Hypnosis mic vines and tiktoks pt. 2

this is both of our first time are you sure you know what to do? yeah just trust me! ..okay X-BOX ON!!! well i’m not your average girl, i’m like, really weird oh yeah? how like, really, like, weird, you know? how…? like, just blaaaah like i’m weird! first you gotta.. FLIP ya hair, stick ya hand out, bounce ’em tiddies FLIP ya hair, stick ya hand out, bounce ’em TIDDIES!! woah! you’re just gonna..change right in front of me..? ..is that alright? i mean..yeah… gah damn…. “watch out for children” jyuto what does that mean? ‘s just a safety sign we have for the kids in the neighborhood that’s AMAZING, dude i love safety–! (gasp!) oh look a kid right now! don’t worry i saw the sign! get out of the car! OH NO–!! okay, champions trip. where do you guys wanna go! THE BAHAMAS! i don’t know about that let’s go to hell. ………no. y..your phone’s stuck inside.. your phone’s stuck inside. thank y… next time be careful with your phone…. (to the tune of hotline bling) bruhh what’re you doing?? ..i’m singin’ whyy are you singin’ bruh w-whatchu mean why’m i singin’ nigga you’re not supposed to sing i’m the lead singer bruh. I’M beyonce’ bruh okay nigga don’t act like you the rawest nigga out bruh nigga you do beats bruh! yeah you- you can’t act like you’re just the ra– nigga shut yo DEEP voice ass up! *tch* nigga you shut yo LIGHT voice ass up (etc etc) alright perfect and are you part of our super savers shoppers…club? no, i’m not.. oh…………………………………….. what’s uuuup i’m here with amayado rei who’s a FUCKING piece of shit asshole, fuck you. (S I N G I N G) hitoya: what is it for…. D R U GS????? jyushi: no! it’s for ice cream.. to buy! 🙂 ok OH!! GET THAT EDUCATION BRO!! GET THAT EDUC A T ION BRO!!! HELL YEAH!!! H EL L ichiro! wrong answers only! good job! KUKO! wrong answers only wrong answers only!! oh..ah.. be one with me. come on, D, you gotta help me!! c’mon!! what up?? …..i’m lookin’ for them hoes they say i got… bitch! i thought you was finna have a raw rumble or some shit! (babysitting) alright, i’ll tell him. he said no candy. i been.. in the kitchen! whippin! whippin! (whip!) i been! chefin’ (chefin’) i fuckin hate babies!!! babies suck tits. actually tho. which makes me a little bit jealous that’s another reason why i hate them. will I ever have a kid?? YES. i have two HEY YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER WHY DON’T YOU LEARN HOW TO FUCKIN DRIVE YOU DUMB FUCK FUCK YOU TOO BITCH! DO SOMETHIN’, MOTHERFUCKER, PULL OVER! YOU AIN’T GONNA DO SHIT! OH GO– ..are you ok? get out of here… ok. OW! saburo, what?? hurr hurr i have a jobs, a house, two brothers and a mortgage and if i drop a bag of my favorite chips on the ground i dont cry about it.. why, because you just wanna be a fucking asshole. you’re right then why tf would you be in this competition! i’m here! why do you look 50 and you’re 35? what?? what did you say?? go FUCK yourself you– got diagnosed with cool guy syndrome yesterday! so now i take..adderall! YOU MOTHERFUCKER DONT EVER FUCKIN FILM ME IM GONNA KICK THE S H I T OUTTA– would you like a sprite cranberry? yes. nigga i’m 5’6, 100lbs on a full stomach. so what the FUCK makes you think that if a nigga comes up to rob us I’M takin’ the L, bitch you got me CHOPPEd fuckin’ ch o p p ed go on, get that purse up! take that wallet out! it takes a pet like no problem… yeah right?? not afraid at all… that’s a great cat right there.
(he would make a great soldier) SSHUT THE HELL UP… SHUT UUP I’M TIRED…. …T I RED…. i thought you love me!!! you was my BABY!!! my fuckin’ CINNAMON APPLE!!! w h ee ze what you’re not my daaad!! you just wanna hear something!! ugly ass..fuckn… (incompre– HAHA THEY GOTCHU SUCKER fuck you bitch!! HA HA HA FUCKIN’ LOSER story time! in every group of friends… there’s the dumb one…. really?? COCAINE RUIN YOUR BRAIN!HEY! PLEASE DON’T DO COCAINE!HEY! COCAINE RUIN YOUR BRAIN WHAT????? PLEASE DON’T DO COCAINE! HE– ((achoo!)) bless you yo my man she’s good alright? she’s good already she’s BLESSED she’s GOOD. she’s BLESSED already YOU HEAR ME?? SHE’S G O OD. i’m TELLIN’ you dat and you need to UN– ..i’m you from the future YEAH OBVIOUSLY BITCH!! i–i don’t remember.. acting like th– ((at gentaro’s house with 3$EVEN in the bg)) hey what’s up girl? GIRL YOU LOOK FIERCE TODAY AND WE LOVE IT what’re you doing??? if you get a girlfriend you won’t have time for me man. …WHADDYOU– idk man he’s just vibing and jiro feels those vibes i’m eating a cannoli today and it’s great! now i’m about to kill my son– yo dice are you ready? YEAH i’m ready i love you doppo~~~~~ hee hee hee hee hee hee! ha ha ha! kuko-san! what’s u– hey officer~ would you like to buy some marijuana? 😉 ..i gotta go. i’m thinking maybe $40? gimme the bag. what’s in your hands there’s nothing in my hands, officer. there’s nothing in my hands, officer.
-what’s in your hands?? nothing i swear~ nothing i swear~
-OPEN YOUR HANDS. alright~ oh what’re you, a comedian?? actually, officer, i’m a magician! heeey you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow kick off your shoes and you throw ’em on the flo dance in the kitchen til the mornin’ l(???)

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