Hypnosis for Good Luck. Guaranteed! Most Powerful Law of Attraction techniques ASMR

welcome back to this episode our
hypnotist bernice exposition this is the second half hour of the show we actually
started at 8:00 but you haven’t missed anything I’ve been talking Lucy off
topic so so we are finally starting the show after after half an hour of this
random threat which is fine I like it you know this community be part of the
community and this is what I was thinking so we couldn’t spend an extra
minute or so doing a guided meditation or a hypnosis session on how to attract
more good luck in your life and some of these techniques I have been talking
about in the last couple weeks maybe we thought we could just put it
all into one session and they have like a power 20 minutes of attracting good
luck okay so I want you to just find a spot of the ceiling and just focus all
your attention the spot right now and I’m gonna count backwards from ten to
one and with each number you may find your eyelids getting heavier and heavier
and heavier and my erection number one I would like you to just close your eyes
and let your mind drift okay now your eyes your eyelids may feel so happy and
so watery and so tired before I reach the number one you may have already have
closed your eyes and if that is what is most natural to you just let that happen
now as soon as you close your eyes I want you to just imagine yourself on the
happiest place different remain now it could be a place that you’ve been before
and it is with it in your memory or it is could be a place that you’ve always
wanted to go but I’ve never been before or it could be an absolute fantasy place
that may not even be from this earth in your imagination time and space doesn’t
exist it could be a warm summer day or it
could be on a high ski slope which were four places making movement most happy
now as I count 10 this allow yourself to relax and sink into the softness of this
chair 9 if you have your feet close crossed
please across them now and put your feet flat on the floor we do that to help you
ground your energy eight seven six five – right just feel yourself sinking into
your chair and as you do you’ll find your eyelids getting heavier and heavier
and heavier did you forget the urge to close them now you may do so or if you
want to just keep your eyelids open just a little bit longer before you close
them completely you’re welcome to do whatever that is most comfortable to you five four relax just let go sleep three
two one close your eyes and let your mind drift just take a moment right now
and just feel relaxed you feel right now let all those excess energy excess
vibration stress anxiety negative emotions oh that has been accumulated in
your aura in your space in your mind for this moment you can just let it go
and just center yourself and let yourself drift into this most beautiful
place in the back of your eyelids you can imagine yourself on this happy place
that you’ve chosen for yourself or you or if you do not choose right now you
can just be any random place that you’re most comfortable just else long as you
let your mind drift and just allow yourself to feel relaxed happy and light
and if you are holding under any tension or weights in your body and let it go
right now and let it dissipate into the universe that’s right and if you’re
holding on to any negative thoughts even though they may be correct logically
rationally it is perfectly pure aesthetic state of mind as you in right
now we do not need to hold on to them just let it go let it go let it go let’s
let all those tension melt away as you drift deeper and deeper into your chair now I want you to imagine in your mind’s
eye that you’re surrounded by an aura of white light and this lights could change
his color maybe it was yellow at a moment’s or to be green in the moment or
a state hue or read an animal that is perfectly for me now I want you
to look through this art as if you’re looking through the camera lens back in
the old days there could be a few speck of dust that is on the camera lens made
there could be a few dark spots that’s preventing lights to come in or maybe
there is a few object in the aura view that is blocking the energy from free
flowing I just want you to use your unconscious mind to reach out and just
wipe those spots away it is as if a river is flowing downstream and there’s
a rock in the middle of it where there could be some debris in the river now I
could have gotten there at any by any reasons it doesn’t matter all you have
to do is just remove that rock or that debris you can feel the energy flow
smoothly again and as you do that you can feel this energy flows through him
in this hour through this aura from the top of your head through the body into
the tip of the toes that’s right good now you said cautious mind right now and faked of all the things that happen
today good things or things that you wish could have gone better now I want
you to use a conscious mind and in this perfectly pure happy place and happy
energy that is flowing from you right now just rewrites everything that you
