I was suicidal │How to deal with Depression, Panic attacks, Anxiety

Hey everyone, it’s your Korean girls Jina Kim and welcome back to my channel So today’s topic is about self-love and confidence and how to overcome depression, anxiety, and panic attacks I am NOT a perfect person at all And I’m still suffering from some mental issues after watching this video If at least one person can change their mind then I think this video is successful Okay, where should I begin? So I was born in 1989. So I am 30. So let’s go back when I was a teenager Yes, when I was a teenager, I was a really shy shy shy shy person So when I was with some close friends like two or three friends Then I was kind of confident I think, so I could just hang out with that but when I was with lots of people like when I was in a class then I Was very very shy I was afraid to say hello to some other classmates Because they are not my friends. I mean I want to be close to them, but I was just Very afraid when you’re in a class, sometimes the teachers they ask some students. Like I’ll tell me your opinion or Read some sentences something like that like reading some sentences in Korean It’s not that difficult, you know, but even that was very scary for me a lot of people they think a lot too but me I was a very sensitive girl, so I used to think about So many things like why am I here? Why am I living? What’s the purpose of my life? Like a lot of things I used to think about just so many things and that made me quite depressed Yeah, and that one thing really important happened to me in my life Yes, there was one classmate. I really liked her We were not that close But she was kind of an outsider and I used to like outsiders because I felt like oh they are my friends You know, I’m not an insider at all so I thought that oh she is very unique and she used to like animation and cosplay so much so I felt like oh She’s so cool We used to talk about this and that but we never talked something did yeah, we didn’t because we were not that close and Then I became the third grade in middle school, yeah, we were in different classes It was just a typical morning and then suddenly the students became really noisy and they Started talking about something like death and I Asked my friend. Okay, what is going on? And she said You know, her, she jumped out of the apartment and she died At first I really didn’t know how to react so I was just like speechless and I just thought about Her yeah, I could imagine her lying on the ground they were talking about that scene very specifically so to me it was very Very shocking and I still remember We all went to the funeral all together all the students. Yeah, and then the teacher she was crying really hard and then I saw her family at the funeral and they looked really, Really, sad, and I think I cried too But I couldn’t really cry that hard because I could see their family, you know So if I cry really hard then the family they would feel Really really really really sad, so I didn’t wanted to make them feel that Yeah, and you know when someone kills herself Everybody wants to know the reason and I heard one of the reasons is that she was bullied in the school and I never Knew that before. Yeah. I just thought that she is the bright person but one moment, one moment I still remember that one moment She was just passing by and I didn’t know if I have to say hello to her because we are in a different class and She looked very sad At the time so I just decided not to say hi, but I regretted that moment. Just so many times Why didn’t I say hello to her? Why didn’t I say like, how are you? Why do you look sad something like that? I could say that right? That could change everything So I dream same dream every day, and it made me crazy So when I go back to my school, she was alive and I was very surprised and I wanted to stop her killing herself But the same thing Happened again and again and again I couldn’t stop her So I think I felt very guilty for not knowing she was bullied, you know Even though the same thing happened to everyone, everyone takes it differently. So I guess my friends were ok. I don’t know if they were really ok or not But for me, you know, I told you I was a very sensitive girl So I used to think about that every day and night Yeah, I just kept thinking about that over and over again. Since then I became very depressed Yeah, I had depression. I just thought about her killing herself and then I thought about killing myself too I just didn’t know the purpose of living because we always have to just study and study and study And I read a book and it says that the depression of Teenagers is a little different from the adults the teenagers if they are suffering from depression They get easily upset and they get very irritated And they say something bad to their parents, something like that But you know so many people they just take it like oh they are like that because they are teenagers but no That’s the sign of depression and I really didn’t talk about this Depression and suicidal things to my parents or my Sister and my friends know, no one else I was always lonely and I was always sad and I was always depressed Yeah, I don’t know why and so many people they misunderstand about depression. So I feel gloomy today I feel blue today Yeah, everyone can feel that way, right? So they think that oh you can overcome it It depends on your mind. You can just change the mood. You can meditate or something Just watch some good movies and listen to some fun music something like that But no depression as a disease is a