How to react when someone insults you? Dealing with Rude People – Personality Development Tips

Hi, this is Ceema, welcome back to Skillopedia,
the place to learn skills for the real world. Well, today we are going to talk about insults
and how we can respond to insult is nothing but when someone speaks to you or
treats you with disrespect. Have you ever been at the receiving end of an insult? That’s
not a very pleasant thing, is it? Well, what do you do when you are insulted? Do you insult
the person straight back? Or do you break down and cry? Or do you simply leave the place
and avoid the person who has insulted you altogether? Well, today’s lesson is going
to teach you about how you can respond effectively to people who insult you or make fun of you. Now it is very clear that people who insult
you are negative people, right? But why do you think they actually insult you? Now there
are 4 main reasons why someone would probably insult you. The first reason is insecurity.
Now there are some people who are insecure. They don’t feel good themselves and because
they don’t feel good about themselves, they feel the need to control and they can only
gain this need to control by putting other people down. So insecure people will always
end up insulting you or make rude comments at you. Say, for example, you have a sibling
who is insecure about how she looks. She might end up you know insulting you about the way
you look or about the way you dress or simply about the way you score at school. The second reason why someone would mock you
or insult you is because they are jealous of you. That’s right, jealousy is a very
important motive for someone to mock you or ridicule you. People who are jealous feel
that they are not getting enough credit for what they are doing and that is why they wanna
put you down. So say for example, if you have a coworker but your boss likes you better
than your coworker, your coworker might end up making fun of the way you dress. He might
make fun of the way you have given your presentation. He’s just plain jealous of you and that’s
why he insults you. The third point or the third reason why people
would insult you is because they don’t really have a proper understanding of a person’s
disability. Now a lot of times, people are not aware of how their comments affect people
because they don’t know that the person they are directing these comments to, actually
have a genuine problem. So say, for example, there is a kid in school who’s actually got
speech difficulties. He probably stammers or stutters. He’s got a genuine problem
but maybe his schoolmates or his classmates don’t really get that. They don’t really understand they might make fun of him without really understanding how it affects him. well,
the final or the last point, why someone would possibly insult you is because they are fond
of you and they want to playfully tease this is not really insulting in a very negative
way but some people, they like you a lot and they think that teasing you a little bit is
kind of very cool. They love doing that because they are fond of you. So maybe you have a
cousin who keeps calling you a little chubby because you are on the heavier side but she
does not mean to be rude. But maybe her insults or her comments could hurt you a little bit
but what she is actually indulging in is just playful teasing. Well, now we’re going to talk about, what
you can actually do or how you can actually respond to insults. Now responding to an insult
is much better than reacting to it. So the first thing you’ve got to remember when you
are faced with an insult is to stay calm. Now as we’ve learnt that people who insult
are people who are probably insecure. They love to control. They are very controlling
people, right? So they want to ensure that you get angry or you just maybe break down
and cry but you are not going to give them, the satisfaction of that kind of reaction,
right? So, before you even respond to what they have to say, ensure that you take several
deep breaths, stay calm so that you are composed enough to give a very effective reply to what
they have to say. It is also very important to tell the person
who is insulting you, how you exactly feel. Yes, even though you are to stay calm, it
is your duty to ensure that the person who is insulting you or mocking you knows what
you are going through. So, you can also tell them that if what they’re doing is illegal,
it can have unforeseen or unpleasant circumstances for them. say for example, if you have a coworker
who is bullying you over the internet, you can actually tell them that if you report
them, it’s going to have very bad consequences for them or maybe if you have a cousin who
keeps making rude comments at you, you can simply tell them, that you are not very happy
