How to Reduce Anger

this week I want to give you some tips on how to deal and reduce anger
Are you feeling anger, do you struggle with anger, is this something you are currently
having a hard time dealing with? Do
you want to know what you can do? Stay tuned! So how can we keep ourselves from losing it? Here are a few things you can do and ask yourself
when you are feeling angry that will reduce your anger. The first thing you need to do is ‘cool off’
right? 1)Disengage because the way our physical chemistry,
our body, our brain works is that we are going to go to the emotional mind. The fear center is triggered. You will feel the urge to fight or flight. Anger also clouds are rational thinking because
the prefrontal cortex shows to not be as active as the fear center. There is nothing you can do but to disengage. Keep this in mind when you are angry. Do whatever you have to do to cool off. You can count to ten or higher if necessary. Take long deep breaths. This is important because the way our body
responds is by alerting all its defenses. You can also do some EFT/Tapping to help you
calm down the fear center. But the first thing you need to do is disengage. You don’t need to storm off, just be clear
and communicate (rehearse it by practicing your sentence) “i will get back to this conversation
but right now I can’t think straight, just give me a moment” “i need a moment to myself
right now” and take a walk, remove yourself from the situation, disengage. Because when we are in that state, our body
won’t let us be rational. 2) Don’t make any decisions when angry. Because our thinking is clouded when we are
angry, we will think we are right no matter what and that our anger is justified. The danger of this is that we will jump to
conclusions. Know that you don’t have to make any decisions
at the moment you can come back to anything later, when you are more rational. 3. Ask yourself “Is this worth fighting for?”
because sometimes we have to pick our battles and sometimes they are not really worth it,
right? so if you ask yourself, Is this worth it?
is it worth it getting upset? 4) Is this aligned with my long-term goals? ask yourself, what do I really want to happen. Before you react or speak think of the long-term
consequences, the cost. Will it take you closer to where you want? 5) Affirm “I can put my anger behind me, I
can let go of this anger. As you anchor. Repeat it many times. I hope this was helpful, and next week I will
be talking about how to deal with someone who is angry at you or angry. Stay tuned and subscribe to keep learning
tips on how we can be more resilient and face life and not let the emotional turmoil get
in the way of your potential. How to navigate emotions. Thank you for joining me, see you next time.

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