whole different thing Okay, so you cannot just overcome it by changing your mood You know by changing the music’s by changing what you watch by changing what you read no, you cannot just change it and sometimes depression just Comes to you without any reason Depression is about your brain. So you need to go to a hospital. But at the time I didn’t know about that and Hospital was my last option. I never thought about going to the hospital I thought mental hospital. That’s for only crazy people and then I Somehow grew up and I became in early 20s, and then I was just going to my university, you know I was living in Incheon I’m still living in Incheon and my school was in Seoul so I had to take Subway And it takes about one and a half hour everyday like going there one and a half hour and Yeah round trip three hours or four hours total. So it was a quite long trip and one day, one day I was on the subway and then I couldn’t just breathe. There were just too many people. It was too crowded I felt like I’m gonna die. Yeah, that’s when I first experienced panic attack, so I Was very shocked. Okay, I have depression and then now panic attacks? Come on, please what’s wrong with my life? So I really thought about Quitting my University, so I wanted to take a break so I took a break like Three or two years from the University I felt like, okay I think I need to do something in my life because I’m not good at talking in person I decided to just do something online So I started my blog Channel and I started to write my own fashion column and I studied my own online shop That’s when my personality change it a lot and I had to talk to some wholesalers, you know And they are very strong, but it was really hard to deal with those people and I went through all the Failures Yeah, ’cause my online shop it failed Of course because I didn’t know about marketing and business that also of course I failed but I still had the Depression thing and panic attacks and anxiety stuff. One day I Realised that I really need a help still my parents and friends and everyone else They didn’t know about my mental issue, but I felt like okay, I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die So I really needed the help and I just searched it online and I got to know that there’s a government support system. So I visited there by myself. Yeah, alone and they were like Hello, who are you? Why did you come here? Something like that? So it seemed like no one else really visited there. Yeah So anyways, I was very frustrated because I was expecting that they could, they could help me But they couldn’t Instead they gave me some list of Hospitals and you know at a time when people say like I have depression I go to a mental hospital If somebody says that then they just judge you and they don’t want to become friends with you and the big companies, of course They’re gonna see all of your documents and they’re gonna judge you like. Oh you are a patient So you cannot work at our company something like that. So I was afraid of losing my job I mean losing my opportunity to work in a big company, you know And even though I was doing the things that I really liked I Wanted to kill myself. Yeah, I was very suicidal. I don’t know why there was no specific reason I was just depressed and yeah, I think that was the reason Yeah. Anyways, I knew that something was going on. In my brain, and I needed help So Finally I decided to go to a mental hospital without Talking to my parents, of course because I knew that they’re gonna pass out if I say like I have a mental issue. I was a very nice kid She said oh, it’s really easy to raise you compared to your sister like that I didn’t want to disappoint my parents and my family Honestly, I didn’t expect that they would help me the hospital Anyways, I went there and I met my therapist and he was actually a really Good therapist we used to talk about so many things finally I got one person to talk about all the things that happened to me, and he wasn’t trying to give me an answer Yeah, he just listened to me and I just cried and cried a lot and he gave me some medicine and It really really helped me a lot, especially Anxiety and panic attacks, so Yeah, I’m still taking that medicine. So it’s been almost like seven Yeah, seven or eight years it reduced my anxiety Yeah drastically so he had his own blog and I got to read one of the post and he said something like Actually, I want to die. It means that I want to be loved I Want to get along with lots of people. I want to become confident. I want to love myself Something like that So I want to die doesn’t mean that I Really want to die and I’ve thought about that. Do I really want to die? Do I really want to kill myself? Before meeting him. I tried yeah killing myself a few times My parents still don’t know about that. So you guys it’s a secret. Yeah, I Wanted to cut my wrists But I was too afraid I was just too scared and I failed and I’m so glad that I failed so that sentence literally saved my life I asked myself, Do you really want to die or what do you want? and the answer was simple I Don’t want to be lonely Yeah, I was just so lonely I didn’t want to feel lonely and I wanted to become confident and I wanted to make lots of friends and I wanted to be loved By a boy and of course, I’ve never had a boyfriend Until I become 25 and I realized that okay I finally found the reason to leave all the depression and those things they are just illusion It all happens in my brain and It just brainwash it myself. I Started to think that way and then everything just changed and