about what they’re saying and whatever they’re saying is going to actually affect your relationship
with them. So when you are faced with an insult, it is important that you tell the person who
is insulting you, what you actually feel. The third point to note when responding to
an insult is to ensure that you ignore the insults completely. Now let me tell you, ignoring
an insult is sometimes the wisest and the best thing to do. Why would you ignore an
insult and not respond to it? Well, you can ignore an insult simply because you wanna
ensure that the person who has insulted you should not feel that they’ve affected you
in any way. So when you actually ignore the insult, you’re telling the person that, look
I’m not affected by it. Okay now, how would you ignore an insult? You can ignore an insult
by changing the topic of conversation and talking about something entirely unrelated
or you could just walk away from the place that you are having this conversation with
or this person. So you could leave the room, you could leave the place that you are being
insulted or spoken rudely at. So say, for example, you’re at work and your coworker
makes fun about the way you present a particular topic. So, you don’t feel very good about
it but you want to ignore it. So you will simply walk out of the room or talk about,
you know a different project altogether which is not even related to the one that you have
worked upon right now. So, ignoring an insult is one of the wisest things to do. Another very interesting way of responding
to an insult is by using humour. You’re right; humour is probably the best defense
mechanism when you have to attack an insult. Now how do you do this? Now when someone’s
making a joke at you, you can try using that person’s joke and using that joke, you actually
put the joke back at them. But of course, you’ve got to do it in a very nice light-hearted
way which ensures that they don’t feel offended and at the same time it makes the atmosphere
very easy and not so very tense. So say for example, if a colleague or a co-worker makes
fun of the fact that you walk in to work late every day. They call you, miss late or miss
tardy. What you can actually do is you can say that yes, I do come late but I’m actually
learning to come late from you. I see you walking in late every day as well. So you’re
actually taking the insult but you’re kind of directing the joke back at them. So you’ve
got ensure that when you’re actually doing that, you’ve got to be very you know natural
in tone. You don’t have to raise your voice in order to ensure that they don’t get as
offended as you’ve probably gotten when they’ve made the insult of the remark at you. The next thing you need to know is that you
have to sometimes also, report insults. Now let me tell you if insults are based or related
to gender, sexuality, religion or disability, it is against the law. The person who is actually
doing that is not doing a very lawful thing and it is your right as the victim to actually
report these kinds of acts. Now at school or at work, you have anti-harassment departments
which actually would listen to your plight and would do the right thing in order to ensure
that you don’t have to face the insults ever again. Doing good things for yourself will always
help you feel good and therefore it is my advice to always indulge in self-care. So
if you are being mocked or insulted or spoken rudely to on a continual basis. If you actually
do some little good things for yourself, you can feel very good from the inside. It could
be anything. You can go for a quiet walk. You could go and get yourself a nice haircut.
You could go to the spa; you could just work out if that helps you feel better. Anything
in order to ensure that you feel good about yourself. So please, please indulge in self-care
because not everyone will make you feel good, you’ve gotta do that for yourself. Well, people are always going to put you down
but it’s up to you, to actually bring yourself up and stay strong. So it is important that
you write a journal. When you write a journal, you can actually document or make a list of
things that you actually like about yourself. So this is a list of things that you like
about you. So it could be things that relate to your strengths. It could be things that
relate to what you’ve achieved over the number of years or it could simply be anything that
tells you that you are just a very beautiful person. well, I hope you found this lesson very useful
and very insightful about what you can do when you are now you know what
you can do and what you must not do when you are insulted or in a situation where you feel
mocked or ridiculed. For more such sessions, do not forget to subscribe to Skillopedia,
the place to learn skills for the real world.

