Hypnotherapy Miami. I Lost It, Now What? – DEALING WITH FRUSTRATION  (Anger Management)

Your level of frustration will increase each time because each time after the difficult event You’re going to kind of get down on yourself and say what I should have done this I should have said that I should have Walked away, but that’s too late already it already happened, and you take home the frustration So the instant your mind labels something as frustrating or a difficult situation the mind immediately searches, now this is like I said it’s extremely fast it happens instantaneously, and we’re not aware of it because it’s an unconscious process I repeat And I know that I repeat a few times Because it’s a habit from a teacher teachers repeat things over in different ways Because different students understand things differently so check this out. We begin to search in our memory bank for a Situation that somehow resembles this one and we always find it now remember the situation that we find Is always a negative one? Because the moment we label this particular event is difficult the mind Searches for something that resembles this it’s not going to be pleasant what comes to mind It’s always going to be a difficult situation as well. We call this the law of correspondence, so I’m going to remember Consciously or unconsciously Something from my past that in some way resembles this particular situation but that the outcome was negative to me as a result the mind switches immediately its immediate into like the Self-protective mold we kind of build a wall around ourselves, and we immediately switch into some sort of defense So when that happens everything that happens after that becomes an argument or discussion? Painful you say because we were no [longer] present Observe what happens here? We begin to perceive the situation not as it really is but we begin to perceive it through an apparatus through a perceptual Device that we call the mind your mind your ability to perceive reality is tainted It’s adulterated is tarnished. It’s twisted Of this previous events that happened

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