then one day One day my parents they found my medicine and There was that hospital name and they asked me like, Jina what is going on? Do you go to a mental hospital? Really? And You didn’t talk about this to us? Like that, and then suddenly I burst into tears like crazy So we were all together in my room and they asked me what happened and I just told Everything to them From my friend’s death to my depression anxiety and panic attacks and everything. Yeah I told them and they cried a lot and they were like, I’m so sorry Jina I didn’t know that and you needed our help and we didn’t notice that I’m so sorry something like that and My sister she cried a lot too and she told me a secret a big secret and it was actually a Bigger a bigger secret than me So I got to realize that everyone has their own secrets. Everyone is sad Everyone is going through something. I’m not the only one even though they look happy You know, to all the celebrities all the influencers they look happy in photos, but you know, they will have some Yeah their own secrets So my family supports that meant to me a lot a lot It really changed so many things I didn’t have to hide anything to my family anymore Yeah, it was really a good feeling. Yeah, and I started to smile again Yeah, I was just stuck in my room, but I decided just go out. Let’s go out and let’s take a subway Let’s take a bus and let’s go to a theater just so alone me alone It’ll be fine Yeah, you’re not gonna die something like that. And I took my medicine of course, and then I just tried a lot. I Just took a subway without reason and I was trying to focus on something else like reading Were ya watching some YouTube videos something like that? And At first I could stand only like one minute and That it became five minutes and then 10 minutes and 15 minutes, 20 minutes Something like that, so I still need medicine But I can take a subway at least and I can go to many other countries So guys now I don’t want to say like I overcame Every mental issues something like that. No, I’m still living with my mental issues I think I have no depression anymore, but I still have panic attacks and anxiety issues Yes, but I just got to know the way to live with those disease Yeah, I don’t know if it is disease because nowadays it’s very common and one time at a university I remember I once I Asked the help to my professor that I have some mental issues and I feel like I cannot graduate from my University something like that and she was like, okay, I feel sorry for you But never mentioned this to any students or any friends Right now Looking back She was such a, Such a bad professor. Why should I hide why should I hide that? I have panic attacks So I decided to change my mind and I had a presentation and infer many students and in front that Professor I said like Oh, actually guys I have some mental issues. I have depression I have panic attacks and I have anxiety issues Yay, and I’m going to the hospital and I’m still struggling but I’m trying to overcome it Yeah, I said that in front of that many people and then I felt much better So guys, I think the first step is accepting yourself Accepting your status right now If you feel like you are depressed and you are depressed and if you feel like I’m not confident Then you are not confident if you are very shy that’s fine. That’s who you are It’s okay to be shy, okay? So accept yourself. That’s the first step and step two is Find at least one person to share your thoughts. It will just change the whole thing So just say to your friends or their piece or Me or just anyone but one time guys I talked about this issue to my friend, and she Was really a close friend, but she just left me Yeah, she decided not to become friends with me because she thought that I’m a weirdo Yeah, so do not expect that everyone can understand your situation, but There will be one person who can support you Okay, and step three your family supports that’s really important I know it’s really hard and especially if that’s your parents. I know it’s very Yeah, it’s very shy thing, but it’s okay to disappoint them. Okay disappointing them once is Difficult, but if you make them disappointed just so many times then it’s fine It’s nothing, step 4. Just think like screw it Okay, nothing bad will happen. The world is big guys. The world is big. Just do not obsessed with your Great or presentation or your job or your friends? Something like that? There are whole lots of people in this world, maybe at that moment. You will feel like oh my god. My life is over I need to die something like that But no it’s not the end of the world and when you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend Yeah, it happened to me once and I Uploaded one video I was crying like crazy and I Deleted that video ’cause it was too cringy and I regretted a lot like why did I upload that video? Yeah, because now I know that that’s not the end of the world. I’m happy that I’m single I’m, I’m meeting this guy and that guy and that guy and this guy like that. Yeah. Ok, so that’s it guys It was quite a long video. I hope This video was helpful to you And if you find your friend or your family or anyone else around you is suffering From something then please share this video with Them. I have my Instagram and other social media and I do my live streams every Sunday Yeah every Sunday 10 p.m. KST So please join my live stream and please subscribe to my channel If you haven’t I want to talk more about this kind of topics Yeah, so, please subscribe and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye

