Identify Your Energy Drainers: Better Manage Your Stress

Avoid energy drainers! You, only know what depletes your energy. But here are some categories: Somebody, ok? Ok, good. Good! I’m glad it was a laugh. Sometimes laughing sounds like crying and sometimes crying sounds like laughing. I love laughing until I cry or crying until I laugh. So! I’ve lost my train of thought. My children actually say, “Mom, how can you keep speaking to people when your memory so bad?” And I say, “Oh honey. I got so much experience, I can just dig up something else to say.” Oh, yes, so I’m not in to get rid of the negative people in your life. Be a hero! Be there for them in a balanced way. I had a mother-in-law who, when she walked in the room, the hair on my back of my head would just go, Yeek! “What are the dishes doing in the sink? It is 9:30 in the morning.” “I was playing with the children.” Well! They should by now be washed and dried and on the shelf.” I never dared to say, “Feel free!” Wow! Then there are places. There are places I do not want to go. I do not go to stinky smelly bars. You know, I tried a couple times of my youth because I wanted to go dancing. But you decide the places that you enter. You know, take the energy out of you. Sometimes you go to these places and you’re with those people, but I want you to know . . . plan for a nap afterwards. And last but not least, activities that drain you! I just have this attitude about dusting. But I grew up with a mother on the farm. She’d say. “Let’s sweep the manure back outside. Oh! Dust! That’s just clean dirt. Who cares?” So, I kind of have a laissez faire attitude about dusting. It kind of drains me if I think I have to do it.

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