Hypnosis To Overcome Social Anxiety – How To Get Over Social Phobia & Fear

Please do not listen to hypnosis and
guided meditations whilst driving operating machinery or when it is not
safe for you to relax or fall asleep Welcome to this self hypnosis that has
been created just for you to help you get over social phobia and
cope with social anxiety disorder and I wonder if you know that all hypnosis is
self hypnosis. Hypnosis is never a thing that is done to you. Hypnosis is purely a
process and my guidance provides only the setting, a setting in which you can
choose to find calm and relax into your own experience. Perhaps you’ll find deep comfort in the
fact you have chosen chosen this moment for yourself and you are in control. My voice is here only to guide you and
my professional training in hypnotic induction and guided suggestion is here
only to set the stage for you. As our name suggests at self health hypnosis we
believe in the power of you because we use only proven language patterns and
carefully chosen words – a simple combination of relaxation and positive
suggestions that guide you to an understanding of the powerful resources
within. Inner skills always available to you from your infinite unconscious and I wonder if you are conscious of
your abilities to write your own story to guide your responses and reactions
your every thought and action in your life with confidence imagine the amazing
possibilities when you discover you have the power within you to take control of
your state and change your thoughts your body your mind for the better I wonder if you’ll be interested in
learning how to choose useful thoughts in each moment perhaps even taking a
special kind of enjoyment in your own ability to make the changes necessary to
create the amazing life you want I will suggest that you take time now for
yourself to find peace and to find an environment where you can focus on you
and allow yourself to slow down it’s up to you to find the place time
and position to let yourself enjoy comfort and ease and you can use this
guided self-hypnosis when you simply want to relax and find calm of course it
is completely up to you and you may even choose to use this as a hypnosis for
sleep so I will suggest that you take that
time now for yourself to find pace and find an environment where you can focus
on you and allow yourself the gift of slowing down and of course it is completely up to you
but this hypnosis will include positive suggestions that will guide you to the
source in cause of change and maybe it is comforting to know that there is no
wrong way all right way to do this and you might
just want to relax and absorb all the helpful suggestions to enjoy yourself
and immerse yourself in the message of your trance so when you were ready and in your own
time just finding that comfortable position maybe it’s in a soft warm bed
or the embrace of a comfortable chair perhaps feeling your body sink into the
mattress or the comfort of where you are seated still perhaps noticing how your
limbs your torso and each muscle in your body settles and remembers what it feels
like each time you get into bed pull the covers over you and relax
what I suggest you do now is to just allow your eyes to comfortably close and
I will gently explain what you can expect as you enter a relaxed state of
being of focused awareness that powerful everyday state therapists often call
trance and you can be aware of your eyes and
how you are in control and how you could open them should you
wish and that’s fine because I really wouldn’t want you to not relax too
quickly I wonder if you’ll enjoy how naturally how easily it is to let go to
let go of any tension and relax into this guided meditation focused on you
and I don’t know if this is true but maybe you want more for yourself
and more from life then calm rest safety and deep comfort and as you relax there
now you may become aware of any sounds in the background and you might notice the feelings in
your body as it sinks and softens into comfort or you might unconsciously notice any
thoughts as you relax into your own experience and as you do perhaps
noticing the beginnings of comfort and ease and you may hear the sounds of
others outside the room or the street as traffic passes by or perhaps it’s the
tone of my voice as you follow my voice you may even begin to notice thoughts
and feelings emerging and fading and as you do beginning to feel the sensation
of deep comfort in your body and as you sit still you might notice the sensation
of your feet and you may even choose to wheedle them and with age sensation a movement of
your body as you adjust and relax you might notice there is also a
stillness and as your breathing starts to slow you
might begin to notice that relaxed car broaden and deepen that’s right and I don’t know if this is
true for you but perhaps you would like to feel the freedom the freedom of
allowing yourself to just observe your thoughts and anything in your daily life
with alert interest making a commitment to yourself now to put a stop to any
unnecessary judgement and for this moment as you rest there safely
ending comfort that’s right you are doing this right
and all is well and I wonder if you would like to give yourself a mission to
be free from self-criticism just for a moment can you not and the truth is I don’t know how those
feelings you call social anxiety emerge for you and I am sure you are very aware
of those situations in the moments passed where you notice a sense of fear
and find yourself thinking about the risk and the what-ifs and I wonder if
you know that this is only a normal reaction and completely human and you’re powerful unconscious mind is
always there to protect you to faithfully do what it does best and maybe you can just consider that in
being a wonderful human you are more than your fears more than your thoughts
more than any response you my friend are the presence behind all those things and
you are far more than the behaviors and the avoidance strategies that you use to
cope there in those moments passed and for just a moment you might like to
consider that what is labeled social anxiety is simply a response that builds
in anticipation of an event or situation in this phobia this anticipation can
feel overwhelming and lead us to limit certain activities we really ingenuine
ly want in our life and I wonder if you would be surprised
to know that social anxiety disorder or social phobia is just a label it is not
a condition you might also feel comfort in knowing it is not your personality