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  1. I was at my lowest back in early 2017. It was a time where I felt like I wanted to end my life. There are a few things that helped me, but learning Korean and deciding to pursue my dream of moving to Asia is one of the main things that gave me purpose again. It wasn't an overnight process of healing though. Jina's one of the people who helped me and inspired me to keep moving forward and I will never forget that.


  2. Thanks for this video, for your courage and your frankness. I'm 100% lots of people will answer you and will want to become your friend (or even more 😉). I feel so touched by what you revealed and I ricognized myself at some moments. Sure, I would like to become one of your closed friend too. I want to help you on your way to feel better and I think I can need your help too for other reasons. I thank destiny to make me watched you today 🙂. What a pity we can't have private chat here. Never mind. I wish you lots of happiness. You deserve 👍

  3. Thank u for making this, as someone that have been in ur shoes. Listening other people stories really helped a lot. Experienced panic attacks really sucks, but everyone can become stronger. To overcome my agoraphobia, i'm going out, like really a lot. But it helped me, sometimes watching movies alone or going to a massage or hanging out with several friends in the coffee shop talking nonsense. Just, life ur life until death comes to u, not the other way around.

  4. Don’t ever end your life…so many people will miss you like crazy! The world would never be the same without people who are nice and kind like you!

  5. Your story is so inspiring! Hearing this makes we wish we could be friends because it sounds as though we have a lot of things in common and have had a lot of the same experiences. 💚💚💚

  6. Thank you for opening up like this. I haven't finished your video yet, but I know how many people (myself included) go through similar feelings and it's always nice to know that you're not alone. You deal with it every day but things like your video make you know you're not the only one and it really does help.

  7. Well now that I've seen the whole video, first off I'm sorry for your loss. Secondly you did a wonderful job explaining all of this. I've had my own similar situations, but the one thing that brings me back is how I know it'll affect the ones I truly love. But again you did a fantastic job talking about your own struggles and what so many people similarly go through. Again it's always nice to know there's someone else out there with a similar situation.

  8. Please Jina
    Read the Quran in English and you Will
    – find the purpose of your Life
    – get rid of our your psychological problem
    – find true hapiness and inner peace
    I just want your wellbeing
    love you

  9. Hello Jina, I take 5-HTP because, from what I understand, depression could be a low level of serotonin (not the one reason, but it could be a reason). It is an over-counter vitamin in America, but it can be obtain online. It has helped me significantly but I do know and want to say that it is not a cure. Here is a link to it's benefits: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/5-htp-benefits

  10. Thanks for being that brave to expose such a delicate part of your personal life. Some people ghosted me after they knew that I've been through these kind of thoughts, and you know, I think they are the weak ones, because they can't deal with extreme situations so they need to avoid contact with us survivors, they're like those who are afraid of heights and we already crossed that dangerous bridge.

  11. I am one of the people who suffer from mental issue, I believe many people in comment section are the same, we are same, lets make friends and share each other story.

  12. the pression to be successful all the time is hard, and many time that struggle of not being good at something is hard to get over, but you know at end of the day, you still who you are, it's ok to not be ok. for me, i couldn't walk for 4 months straight because i had a car accident(I was crossing the pedestrian lane, and a car hit me ) before that i was thinking about killing myself, but being 12 days in a bed in hospital, makes me realize, that i wasn't the only one who was suffering, many people was struggling as i was and sometimes even worse than me.

  13. my family never cared that I even have mental problems even now..
    they hesistate to even hire psychiatrist for me… Im Vietnamese American,
    of course our type never says anything about this especially the guys why
    they act so fake…, Ill just say it of course they wont like me for it but yea..
    I think that culture died already anyways to be that harsh.. think after Vietnam
    war everything feel apart with our country, I grew up during that time… There was
    alot of pressure be successful, almost every adult man focused on running seafood
    store/business and moving from city to city even at cost of neglecting me & mom, they
    would always get into fights because of that my parents..

    when growing up I never even told anyone about my real life problems.. I used to about my
    parents but people didnt care or just ignored me so I just told my gaming friends… I only regret
    not being able to tell my real-life friends about game I play though… I was always strong around
    my group of friends though… just never shared what I was really interested in… I was sad but least
    I got letters from them on winter formal/birthdays etc… I was really sad when I didnt have my friends
    anymore in high school, I really loved them but was to slow at developing relationships… I think I mainly
    didnt keep in touch with them because I wanted focus on school more..

    Anyways I went to university and still felt depressed really, well alone I guess from all the studying… and
    having no one else around you… I found a club they werent actually very nice… even after 2 years because
    I wrote that one hate email or they thought I was immediately kicked out of their meetings and yea is real
    complicated and insulting really… It didnt end there though that guy seriously made me feel guilty and that
    I had put up with his ambitions. He still hates me now… not my fault if I cant support his business… My family
    even went as far as is my fault…. even my brother said "my life will be better without you…". I dont get why he
    say that but yea… I dont really live with them much only my mom now but yea.. Is still stupid how he acts to me

    is right what you say though… well to be more direct on it if say real life problems real life people they will think you
    crazy… if tell real life problems to gaming friends (it dont matter..). I told lots and gave me the courage to really care
    about my life/future most of my gaming friends dont know the real reason why I work hard on my gaming channel still
    though :)…

    all those hotlines online really suck, is like you literally have to feel that way so they could help you… only good one I found
    was Samaritans they offer phone or email support for anyone going through that… As for real life I wanted see counselor/psychiatrist
    at school even told my club group they insisted I tell them and yea… I was ok with telling t hem though but I didnt want tell that one
    guy even told him to and he made me feel sorry for him so much… I mean is it about you or me???

