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Pattabhi Raamabaanam. Greetings. For watching Pattabhi Raamabanam attentively
and placing the comments regularly, I am thankful to you. Out of the letters that I receive,
most of them ask me to discuss about stress. We have talked 2 to 3 times about stress. But the thing is that,
how to manage this stress. How to reduce it? Are there any medicines for this? Or are there any techniques? They have been writing such things. I am not a doctor.
I am only a psychologist. Hence, I don’t advice medicines. Or if the medicines are needed,
I don’t know about it. Right. But I will teach you how to manage
stress at the initial stage. Stress is… it is part of our life. Stress is part of our life. You cannot avoid it. But you can manage it. Hence, it is called as
stress management everywhere. We have to manage stress. There are some simple tips for this. By bringing some changes in our behaviour, The stress wouldn’t come near us. The first point is,
shed hesitation. Promising that you would do the work
which is impossible for you in reality, By taking up that work on your head
though it is necessary or not, Don’t try to do such things
because it will increase stress. Back then, there used to be a proverb, “There is no space for him to get inside
but he hangs a drum around his neck.” Similarly,
the work which you can do, Because it is alright if normal people
and adolecent people do any work. But the people who say that they see stress
symptoms, remember these small points. In order to control stress inducing works, Thee first thing you have to learn is saying
‘no’. The second point is, stay away from
those people who subject you to stress. It means, Whatever you talk with them, It would become like
big fighting at the end. It might be our family members or friends
or people from the office or business. Both of you aren’t agree with anything. In such case, When you meet them,
give with a smile, Be it even your family members, It is better that you move aside. Don’t go for egos. Don’t be bothered. The third point is, Get your atmosphere under control. It means, you wouldn’t like
certain situations, Still, you invite those
situations unknowingly. For example, once a woman consulted me. She said that a TV serial
would come before the news. It seems that she gets allergy by
watching the hero’s face in that serial. “I don’t feel watching him.” “I am getting angry.” “I don’t know what to do.” she said. I said, “You can turn off the TV; right? “There are 400 channels and
you can watch any other channel; right?” She replied, “That’s not the case. If such
kind of people are acting, what will happen?” Why do you care? If you were to act someday,
we have to watch; right? These things are, By bringing up egos, “I don’t watch such things.
I have anger on that hero.” “I am scared of this heroine.
She doesn’t know how to wear clothes etc.” What you have to do is, Get rid of some things. Similarly, when one gets stuck in traffic, They will be enraged. They say, “Why did this happen?” And they
scold the police department and others. Even if you get little late,
take the other route. It means, We have to see that we don’t come
across such problem creating situations. You know that the traffic will
be very horrible in evening. So, take another route. Next, don’t go towards those
things which distress you. Sometimes, there will be a debate about
cricket, religion and politics among friends. They will be debating about political parties
and leaders that they are theives and so on. Try to save your health. Don’t discuss these kind of
worthless and irrelavant things. When my friends come to me
and discuss such things, If they discuss about politics
and any other things, I say, “I don’t have any interest and
I feel that my time is getting wasted.” I don’t show any interest too. Because it is not related
to me and I can’t talk about it. Right. Next, prepare a list of
works that are to be done. “I wanted to do that but I forgot.” This or that happened. List out; right? I have to apply for renewal of the passport. I have to pay the college fees. Right. The due date to pay the
telephone bill is so and so. So and so…
And after writing all such things, Look at it sometimes, And keep attending. Because if we miss the deadline for
any work, the stress will increase. Similarly, the next point is, You should like to say few
things out without any hesitation. It means, When someone is telling you something,
instead of being sad in your heart, You have to tell,
“Kindly, don’t talk about it.” “Don’t talk about what
had happened in the past.” They would say
“Back then, it happened in that way.” “That has happened. What is today?” It means, if you avoid conflict, You can presently be happy. If you think about the past and if it is
in this way, the future gets spoiled. You will worry about that. Right. Next, don’t hesitate to compromise. There were married couples who got
separated just for not telling sorry. There are husbands who won’t say
‘I m sorry. I admit the mistake.’ Similarly women.
‘I never said sorry in my life.’ Try to change because, Presently,
the most rarest commodity is love. We have to earn it from
those who are with us but, But thinking that you can get it
from others by getting rid of them, Nothing will come. Nothing will come. You should learn to adjust. You should learn to compromise. Next,
you have to be more firm in your business. Sometimes, you have to
be firm on a few things. Because when you take up some project,
somebody will come and disturb you. Suppose if there is a student, his friend
will come and say ‘let’s go to a movie’. “Please don’t disturb me.” “Today, I have to study.” “The thing is that today is the last day.” “Let it be,
I will watch it later at some B center.” “Brother,
come, if you want to,” “Now my father said he will
come and talk to me.” “I will get a phone call from my mother.” Tell them a lie. What happens when you are
unable to tell ‘no’ is that, If you are unable to tell firmly
to your friends due to hesitation, He will exploit your goodness. Manage your time carefully. Because, We have to do the things only at
the time we would be able to, Don’t do multiple works at the same time. Do not take up multiple projects. Next,
try to convert the issues into recreation. It means, suppose if we take the previous
example about getting stuck in the traffic. Then, you will feel irritated. There is nothing you can do about it. Right. When you can do nothing,
try to sing your favourite song. Right. Or recall a happy incident thinking
that it had happened in that way. Or recall a movie scene
which you have liked. We would watch a movie 2 to 3 times, Analyse how he made that
scene and how it came out. Actually, how did he
figure out that twist? Whatever it is,
think about your favourite field. Because you cannot move in order
to pass that time in any other way, As you were in the middle of the traffic. Right. Look at the wider aspect. It means, in some situations we
think so much about small things. What will happen to this? What will happen to that? You can’t do anything for some things. The world will be in that way. Why did that happen like that? It seems that they have done
something to the little girl. It seems that they have done
something to the little boy. It is done and it is the situation
where you can do nothing about it. So with little positivity,
you should be positive. And talk with your friends positively. Adjust your standards from time to time. It means some people have
some ‘stubborm rules’. It must be in this way.
That must be in this way. They call it perfectionism. No problem, I can also be in this way. I will be in this way too.
So keep altering in this way. All of these are small things. The day you adopt these things, You will definitely live
with higher standards. Similarly, when issues like OCD come up, You should think that you
have to change at any cost, But if you listen to your issue or heart, After some years, even the psychologists
can’t do anything about it. The medicines are to be used. Ok. Farewell Since you have been watching this programme
regularly, I feel very happy. To make this programme more wonderful, All of you do keep watching, Comment on this and
suggest ways to improve. Along with this, the thing you
shouldn’t forget is, Share this with your
friends and relatives. After you share it,
make them subscribe to it. As a result, the benefit reaped by you,
me and the society is tremendous.

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