‘I Will Always Love My Brother’ Says Frustrated Sister

– Mom, some of the things
that you were describing are really typical and unfortunately, when individuals have
autism spectrum disorder and they’re higher
functioning, as Dr. Judy said, they’re not always
diagnosed, they often slip through the school
system, they slip through the medical system, and
they’re not diagnosed. But I want to go back to you Angela, because I looked at some of the comments you made during the interview
and they were pretty harsh. And I’m just, as again, as
a mom who has three kids, two you know, neurotypical
kids, and I look at how my girls interact with my
son Marty that has autism and they’re so loving and
giving and I just know that that’s in you, so I
wonder why your approach to your brother is so harsh. It’s like calling him lazy,
and calling him names, rather than trying to understand what he may be going through
to see how you can help him become more independent. – Because it does sound
like you guys were close for a while, I remember you
saying that in your interview. – We were best friends as kids, I mean we did everything together, we had the same likes, dislikes, I mean literally everything, my
parents would go bowling on Tuesday nights and we would
sit for hours and just talk. And it was like the best feeling knowing okay today’s Tuesday, I
get to sit down with Dan, have this great conversation. And it was so, like such a big relief. No matter what was going on he was there. – This all stopped–
– Are you resentment? Is there some resentment though that he’s not doing in life
what you expect him to do? – Not necessarily resentment,
I mean I’m more frustrated. I don’t, you know, I love my brother. No matter what, I will
always love my brother. I’m almost disappointed. I know he’s capable of so much more, he’s so smart. – I mean are you disappointed
with him because, look I have a special
needs child, he’s 12. And he has a younger
brother and I know that age differences are different, but
one thing that I’ve noticed is that my son, as he got
older, started resenting his brother because I was
giving him more attention than I was giving my other son. So sometimes it’s not so
much my son, my older son, my child with special needs
was paying the price for that, but what he was doing was
trying to get my attention because the attention
he’s, he didn’t understand in his mind why I had to hold
his brother up all the time and help him how to
walk and get to places, and I was giving him that quality time. And it was my fault as a
mom not paying attention because I was overprotecting my son when he got that diagnosis. So sometimes it’s not so much
that it’s with the brother, sometimes it’s with the mom. Mom do you feel that you
overprotect your son? – Yes. I’m an enabler, I’ll be
the first to admit it. – [Vivica] Oh wow.

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  1. I know what it is to be special needs, I used to be that way, diagnosed with the same condition. Life is hard.

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