    Anywyas glad I found your channel made me forget about him a little, he thinks he can do so much because he has a youtube/facebook/twitter/
    myspace/etc but I know now he cant really… Ill beat him if I have to in social media… anyone acting like their so much better than me like that…
    I only hesisttated because a girl was involved… I didnt really like her so yea if I did it wouldnt end well… I only liked her because he was so annoying..
    I didnt really want have to explain him every single thing… like really…

    well my life fine now just aiming for very high ambitions x)… im a mmorpg gamer and working on starting my businesses as well as maybe helping
    everyone else start theirs as a gamer, I wont hold back anymore… for years my generation/culture/family tried dictate my life so much… My goal is
    to make 6 to 7 figures with my business 🙂 as a mmorpg gamer. Gaming in my culture/generation/family means absolute death and no future… well
    going fight my hardest on it and yea… is better fight against them now rather than focus on making real-life friends/dating etc least for me… got focus
    on yourself first before can others…

    hope your doing ok still though, im a subscriber after all :)…

  14. I do have think someting like this just bcoz my bff pass away😅…but ik glad i meet a lot of good people and make me happy always so i change my decision to be happier person

  15. Thanks for sharing your story. I felt very similar in my early 20s. I lucked out and found my passion in medical school. Unfortunately, just like your friend, my best female friend in med school committed suicide. She took her boyfriend’s gun and shot herself in the head. She had many stressors in her life as well. This is something that still affects me years later. PS: Your english is very good. Slight accent and minor grammatical errors, but I fully understand you. You speak better english than most high school graduates.

  16. many times i tried to tell my friends about my feeling and mental health but they didn't care, they just ignored it and started an another conversation. I felt so bad and alone, specially bcuz i wanted them to help me but they didn't give af about me. When i finished High School i stop talking to them because I wasn't happy and i couldn't feel comfortable with them anymore, and when they said I'm like this only because I'm shy I felt so angry. That still making me feel bad. 🙁
    I always thought about killing myself but I'm lucky i have a family that love me and support me (even though they don't know i have depression) so i never had courage enough to do that.
    I'm trying to get better and enter University but I'm afraid I'll fail bcuz of the pressure. 😔
    I hope someday I can be truly happy.
    Sorry my mistakes, I'm not good in english.

  17. Thank you Jina for sharing your story. You are a brave young woman! You are absolutely right, everyone struggles. It can be very lonely and isolating. You think that you are the only one and that no one will understand. You don’t trust yourself so it’s difficult to trust others. My struggles have been dealing with the childhood trauma of my parents divorcing, my father becoming physically abusive and more recently, being diagnosed with breast cancer and having to have a bilateral mastectomy. Breaking the silence is absolutely necessary for healing. Silence=Fear.

    Anyway, I’m tapping on 50’s door and I still struggle. Praise God for medication, counseling and for my faith. From the age of 10, I knew that Jesus loved me even if no one else did. He got me through (still is), however, I do take my “happy pill” every day and I have received counseling, both of which are very beneficial. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of. There are two books I would recommend, one is ‘Shame Interrupted’ by Edward T. Welch & ‘Suffering and the Sovereignty of God’ by John Piper.

  18. I got to say I like the video I like your views on this subject but sometimes medicine doesn't always help a friend of mine killed himself and he was on medication he just lost the will to live and you're right you need a support group and you got to love yourself I too suffer with depression if I'm ever in Korea I would love to meet you face-to-face so we can talk this isn't a come on I just think you would be a neat person to talk to

  19. Everyone is afraid to be alone. I am. I just try to do things that make me happy, that's how I try to overcome depression 🙂

  20. I'm at my lowest now. Still looking for a job to make a living. Wish me have a happy life, guys! 😁

  21. I was thinking the same thing that I want to die because no one ever loved me and I was always crying and I was sad but when I watched your video it changed my life I am very happy now thanks to Allah and you Jina Kim.

  22. That's great, you gained the confidence you were looking for and gained thousands people who love you. You made the best choice not to commit crazy thinks such as suicide. I'm on your side, we are very alike…wish you the greatest and I will continue to support you…

  23. Bible Verse About Depression #12: Comforted By God

    Blessed be the God and Father of
    our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort,
    who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort
    those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we
    ourselves are comforted by God (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

  24. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor
    rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height
    nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate
    us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:38-39).

  25. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give
    you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and
    lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is
    easy, and my burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30).

  26. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

    Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all (Psalm 34:18-19).

  27. You are incredible. What a beautiful heart you have. I just discovered you on Youtube today and I will continue following your journey. Dont change, your imperfections are perfect.

  28. This made me cry 😭, I’m really happy that you’re doing better❤️. I hope everything is okay🧡. Please take care.

  29. Thank you so much for this video. I really appreciate you sharing your journey because I related to a lot of things you said (and I think many others will too). I think you're an extremely brave person to have come to where you are now. I hope you continue to express your genuine self to the world because you are beautiful and life-giving!

  30. This video was very helpful. i’m happy that i found your channel! fighting unnie. thanks for sharing!! love lots

  31. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. Sometimes I have this bad feeling too. And sometimes I ask myself what's my perpose to live in this world.

