How to Release Anger Physically | Mindful Anger | Mindful Anger Management

Have you been told to punch a pillow? Or scream out loud? Ahhhhh!!! But then found these old school anger management
techniques ineffective or not even practical? Do you want to know how to release your anger
physically in a way that actually works? If you’re looking for the best way to release
your anger, then the answer is mindful anger and that’s what this video is all about
so stay tuned. My name is Marta Keller and I’m a transformational
coach and I’m on a mission to help you become authentically confident and to truly love
and trust yourself. Before we get started, remember to subscribe
and hit the bell button to be notified when new videos related to all things confidence
and self-love become available.The goal of mindful anger is to allow emotions and physical
sensations to surface so that they can be released and looked at in the most productive
way possible. So here are three ways for how to release
anger from the body mindfully: 1. Physically Release the Anger A mindful approach
for releasing anger requires a physical activity to move the emotional energy out of your body. It could be as simple as forceful exhaling
through your nostrils and saying the word release silently to yourself with each exhale. It looks something like this. (Exhaling) Another approach is to stomp your
feet or your hands, shake your limbs or even just go for a run. Sometimes working with a prop works for people. So you may want to consider throwing rocks
in the water, throwing a bean bag or a stuffed animal on the floor. And if something like punching a pillow and
screaming actually does work for you and it’s practical, then go for it. I don’t wanna stop you from anything that’s
working for you. The key is to always remember when you’re
doing any of these activities, is to do so mindfully. If none of the suggestions above work for
you, you can also use your imagination and see yourself doing one of those physical activities
to release your anger mindfully. The reason this works is because the mind
cannot tell the difference between what is real and what’s imagined. So give it a try, it may just work for you. 2. Write out your anger. The written word is a
powerful way for releasing emotional energy from the body. So the next time you’re feeling anger, start
writing. And the key when you’re doing this is to
make sure you’re not censoring or judging anything. Just get all of it out on a piece of paper. And once you’re done, you can burn the paper
or flush it down the toilet as a final gesture of release. Writing out your anger is so beneficial as
it can also be revealing about what’s really bothering you. Anger tends to be one of these emotions that’s
superficial, and there’s usually a number of other emotions underneath the anger. 3. Speak your anger (and have it witnessed) Vocally
expressing your anger to another person is another effective way to mindfully release
your anger. Even more powerful, is if you can get the
other person to represent who you’re angry with. So how this exercise would work is that you
would instruct the other person to simply hear you and acknowledge you. And they would say to you, every time you
say something anger, they would simply say to you: I hear you. Is there more? The reason this works is because often times
when we’re angry, people tend to suppress our anger and this can just make us angrier. And so this activity works because you’re
not only being acknowledged, you’re being encouraged to release your anger. I know it may be a long shot to find some
else to represent the person you’re angry with, so another option for this activity
is to set up two chairs. You’re going to sit in one chair, and you’re
going to imagine the person you’re angry with sitting in the other chair. Then you’re going to speak directly to this
imagery person, and just let them have it. Release all your anger, don’t censor anything,
don’t judge anything. Just let it all out. These three practices to release anger mindfully
from your body, are truly effective. But what do you do when you’ve released
the anger and you’re left with a lot of other emotions. As I mentioned earlier, anger tends to be
that top emotion and once it’s released, there are usually other emotions underneath
it. I want to equip you with the best tools in
order to deal with your emotions with confidence. So I’ve created a free Emotional Mastery
worksheet for you. It includes 10 simple practices and space
to journal. These are the exact practices I personally
use to deal with emotions such as anger. They’re worked really well for me and I
know they can do the same for you. The link is available in the description below. Did you like this video? If so, give it a thumbs up, share it with
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see you in the next video.

33 thoughts on “How to Release Anger Physically | Mindful Anger | Mindful Anger Management

  1. Now you know how to release your anger physically in a mindful way. Which of these mindful anger techniques have you tried in the past or would like to test in the future?

  2. Yes great video! I love your tips! Such a big issue and I like your approach to mindful anger. Writing things down is something I have always done but flushing it down the toilet is genius!

  3. Marta, I LOVE this approach to dealing with anger! Any action is better when done mindfully! Will have to share these exercises with my sons. Cheers!

  4. I have learned to find better ways to release my anger as an adult that isn't so destructive. Last time I hit a breaking point I went into the bathroom and closed the cabinet door about 20 times as fast and hard as I could. May not have been the best choice, but once I did it I felt better.

  5. My husband likes to throw things (sometimes even a phone, which he regrets afterwards). But it helps. I am generally a calm person. if I need to release anger, I swear (when nobody's around).

  6. I love this!! I like the idea of writing down the anger because sometimes I write things in an email and never send them – and it so helps!!

  7. I really love how well spoken you are. I’ve done all 3 releases, physical activity being the gym, I also like to write it down and then rip it up afterwards ha. Great video!

  8. Once I wrote an email that I wasn’t going to send but I almost hit send instead of delete! So just paper and pen in the future!

  9. Mindful anger, nice tips! I have only been extremely angry 3 times in my life. I write my stuff down and burn it afterwards, just helps with releasing everything 😊 👍

  10. Very interesting, good tips, I tend to either call someone and vent or take a walk to this lake by my house, it helps me feel better, and forget about the anger, or just focus my thoughts and energy elsewhere, nice video! 👌🏼

  11. I like that you talked about doing this “mindfully”. The psychological piece of this is the most important. Writing it out is so helpful… I love that you said don’t be judgy – and just to write it out! Three is probably my favorite… I love the third one and the validation you can grab from someone doing that… pretty awesome!

  12. Great video! Going for a run works wonders for me but isn't always realistic so writing it out is a great tip. Thanks!

  13. I LOVE to write and so therefore I'd be more likely to write out my angry thoughts and then run the paper through the shredder. LOL Better safe than sorry! Thank you for making this video!

  14. I started writing out my anger last week and it helped so much! I think the vast majority of us could use more helpful tips on releasing anger, so thank you for talking about this!

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