Humanistic Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Hi, My name is Dr. Allison Hopkins, I’m the
clinical director at Channel Islands Rehab in Ventura County, California. In today’s episode we are going to talk about
humanistic therapies and addiction. Let’s talk about humanistic therapies, what is it. Humanistic therapy is a positive approach
to psychotherapy that focuses on a persons individual nature, rather than categorizing
groups of people with similar characteristics as having the same problems. Humanistic therapy looks at the whole person, not only from the therapist view but from the viewpoint of individuals observing their own behavior. The emphasis is on a persons positive traits and behaviors. Humanistic therapy is used to treat depression, anxiety, addiction and relationship issues, including family relationships. People with low self-esteem who are having trouble finding their purpose or reaching their true potential; who lack feeling of
wholeness, who are searching for personal meaning or who are not comfortable with themselves as they are can benefit from humanistic therapy. As you can see, it is important that treatment you receive needs to be combined with other treatments and methods, as no one treatment fits all, a whole client approach. The disease of addiction effects the mind,
body and spirit. Next time we will discuss the difference between research based programs and evidence based programs and how lasting recovery is within reach. Thank you for listening.

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