  32. i also had depression when i was 22 after i failed to get to the University of my choice and after a few weeks my girlfriend broke up with me which hit me pretty hard because she knew i was having a very hard time. i didn't want to get out of my house, i got out only for work and groceries, no social life didn't speak to anybody and lost many friends. naturally turned to food and tv shows to feel the void in my heart and soul. naturally, i got a lot of weight (about 70 kilos, it was fucking horrible) and that made me feel even worse. After 3 years of that fucking downward spiral one morning i looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and i broke down as the realization that i was very depressed and that i had to do something. the next morning i talked to my parents about it and my father wanted me to move in with him to help me with my depression, my mother and sister would also come by and hang out together and do fun stuff. After i moved in with my father, i went to a professional nutritionist and got into a daily nutrition plan and afterward i also got registered to a gym and started working out really hard. after started losing weight and interacting with new people and slowly started making friends again the depression that i had started fading away and a year later i am even better i was before. personally, i think seeking help from your family is very important to cure depression and opening up and let out all the bottled up feelings and issues helped me to move on it may not work for all but thats all i can say. i hope you get past anxiety and panic attacks Jina, best wishes.

  33. OMG girl you have the same problems as me not RELLY but it is soo… im soo soo sorry for you and the girl so good luck i love you and " REMMEMBRE DONT GIVE UP 😀 "

  34. You are a very brave lady to talk about this. I'm a new subscriber and I'm being inspired. Peace always where ever you may go.

  35. i managed to overcome depression myself tho. without any profecional help. for those who are struggling with it and just refuse to look for help. you can overcome it yourself if you really want to.

    for me my depression was a 'person' in my head who kept telling me to be perfect and anytime i made a mistake she would just laugh at me, tell me how stupid i was etc. but i managed to create another 'person' or 'voice' in my head who tried to convince me that the depression person was a big ly to me and that i shouldnt listen to her altho i thought she protected me the most. she was the only thing i knew for a very long time.

    with this second person i kept having conversations in my head. everytime i felt shit i just talked to that person. (i think its a male) he told me how to take the things she told me and how fake it all was. over and over again. and at some point, his perspective of me became my perspective of me. it took me at least 1 year and a half to maybe even 2 years. but this got me out of it. my devil is still around somewhere. very far away. but as soon as she feels that im getting weaker she will get closer and closer, even to this day. ill never be fully healed i guess. but also the second person is still around. so whenever i need him i can just talk to him again.

    the only downside to this is that i struggle to get into a relationship with someone. i cant seem to find the right balance between this second person and the person who is supposed to be on that spot, as weird as that may sound. i feel like i have to let go of the second person in order to love someone. but doing that just destroys me. im just hoping that if its the right person it will work itself out without me even tryin to 'delete' the second person

  36. Jina, THANK YOU for sharing your story! You're so brave. Thank you! I have anxiety too. It's complicated but we going to overcome all these bad things some day. We are loved by our Creator and we are never alone. God bless you, girl!

  37. I didn't know how much I needed this video. whenever I'm feeling suicidal or low I'm going to always watch this video. thank you so much jina. you're such a strong and amazing woman, I love you

  38. Hi Jina…This my first time watching this your sensitive video about suicidal,Because Im your new subscriber..Me too Im not a perfect person a lot of time Im stress about life about work..I just pray and think everythings happened for a reason..sometimes we dont understand that..Just believe in god just pray have Faith…and think positive..and suicide is not the answer to your problem..just think your family…I know its hard for you to shared this but you did shared…godbless…

  39. I met a girl who I really like her, she is so smart and really obsessed me, but she has depression, she told me all the reasons why she got depressed. Now she has a boyfriend, but I still think I like her a lot. I don't know why. Your video show me a deep understanding of depression, and how desirable of care and concern they need. Thanks a lot, you are like an angel too. The girl said the conversation between me and her let her feel much depressed, I know I should quit out in this relationship is the right choice for me. But since I knew her, I want to help her, I don't know what the role I play in this relationship? I am confused a lot, I said I will be a friend by her side, but I don't know will it works? I know people get depression become more sensitive, whatever I hope u guys can walk out form the issue, best wishes to u guys, holding the thoughts the world is lighter and better, people, parents and friends always stand by yourself.

  40. Everyone needs someone to talk to. I'm the rock for my friends, I'm there shoulder to cry upon, and I'm proud to be there

  41. You are so brave to talk about your past to spread a message of self-love. Your explanation was so heartfelt and meaningful. Thank you for this. You are amazing!