and what is true is that you have been in social situations in the past simply
trapped in an unconscious pattern patterns that are inconsistent and
incongruent with your own personal goals are they not a common old conditioned
response of fear in a social situation that you can stop now and I am confident
and you can have confidence that there is a part of you within you that already
knows this and in those social moments where we find ourselves feeling unease our incredible unconscious mind can put
up walls to protect us from imaginative fear rather than what is actually
happening in reality maybe it will surprise you to notice the power in
control and that you are in control and self-control is a skill you are now
learning and I wonder if you will find deep
satisfaction and perhaps even imagine yourself smiling in the knowledge that
in this moment you are learning to master your emotions and to be in
control of your reactions and I wonder if you can imagine the possibilities the
depth of possibility that could emerge when you choose car and choose conscious
awareness income – and knowing that you are not
someone independent of choice and that you are not a puppet of a label or your
apparent personality that’s right you are so much more than that and would
like you to begin now just allowing yourself to approach this time that you
have devoted to you here differently now as you rest quietly as comfortably
as you can maybe you feel safe to quickly open your
eyes only for a moment and consciously take note in your mind just how relaxed
your body is now and how come
until confident your mind has become and as you consciously ponder this
satisfying thought you might like to again let those heavy eyelids close may
be blinking a few times and very gently letting them close and as they close let
your whole body gradually begin to have a sensation of lightness feeling the
sensations in your body while you follow my calm boys as I count you down from
ten to one and with each number I count
you may find yourself to relax twice is deeply into the deepest
relaxation you can imagine and maybe even ten times deeper than that ten calm relaxed and totally at peace doubling your relaxation nine deep serene comfortable and twice
as relaxed again now eight so in lidly alert but so very calm seven sinking into the chair or bed doubling
the relaxation still six doubling the depth again noticing how
each gentle exhale takes you deeper five halfway down so deep calm and crossing
it over into absolute peace for again doubling that relaxation with
every count so relaxed so light and uplifted so peaceful 3 feeling the bliss
and tranquility as it washes over you finding yourself deeper than you have
ever before imagined – doubling it still relaxing even deeper so totally at peace one
10 times deeper than you ever believed you could relax but also so focused so M
Woodley alert and so ready to make change noticing how deep every inhale
and Excel has become that’s right every breath you breathe causes your inner
mind to open and accept positive and beneficial suggestions that will guide
you and follow along with you as you choose change and as you breathe deeper
still I wonder if you have noticed your heartbeat your pulse slow
and just how much more deeply you can still relax finding comfort now as huge
shoes opening you want to learning something new and I wonder if you know
that you’re resourceful creativity will always triumph over any fear that may
emerge or any anxiety you notice as you anticipate a social setting and in any
moment you have those unhelpful thoughts and you feel in your body
fear or anxiety replace those feelings of what you feel now that feeling of
deep safety and relaxation the comfort of the here and now as you rest where you are and continue
to relax just allow yourself to float across space and time yes there is a
part of you that transcends the moments you experience in the world each day and
it is a captivating thought is it not to know that your unconscious mind is
infinite and can be anywhere and your conscious mind can be here in calm and
in comfort and I wonder how comforting it will be
to know you can choose in any conscious moment to partner with your imagination
to relax deeper and as you relaxed now remember you and only you can be the
hero of your own journey my voice is here to guide you safely to guide you to
create your own Theatre of imagination a safe enclosed place where you can lead
and direct your own reactions and your own responses to anything that happens
in your life yes that’s right you write your own story and it is always only you
who sits in the director’s chair with authority and confidence and I wonder if in this moment you can
use the power of your imagination to picture yourself sitting halfway back in
your theater of imagination patiently observing yourself in the director’s
chair with the interest seeing yourself pointing here and there instructing each
actor onstage as to where they should be and what they should be doing and I
wonder if you can hear your voice as you politely yet firmly talk the lead actor
through the desired body language posture and how they should command the
emotion of each in every response this is your theater and you might like to step into the lead
actor now and experience acting out the role you want them to play out the
personality and presence and confidence you as the director want them to embody
and to express to the audience and I wonder if you know you were learning now
learning a powerful mental skill of observation being in the moment and experiencing what is happening in
reality and you can return to this state via your theater at any time and any
place you choose and I wonder if you know in your heart and in your mind the
great benefit to you as you use your new skills
of contemplation of rehearsal and observation and in this powerful state
of self-hypnosis this state of ultimate learning you can
begin to uncover the potential that was always within your grasp maybe you don’t
know this yet but you already have within you the knowledge and know how to
deal with whatever may raise your stress levels in any social situation and like
you’re doing now you can effortlessly find a relaxed calm and I wonder if you can imagine how
incredible it will feel to being control in any social situation as you
positively and progressively re-engage socially deriving the most happy and
memorable experiences as you cheerfully interact with others and I hope that
this is already clear to you that there is a part of you who is an inner critic
