13 thoughts on “How To Stress Less: Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Tips To Ease Anxiety | TODAY

  1. You have helped me to grow now since 2000. I loved "Return of the Rishi", It is you. Way of the Wizard -Tagore and Rumi? What a gift.

  2. It seems, he is touching one heckneyed part i.e. mediation, which talks about cool spending time in isolation…But it is not panacea for all, ..time says 'introspection' attached thereto not specified in real term ..In fact, as long as mind is not trained properly to see positivity through the mirror of negativity being gradually spread out with our so called 'civilisation', we can hardly achieve the objectives inherent. ….

  3. Peace is when you live a free life to express yourself. Absence of peace is when Indian scam artists make you believe something untrue because of book sales. Death of peace is when you are harassed and hurt 24-7 and make everyone believe you are at peace when you are not. Book sales bring peace. Swami wisdom does not.

    Coat tail Journalism, and following poor wisdom only spoken for "feel good transcendece" does not define reality.

  4. Deepak Chopra is the kind of guy who believes if you are confused that what he said was deep. I once met this guy at Madison Square Park. I asked him if the only that is guaranteed in life is death, and work is slavery, what is the purpose of life. He thought, but I had to answer my own question in his style. I told him that life is about “doing”, because in “doing”, we become. If you have ever seen someone lose their mind, you will know why I took a step back. Chopra is high on his own confusion, but since you gave him your attention, you will suffer withdrawal.

  5. Look how they respect him. Note how they don‘t ask a Christian pastor to come on the show. They prefer eastern mysticism over the Living God. I reject this show.

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