  42. My problem is Daydreaming a lot…thats y l can't concentrate in class,in studies,in my life…..thats one of the reason M not much good in studies…but nowadays these problem b'comes more intense ….Like l started fantasizing anytime anywhere for hours like lost in some other world and escaped from the real me..sometimes l really scared of myself like hollysh*t if will like these then anyone will take advantage of me thinking me like M a mad person thats the reason M started living in too much dipression ..
    . . . .
    l often told about these to my family like l want to treat these…want to go to psychiatrist… Bt they are like it's not a big problem honey…just don't stressed…. Nd refuses to go….thats y l often thinking of killing myself other than to live like a mad person…..these has made my life too much complicated…someone pls tell me what to do……. How to cure these …nd how to leave out from all these….these is really ruined my life… 😞😭😢…

    Sorry for bad eng

  43. Im just seeing this video. Jina you are a light that shines. The love that pours from your personality gets all over everyone who gets a chance to see and hear you speak. I am moving to Korea within the next year and just want to give you a big hug and laugh over some good Korean food (even though hugging strangers isnt a thing). Much love and respect for this video.

  44. I'm a really shy person in real life, and i'm bit like you (when you were a teenager). I don't really talk to people in my class because I'm afraid they would judge me. :/ I even avoid my own friends because I'm scared to bother them or idk. I deal with depression and anxiety and other inner demons bhfdozgmnb and I want to get better, but it feels like I can't. Plus my mother is also depressed so I can't really talk to her about that. My dad is closed-minded so he thinks depression is just… idk. He thinks it's just a phase.
    I also used to auto mutilate, but I stopped and I'm clean since almost 1 year. After watching your video, it makes me feel like I'm not alone. Maybe people around me doesn't really know/care about how I feel, but I know some in this world do. uff, it really makes me feel better to write it and finally get this out of my mind :))

  45. Everyone already knows this, but suicide is never an option. It doesn’t solve any problems, not yours, not anyone’s. If you’re ever feeling suicidal, think of all the people who love you. All the people who’ll miss you. Put down the pill bottle/razor, untie the noose, and don’t do it.

  46. I really believe that you've changed more than one person's mind. Thank you. I know these words truly come from the bottom of your heart.

  47. i just wanted to say thank you for sharing this with everyone. i am suffering from depression also and i know i need to get some help. i just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make a video on these subjects.

  48. Very very powerful video in thank you for talking about such a sensitive subject and now I feel so free to share with you my feeling.

    If we get married I no longer will have depression. We can even go on a date 1st.
    What do you think? Can you help me and we can help each other?

  49. Wow I went through something very similar ,this video made me so sad but also gave me a sense of security and a feeling that im not alone .I feel like im living a similar life as Jina im 22 havent been in a relationship and feeling sorta depressed but this video really helped me feel better. Thank you Jina 🙂.Hope you are okay

  50. Thanks Jina for sharing this with us. Had same kind of feelings when I was at college. Was also to shy to be able to realy enjoy that part of my youth, I found an aunt to talk to and that kept me from worse. My parents were also only interested in me getting good grades at school. Just like you say : always find someone to talk to. I think you are super!! Surely after watching this episode.

  51. Suicide doesn't end anything. It just passes it on to someone else.
    Love you for talking about uncomfortable topics and not being just superficial ❤️ I have been through pretty much the same. I've been through hell. That was 2013 to 2016. Worst time of my life. And I don't wish that to happen to anyone. But today I am glad to be alive.I'm glad that I failed like you said.

  52. This video is so important. Thank you for speaking about such personal things, just know you are definitely helping people. Love you Jina

  53. If 1person lift you, you have to believe 10 person will come to be your friends 👍, I also born at 1989 and I'm OK if I have a friend like you 👍👍👍

  54. Lot of us go through similar things. Thanks for sharing. I thought you were just flaky and not serious, but u seem real with problems just like everyone else. Thanks again and keep making fun and important videos 🙂 Very good advice.

  55. ok!Soo there is a guy who always stared at me and disturbed me at school. I was so annoyed and couldn't focus on my studiesHe and his friends always stared at me. And their was some family problem going between my parents and my older brother. Soo I was depressed by it. Soo it was the end of summer break . and that guy didn't came to school for 1 week so I just wished that ok, I'm atleast just happy at school. Noone keeps an eye on me for atleast schoolhours. and He did'nt come to school for 3 months. My class teacher told me that he is in other city for treatment for low blood pressure. And I didnt feeel anything. I just wished him to take addmission in one of the schools in that city when he is recovered actually I didn''t even cared that he is not well. it was just a low blood presuure …. But just rn My friend told me that he died and not because of low bp problem but because of liver cancer. And I now feel so guilty that because of me he died. Maybe becaause I wished him not to come here. But IDK how to feel right now. And I just want to kill myself. And I saw this video. I shared this with my mom . She tried to comfort me but……..