of your performance it chooses to judge you based on how it believes others see
you in what you say how you say it and how you think that you appear the
problem is this inner critic interprets fears incorrectly
it interprets those thoughts and those fears as what is happening and how
others are actually seeing you and I wonder if you have ever considered how
weird it is that we choose to think that others are always watching us caring so
much about everything we say or do do we ever stop and think that perhaps all
humans are to a degree self-conscious and in truth other people aren’t
observing us and they aren’t noticing the things we do all the way we come
across they are people like you overly concerned about themselves seeing the
world through their own in a critic focused on their own thoughts and
experiencing the same concerns about themselves as you do and maybe it will
be encouraging to notice that your inner critic is just one very misguided part
of you that exaggerated situations and leads us to consider fears that usually
aren’t even necessary or appropriate and the simple truth is there is so much
more to each of us and we all have more parts of ourselves than we even care to
acknowledge or imagine and I know you wouldn’t be here listening now if there
was not a part of you that sits above you and above that inner critic that there is an inner observer a wise presence behind all things you
see and what you do and that presence is always there faithfully to guide you
towards your hopes and desires and away from the fears and limiting beliefs this
part of you is your transcendent consciousness and it is far more
powerful than the conscious willpower you have at your disposal to react to
situations and to cope with fears in any moment we all have a powerful and
creative imagination it is part of what makes you talented and the positive
human being that you are and the more you use that positive imagination the
more you shape your reality in the better you will feel about
yourself and move and exist with proactive confidence in each and every
moment I wonder if you can imagine how you might respond in the future to any
situation with strength and confidence having the ability to take the best from
any opportunity and with a smile on your face
be open to creating possibilities I wonder if you can imagine the power of
your theater of imagination and the wonderful abilities that will come from
going inside your unconscious to picture to imagine to rehearse to experience and
the things that you could learn that will bring your authentic joyful self to
social situations and interactions maybe you’d like to pundit now what you
would learn what experiences would you draw on what would you imagine doing
differently and what processes will you learn that you can bring back to your
everyday conscious reality and as you become more relaxed each day so you will
remain more relaxed and when you’re in the presence of other people no matter
whether they be few or many no matter whether they be friends or strangers you
know you can become so deeply interested so deeply absorbed like the director in
what others actually communicating so now you will always know with
certainty what others are actually communicating and always be comfortable
and confident in response and you will be able to talk quite
freely and naturally without being worried in the slightest by the presence
of the audience because you’ve done this before you will remain perfectly relaxed
perfectly calm not because you have a false feeling of self-confidence but
because you have competence and if you should begin to become absorbed in your
thoughts stuck in your head you will immediately shift your attention back to
yourself seated in the director’s chair and focus on the interaction and how it
plays out with curiosity and interest knowing you can observe yourself that
lead actor in dialogue with others and as that lead actor you can slow down and
draw on the cues from your friends and take your time to respond in the way the
director desires and with the skills you have learned in your own theater of
dreams imagine the confidence you’ll have now and that in the future in a
social situation or when you speak to others that you can choose your
reactions and you can direct your interactions and you will feel
completely relaxed completely at ease and completely confident your mind will become so occupied with
the interesting and amazing things that you want to bring to every experience
that you will no longer worry at all as to how you might say it because you are
the writer you are the director and you have chosen your energy and you have
chosen the impact of this experience now just continue to rest and relax deeply
in the knowledge that your destiny calls forth your calm and confidence and that
your inner teacher that inner observer is always there to
correct course and to carry whenever you need help no deeply at your heart mind
and soul are open to receive the grace of inner healing and powerful change and
the more your mind visits your theater of imagination
the more quickly and deeply you can return to the skill you have within you
to bring your best in any situation and I don’t know if you would choose now to
confidently go about your day or perhaps you’ll just sleep now in the peace and
comfort of your new knowledge every breath you breathe causing all the good
ideas for healing and change to take root and to grow in your mind and every
breath you breathe causing you to relax deeper still into a deep understanding
that you can always access your theater close the doors and write direct and
star in your own amazing story you found this hypnosis because there is
clearly a part of you observing your thoughts and your actions and wanting
more and think of how amazing it is that you chose this moment for yourself knowing you can continue to come back
here whenever you need to knowing you can enter this state of relaxation
deeply easily comfortably in doorways in complete control in don’t wonder if you
will regularly listen to this audio and discover the personal power within you
to choose your state of B to heal to recover your energy to restore your
sense of self and the joy that comes from observing others being present with
them and interacting so here and now
in your theater of imagination you can choose your focus and integrate
consolidate and assimilate what you have learned in any way that you choose to be
at peace and at rest changing and healing becoming so calm so relaxed and
so refreshed you

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