100 thoughts on “How to react when someone insults you? Dealing with Rude People – Personality Development Tips

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  2. There’s a girl in my class and her and her friends keep turning around to me saying “(my name)” and when I turn around or say “what?” They just say “doesn’t matter” and they keep doing it over and over again thousands of times and I had to go home from school once cause she kept saying my name and laughing at me,and I know your like “oh my god u seriously cried in highschool” it’s really hard for me to control my emotions and some people don’t realize that so I get emotional extremely easily,idk what to do about it it’s really hard cause my self esteem is really low cause of school in the past and it’s hard for me to go on cause I really wanna be home schooled

  3. What to do when someone who proposed you in the past and you say "no" to him and he was your good friend now he u
    Insult you everyday in front the all friends..(I have sume resone to say "no") ???

  4. Yeah.. I was insulted by my a closed friend just bcz I irrited her.. So I decided to leave her… Now I understand it's not a good way.. 😁

  5. I hate a person who insult me with rude joke so if I didn’t like it he said ahh you have no sense of humor! Hey there’s a difference between humor and insults and it’s not teasing anymore but feel like bullying! I don’t know how to handle a person like that so annoying!!!

  6. I hate a person who insult me with rude joke so if I didn’t like it he said ahh you have no sense of humor! Hey there’s a difference between humor and insults and it’s not teasing anymore but feel like bullying! I don’t know how to handle a person like that so annoying!!!

  7. Hi ma'am I just want to ask u 1 question…. We hv bought 2 houses but because of some reason we didn't get the delivery of 1 house so not because of this reason we were living in rented house.. we were changing the city from Bangalore to hyderabad. It was my farewell party given by the person I don't like much. I told in the party we must buy a new home in hyd because rent is very high. … We don't show off much we live in a simple home there so she was judging me as under privileged one. She said uske liye 4lakh rs. Chahiye….. My husband earns more than that but I stayed calm and walked sway from that place…. But now I m realizing that I should speak something to her …. Should I or not…?Please suggest me.

  8. Boy people have really lost the meaning of being an American citizen now free means free many people do not understand the meaning of the word freedom it means someone can insult you and you can insult them and if this upsets you maybe you should talk to your psychologist more because this is not a perfect world and no perfect people are on it so this means someday you're going to be treated wrong and if you can't deal with it you are the one that's broken understand I hope you do God bless

  9. Well let me tell you guys my problem:

    I have this friend who’s smart and discipline, but that’s what she shows to other people, to me, she’s the complete opposite…

    One time, I told my other friends I had a special ability to— (I’m keeping this secret for privacy, sorry…) and then she must’ve overheard me.

    She then told a girl who I don’t trust at all… When the girl my “friend” told the secret to came up to me asking questions like, “How did you do that?” or “Can you teach me?”

    I then got confused, how did she know?

    It’s quite dangerous if a person who you don’t trust have your biggest secret…

    Then I asked her, “How did you know that?”

    (I had to be nice to her or her mom will hate me…)

    She pointed to my “friend” who overheard me, saying “Oh, she told me!”

    I got angry but didn’t dare get mad at her in front of everyone,

    When I got home from school, I texted her, I typed:

    Me: “Why did you tell her my secret!?”

    My “Friend”: “What are you talking about? I didn’t tell her anything!”

    Me: “You’re lying! She said that you told her!!!”

    “Friend”: “Idk what you’re talking about…”

    Me: “I have proof that you lied! She told me that YOU were the one who told her!!!”

    “Friend”: “Fine if you don’t believe me, but I stand on my ground!”

    Me: “I also stand on my ground! Do you even have proof that you didn’t do it!?”

    “Friend”: “She knew because YOU were the one who told her a long time ago!!!”

    Me: “NO I DIDN’T”

    Knowing that she was wrong, she defended herself by saying,

    “Friend”: “That is not meant to be proof!”

    I have no idea how she managed to dodge the question without me realizing it! I moved on!

    Me: “Haha! Right! So you don’t have proof!”

    “Friend”: “My mom said: If you keep harrassing me like this she will show this chat to the conselling teacher!”

    Me: *She puts her mom into this!?

    I typed:

    Me: “Fine…”

    Until now I have this uncomfortable feeling when I think about the problem… And now, her mom hates me, like hell…

  10. I just got insulted by my man's girlfriend and her sisters.they called me all sort of names saying I'm not a woman enough that's why my man is cheating on me..plz help me m very hurt

  11. Courtesy begets courtesy. When I'm insulted I return the favor twofold…that's how I roll. The good news is that I rarely feel insulted! If someone points out something stupid I did should I feel insulted? Absolutely not! I'm very good at insulting people but wield this power very selectively. The reality is some people deserve to be insulted. Some people are bullies and/or arrogant and need to be put in their place. The best form of insult is the "creative insult" based on fact without the use of name-calling. 🙂

  12. Just laugh at them and let them see you know your own worth and what they think does not matter never be rude back just say well God does not make mistakes he made he loves me he knows all my story.

  13. Isnt telling them how you feel the opposite of ignoring them? And also reacting with humour is still validating their goal of getting a reaction?

  14. I know one girl that just talks about things that she know will make people unhappy or sad. She is like that with all people. She is good with people , it seems that she loves them but why would she do that anyway.

