How to treat neck pain and headaches using this easy at home Pain Neutralization Technique

Again who’s got some pain on her job and I’m just gonna check a muscle called the masseter I Don’t think here this one’s called the masseter. It’s a big mess over the top. That’s what was stress that muscle gets tight and causes job th on clicking just poked with one finger and Check for tender place Okay, so I found one Okay. Now we want to try and neutralize the reflux So step one find the tender point in step two use one of the magical reflexes so what I’m going to do is get on the edge of the muscle and with four fingers, I’m just gonna gently Press and now I’m going to recheck is that still tender or better than that? It’s better, right? So this technique is called rimfire and it works on any muscle group you just get on the edge of the muscle or The rim as we call it and we fire some receptors There hidden receptors on the edges of muscles get to the edge And if this didn’t work I could get on the other edge on the other side of the muscle And then again, it’s just a 22nd Also tender there, let’s try the same technique just on the edge there Then recheck same or better Have that didn’t work I can try an acupuncture point just below the eye on this cheekbone Just gently torque. You twist How does that same or better better much better get them if you can get the much better reflex, it’ll work better so school Since I believe that acupuncture point is called stomach Face She’s still getting pain in the neck and upper-back so we better check this muscle on the side of the neck call the scalenes Find it tender inside tender there Then we go to the same spot on the other side And do a rim fire on the edge of one of those Scaling muscles. How’s this now same or better yet? So this is technique works really well with luleå what I’d like to do it it doesn’t work with every patient But it’s surprising how often it does work So what I’m doing is I’m just gently holding the edge of that scaly muscle can you show them much scaling Which is a very gentle pressure like fingertip pressure Because there are major arteries in there We don’t want to press on those arteries to affect blood flow to the brain. Make sure the patient’s lying It’s just super super gently Last one we’re gonna check another spot sometimes when we have a lot of stress We get you to have pain in the shoulders, but it’s it’s coming from the front of the chest and they’re a tender place right on the Bone where the front of the shoulders Lee is that tender? So that’s where your pectoralis minor muscle inserts and We can go to the opposite side and just press into that tendon Downwards and kind of towards The muscle so into the belly of the muscle and then I’m gonna recheck with this. How’s that same or better? Much man So this is called the pectoralis minor reflex amazing for neck pain shoulder pain and stress When we get stressed everything kind of clenches up our shoulder muscles are neck muscles our jaw muscles Prevents us from breathing properly we start to hyperventilate So these are all natural ways to fix this at home without using harmful drugs or medications Done

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