  56. Our story is quite similar. I was a super sensitive little girl and was so timid and shy in school, always thinking about the big stuff which was a heavy burden, low confidence, didn't want to bother or disappoint, gained depression, hid it, got a panic disorder and so on. I can relate so much and it was a long journey to find my way back to health. In my home culture it's rude to be selfish so when I moved to the US where it's culturally acceptable to be more selfish then I could finally allow myself to put a higher priority on myself and could get well again. Listening to my body and say no to people when I need a break was so hard to learn but so helpful and important!

  57. Jina, you so pretty 🌺 You really cool!👏🏻 Be happy 💜 And thanks for the all your videos)) With love from Russia 🇷🇺

  58. You can cure depression anxiety by eating 80% animal products ( red meat, sea food, eggs etc., except dairy), check Mikhaila Peterson, she cured many other issues including depression.

  59. you are a so strong woman.💪🏻 fighting keep going! thank you so much for this video! this video makes me get emotional &i understand this so much

  60. Thank you for this. I can empathize with this so much. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety when I was 12, I'm 25 now. I've struggled with depression and started having panic attacks in my early 20's also. I know it sounds cheesy but just hearing that there's other people struggling gives me hope and makes me feel like I'm not alone. I got teared up watching this, just because I know how painful it is. I wish more people were this open. Thank you.

  61. Thank you for sharing you’re story with us. I can really relate because I suffer from depression too. I also get panic attacks and feel very lonely. I’m so happy that you are feeling better now it gives me hope that I can feel better too ❤️

  62. 전 이십대때 힘든과정을.. 비슷하네요 저와 우울증과 공황장애 제경우는 시간이 지나면서 서서히 나았어요 중간에 약도 뗐구요 지금 생각하면 스트레스가 원인이었던것같아요 풀리지않는고민이 너무 많아서 .. 정상적인 생활못할것으로 생각했는데 결국 대학도 졸업하고 직장생활하네요 늘 건강잘 챙기세요 ! 마음 크게 먹으세요 !

  63. Thanks for sharing your history with us, cause I passed through these situation cause there was a suicidal in my family. Its has been 8 years since then and now only my mom, me and my niece are alive and everyday is a tough condition to keep our mind healthly and strongly cause most of people who never passed through these kind of situation don´t give a SHIT for us. Now, I´m just keep living due to my niece and believing that there´s stil a fucking mission to me in these motherfucker world. Now, I´m trying to find out some reason to be alive and i will do what i like that is speeding in racing circuits throughout the world. Everyday I feel alone and more loneliness cause it´s so fucking hard to have someone to understand these depressed shit situation. That´s my fucking reality here in fucking corrupted country where I was born – BRAZIL. Maybe my life would be different in South Korea or USA, but the problem is about what it is inside of us. Depression get overcome deeply in our fucking soul and mind. I got some medicine like SERTRALINA and i could overcome my fucking depression. I will let UNIVERSE decide for my destiny and I hope that i won´t meet some fucking shit mfk people who can make me mad.

  64. I can relate to this. I walked in front of a bus just to end it all
    I failed to realise the man near me grabbed me and pulled me out of the way.
    Since then I have been on tablets for depression

  65. I have a bad time atm again.. I had a hard time in school time, i was bullied by a tiny group of people, nearly noone really realised it and i also didnt talked about it. the worst was, that they started bullying me, after i confessed my love to one of those people and he might disliked the thoght that much, that henstarted bullying me. We sat at the same table and just with his friends and i hadnt anyone near to us. I cried everyday after school, it was a pretty hard time, but when we werent sitting at the same table anymore it stopped, since i wasnt interact with him anymore. It became better and i actually had very good times in my life afterwards, but nowadays i feel very sad again. I dont have those bad happenings anymore, but i just feel lonely, even i have friends, i feel unhappy, even when i do things that normally makes me feel good… i am kinda lost atm and i dont want to tell my parents, since i dont want them to worry and i dont think they actually would understand how serious it is… I feel bad at the moment and i hope it will get better soon, i hope my time in south korea will help me to start my life on a better level, when i go back to the university in germany… maybe i hope finding someone who i can love and who loves me too, bc i feel very lonely, never had a relationship until now (just if a relationship counts, where nothing more than holding hands happend)

    Idk, i just hope i learn to make it better for myself…

    Thank you for your video, i cried while watching it… i love you 💞

  66. This is a very important and courageous video. Thank you for sharing your experience. In the video you mentioned wondering about your purpose. This video is part of your purpose.

  67. We all have one life to live . I hate going thru the hard times in life but ig we all go thru it. I just try n concentrate on the good times. It is easier said then done. But love ur channel n hope u r doing well . Take care Jina . Love from canada

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