Hypnotherapy Miami. I Lost It, Now What? – REPLAYING THE MOVIE  (Anger Management)

If we could take a look at what’s happening inside of your mind during those instances And if we could put that in the in terms of a movie and slow [down] the movie you know how in sports They replay the scenes, but in slow motion and then you can really tell what’s happening there Well therapy is one huge Exercise in replaying things in slow motion so that we can observe exactly what’s happening and we can undo The precise thing that needs to be undone But you have to play back the scene in our minds many times over in some cases Until we find it where the glitch is so that we can undo that so let’s take a look at a situation like this You are in any situation that you understand [is] difficult for you Say your person that perhaps picks on you offends you or something like this in the instant that to Identify the situation as unpleasant or difficult as I call it So this is a difficult situation for me unbeknownst to you And I say this because it’s an unconscious process that until you get ahold of it You have no choice over and because you have no choice over it. We called it unconscious and because it’s unconscious We have no choice over it I know that it sounds circular But that’s exactly what happens in other words if you’re unaware of this it will happen Over and over and over and you will kind of feel frustrated each and every time it happens with not much choice over it

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