wish should have happened how to be perfectly lucky and everything is
perfectly fine good it is as if you are rewriting a script
to a movie go into the past into a distant past if you can and find
something that you believe was unlucky and then we write that part of the
scripts as if everything happens perfectly and everything is lucky and
everything turns out the way except that you wanted and just feel how good it
feels yes you can feel these good feelings
right now you feel like you have this unburden
yourself of some weight maybe you were carrying a backpack full of rocks and
each time we do this exercise each time your unconscious mind will write a part
of his past as ever it has happened very luckily you have taken a rock and put it
back down into nature I’m one rock at a time you’ll find your entire backpack
has been lifted from your body and all the burden has been lifted and all that
is filled back is good luck dude now this process may continue to go on
long after our session is over tonight and maybe before we go to bed tonight or
in your dreams tonight you’ll find yourself if you want repeating this
exercise of just letting go of the past and reimagine everything happens
absolutely perfectly that all the luck is with you and asked you keep doing
this exercise you will find yourself much more – and connected with the lucky
energy around you for you to me be lucky never have to first feel lucky and right
now you’re feeling lucky feeling lucky lucky now I want you to align yourself
with all the lucky people you have found in your life know these people maybe
somebody you know or maybe somebody’s read in the newspaper or it could be
completely fictional maybe it is a family member who always get the best of
everything or maybe you’ve read somebody who won the lottery or become a
billionaire overnight or it could be like a cocoon character that has always
looked okay always looking now I want you to place these people in front of
you and just feel the energy see if their aura the color of the aura is
choosing to your color or if your own color of your aura is changing to their
color and this is very specific to you as a
person maybe they talk and sound in a certain
way or maybe you can see different spirits behind them helping them or
maybe you can sense the vibration and just see if you can align with them
energetically spiritually by personally at the moment when they are the luckiest
and this is all you really need to know I need to think now just merge yourself with those
images in front of you visualize you as them in the luckiest moments in the life
and just feel how much more energy you feel how you’re vibrating differently
and how your mind and your body and your soul have different kind of energy
flowing from you and now align yourself with this universal force of good luck
maybe it is a sort of vibration it be a certain mindset of a certain word they
said a certain t32 it doesn’t matter you don’t have to know that all you have to
do is align yourself of that Universal source of good luck energy and
experience the flow of good luck into your being right now and now I want you to just feel your new
aura of good luck your new aura of good luck has been cleansed new or roughly
look has been rewritten and reenergized a new aura of good love is now aligned
with the universal source of good luck now I want you to just very slightly
push your aura just feel your energy field expanding slightly out in front of
you maybe you feel feet in front of you
maybe pushing your aura to the edge of your room now feel the edge of aura
touching the television set and now feel the edge of your expanding outside of
your house and just pulling in all the energy from around your house push this
energy under your street corner or maybe to the edge of the city now maybe pushing it onto Wall Street or
the lottery Center where auto-locking keyboard and now feel this energy
enveloping the entire world expand your aura to the size of this
earth to include all the life forces all the happy people all the oceans in
melton and the wing and now expand your aura into the space through the moon and
the planets and to the edge of the solar system
and into the galaxy and just feel your aura expanding and expanding and
expanding include or the joy and luck and energy of the universe
you can feel one of your hand on the edge of the universe and the other hand
of the N at the beginning of time remember time in space doesn’t matter
when during this State of Mind of universal energy and now just feel this
positive energy fill in Europe filling you up from the bottom all the way to
the top as if your joy delights happy in every way and just feel how lucky you
are in every way and in every day and just feel your lucky energy continue to
be with you filling you up all day and all night long after this session is
over I said count you’ll feel more alert and awake 1 2 3 4 5
when I reached up in time you come back to this room 6 7 8 9 compacted this room
wider wait this is hypnotist Bernie join me next
week on CCTV China 9 Cambridge you

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