as much land as I can
measure on my horse from sunrise to sunset. The kind said alright, he had a huge kingdom. The next day he started off on a good stallion. Now at sunrise he began. As the stallion was galloping he was thrilled
so much has become mine, so much has become mine. By 10 am he was the owner of 1000s of hectors
enough for many generations but not enough to satisfy his greed. By mid day he had a huge terrain, he could
not have utilized it in any way, but his greed was telling him this is your chance don’t
miss it, come on a little more. He kept on goading and spurring his horse. By late afternoon the horse was totally exhausted,
so was the riders, but the horse collapsed and this man fell head long from the horse. His head went and hit a boulder, he suffered
a spot death. When the villagers came to bury him they said
you know in the end only these 2 yards of land was of any use, all the rest went waste. That is the irony of greed. As somebody said “Duniya mai kubha kamaya,
kya heere kya moti ,lakin kya kare yaroon, kaafan mai jeb nahi hoti”. I earned so much, so many jewels and diamonds
but what to do the shroud that covers the dead body doesn’t have pockets, it all got
left behind. So greed is also considered from Vedic view
point as a disease of the mind. But the Vedas say, no no no beyond it all
is another disease. This is the biggest problem. What is that? Desire!

63 thoughts on “Identifying Problems Of The MIND | How To Master The Mind | Part 1 | Swami Mukundananda

  1. Mind is the cause of bondage and liberation..It's of utmost importance to understand how our mind works. Eagerly looking forward to the next part😇

  2. Wonderful clip on anger and greed…two prominent diseases of the mind! Look forward to the next in the series! Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  3. Swamiji notes the four most severe mental afflictions that overpower the mind. These are anger, greed, desire and hatred. Anger makes people do things that are harmful to self and others. Greed makes people hoard things knowing full well nothing will go with the body upon death. Thank you for reminding us of the important things in life.

  4. Beautiful clip explaining the various afflictions of the mind like anger, greed, envy, hatred etc. The ‘Vedic, psychology’ answers about the workings of the mind and how to overcome the Manas Rog or mental afflictions.

  5. Nice lecture by Swamiji. Mind is very smart.If we cannot control our thoughts,then it is very difficult to control the mind.

  6. Afflictions of the mind are more dangerous than bodily afflictions and diseases. Hence, mind management is of paramount importance. Thank you Swamiji.

  7. Swamiji is revealing the diseases of the mind from the Vedic perspective. Anger , greed and desire. It is really important that we identify them as early as possible.

  8. Swamiji Explained very sweetly about problems of the Mind , Swamiji says We have got Saririk Rog and Manasi Rog ,Anger ,Greed, DESIRE these are the Manasi Rog , Giving example of Thakur family Swamiji says 'Nothing is go away with us all the things got left behind and we have come empty and go away empty. Thank you Swamiji Radhey Radhey !!!

  9. Mental afflictions like anger, greed, desire and hatred make people do harmful things. Thank you, Swamiji, for reminding us of the important things in life.

  10. Very beautiful video clip about disease of mind greed and anger.Mind is the main cause of greed,anger,desire and hatred.Anger and greed is a disease.If desires is full filled it leads to greed and if desired is not fulfilled it leads to anger and anger leads to destruction of example of the story of uttarpradesh family Elder brother and younger brother and her mother. Radhey Radhey

  11. Do you have disturbing thoughts during the day that pull on your emotions? This discourse helps me to understand why I have this disturbing internal monologue. It gives me hope that I can calm the mind, can temper my thoughts inside and have more peace.

  12. Swamiji thankyou for giving your lectures in English. I understand it 100%. How much I remember is another thing.

  13. The only way to give up anger, greed, and selfish desire is by practice and more practice. Attach the mind to God, detach the mind from worldly things, and surrender to God!

  14. Swamiji explains that Vedic Philosophy is Divine i.e. Supreme, it is not mere written by human. In this philosophy Anger, greed, hatred, desire are mentioned as diseases of mind …..

  15. Grateful for this video. Swami Mukundananda is expert on mind management, and sprinkles his commentary with humorous comments and stories.

  16. Afflictions of the mind has no boundary, the greed is one them. Irony is the mind is not able to differentiate whether the desire is out of greed or its the normal thing. Precious gem of wisdom🙏

  17. The irony of two yards of space on earth is a hard truth and still the desires never stop.The greed keeps increasing. The anger destroys people. It so important to know the functions of mind from vedic prospective and Thank you Swami ji for explaining this topic in so detail. I am looking forward to listen more about the desires.

  18. Anger and greed are the diseases of the mind.So good examples given by Swami Ji.Will wait to hear about the biggest disease”desire”.
    Radhe Radhe

  19. We don't identify greed, anger, lust, anger as disease of the mind. If we have this attitude we would do all to get rid of such feelings, as we try to get rid of disease of the body.

  20. Anger and Greed are the diseases of our mind. But the biggest disease is Desire which is making us unhappy.

  21. Wonderful video on Anger and Greed,these are the diseases of our mind.Eagerly waiting for the nxt video about the biggest disease “Desire “.
    Radhey Radhey
    Govinda Radhey 🙏

  22. Very enlightening video on the diseases of the mind. We need to know them first before we can conquer them.

  23. Anger and greed are worn as medals of bravery these days. People purposely keep an angry personality to be strong personality and greed is looked upon as ambition and passion towards goals. We are all really misguided people 😪. Thank you for guiding ( though vismaran keeps happening)

  24. Anger and greed, are the disease of our mind. Following Swamiji to learn how to uproot the disease and master the mind.

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