Hypnosis- NLP – The Milton Model Story, part 1.

If I told you over the last few days we’ve been
working on these metamodel patterns and how John Grinder and Richard Bandler coded the language patterns that have been modeled from Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir and they put together a model and they had this model called the metamodel they presented it to Gregory Bateson who wrote the foreword actually for the book “The Structure of Magic 1” and Bateson proposed to them that he thought they should go and visit
Erikson Milton Erikson because Bateson realized that the…Bandler and Grinder had established something quite unique in their modeling of Perls and Satir and Bateson also recognize they hadn’t grasped yet was something quite different that Erickson was doing and Bateson probably realized that actually whilst Erickson was working quite differently from Satir and Perls there’s also a relationship between the language structures so on Bateson’s recommendation Grinder and Bandler decided to good down to Phoenix, Arizona to meet and study with Erikson Bateson agreed he was going to set it all up they jumped in a car which seemed to be the way they’d like to
go down there it’s quite a long way california to Phoenix and it involves changing state (laughs) changing states they could have flew there internal flight the United States Trans World Airlines (laughs) could be their preferred airline, couldn’t it? trans… we don’t get that over here that often we get British Airways but imagine that Virgin (laughs) more insteresting but trans world, uh? trans but anyway they drove you can imagine the scene in the
seventies american big sedan car you know, you watched the film, 1970’s films and the car is as long as this room and just the front part and they get in the car and one would be in this case the driver and the other the navigator going down the big old freeway and you know how’s like when you are in a car going on a long journey and you are with somebody with whom you have a lot of rapport you quite comfortable in the silence, aren’t you? you can just sit there and enjoy the silence is almost as if the silence inside is easy and every now and again the driver would change lanes and in doing so sometimes the driver would indicate that he’s about to change and sometimes the driver would change and not indicate at all sometimes they would speed up another times slow down as the navigator did his job of navigating and the driver did his job of driving all the way down into the depths of the state of Phoenix a place that is open and warm at a place where Erickson did his work Bandler and Grinder checked in to their motel and were anticipating the meeting with the master of trance the trance master and they called Erickson’s house and I don’t know if you know but the phones in america are much more hypnotic than the phones here in the UK did you know that? so our phones go ring ring ring ring ring ring their phones go riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing…… riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing…… but it’s rumored that Erickson’s phone had a low gravely ring hhhhhhrrrrrrr hhhhhhrrrrrrr rrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhnnnnng

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