Hypnotic Spinner

ok guys this time its going to be different im going to do magic with this this still photo of clouds nothing at the backside so lets get right into it and believe me its different here I have got a hypnotic spinner and a still photo of cloud im going to spin this in this manner and you have to keep your eye on that point so lets begin one two and three keep your eye on the point let me just get this photo away yeah just keep your eye on that point and im not gonna say anything right now just concentrate there im not gonna disturb ok so now its slowing down and straight away look at this photograph believe me this is no camera tricks just look its moving isnt it watch this video again and look at your hand that will be more impressive well thats it guys and thats the feeling of magic

17 thoughts on “Hypnotic Spinner

  1. Buen video pero como quisiera que en la vida real funcionará esos fidgets spinners para poder hipnotizar a mi familia ahí si compraría 2 fidgets spinners

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