  15. What if someone insults you just for the fun of it and it brings you down and you have nothing to say about them

  16. what if my enemy tried to push me off the stairs, and when i told her not to do that she went to her friends and said ''omg this girl is so annoying i hate her'' what to do in that situation

  17. These all tricks doesn't work in India ….. Here you have to wait for a time and hit hard for lessons to your opponents.

  18. I am a quite girl in class and I never have responded people who have insulted me.My friend blamed me that I stole her book….I was like 'what'? And when I told her to go to principle office and see the CCTV footage, she was like I will go by myself but she didn't check it. Now she's telling everyone that I stole her book

  19. They didn't really insult me but they were being really rude. Basically, my friend keeps sending me chain mail and I just send it to my Snapchat list and it included the person who was being rude. We weren't really "friends" but we're also not enemies. So I sent them that and it was meant for best friends and I didn't really read it, I just sent it and she said "1st off, you are not my best friend, you're just a girl who was in my 4th and 5th period class. 2nd off, stop sending me chain mail." She keeps sending me chain mail too? Why can't I? And then she said "we were cool but now we're just strangers, WERE!" I was being polite…all I said was "oh sorry" and she got mad? I'm confused

  20. I have lice in my hair and my girl classmates really insult me because of it. What should I do? I can't even say something to them because I'm scared that they will say loudly that I have lice in my hair in front of whole class.. I'm very upset please help me!!!!! SAVE ME

  21. I was being bullied for having a high voice at 15 and I said to them “I don’t like it when you said that” and I got kicked from the fortnite party. I just want a deep voice

  22. I have a question that is related to this video, I know someone who mocks my accent and do very poorly the accent they are not even trying and she is Korean not French, and I’m French and that is kind of offensive and I’m starting to think that she is insured about herself or she is jealousies that she is not French, how can I say to her polietly that this disturbed me?
    Maybe she just thing teasing is cool, although I don’t like treasin, I’m not a baby anymore.

  23. Best response to a rude person is to say I'm sorry are you hurt or just laugh at them,that'll piss em even more.

  24. After an insult/bullying, calmly look at their nose n tell them they have something hanging from it. Like a booger or something.

  25. Thank you but what if someone insult you bcoz they can't do, we have to work with coworkers like that but at one point it should not be tolerated… But we can't do anything…

  26. My Dad Sanjeev Baijal was very rude , so I got affected by my Dad Sanjeev Baijal negative reactions and I yelled at him and I broke down into tears.

  27. Hlo I was mocked mostly for my weakness…that I feel insecure about so I was reacting to it….but once I accepted myself….I replied them "yes iam…so what's your problem…do u feel insecure….?"and I also don't get anything personally because universal truth is they aren't perfect too… I admit nobody is perfect here….but if u ignore they keep repeating it again….there are some variety of insulting people…. sometimes humour can be helpful….but it fails for me mostly… hehe…learn not to insult anybody with their weakness… the same time…

  28. How to deal with ignorant MORONS
    Bas Rutten Street Defense – The Best Version

  29. But some people are honestly just inconsiderate or judgemental AHs or people that feel they are above you or others in some way. You left that option out. It's real. I encountered it several times from a person over the weekend and I know this person is none of the things listed…just rude and judgemental about everything from my job to my personal appearance to my level if finacial success in life and even where I live. I did ignore it but if felt all wrong all the way around and I really disliked it….alot….Have not encountered anything like it in years. My husband is a humor guy…I'm an ignore person until it goes to far which doesn't take much really, lol, I mean I don't need to put up with any insults, ever, then I begin to either sling back a bit to see if that ends it or cut the person out of my life completely…even if they are extended family. Bey.

  30. Unfortunately I deal with idiots everyday on my job people always saying this and that about me only thing I do is mind my business I don't talk to people very much and you wouldn't believe all the stupid questions people ask me I'm like why would you think to even ask that I just can't take it no more !!!

  31. If they insult you man up head butt them and give em an upper cut to the chin teach them to respect you or cry like a baby

  32. I'm a new joiner in a company.. The way im treated good my co worker is jealous n told my trainer not to treat me good because she was not treated good so she told my trainer that she is angry the way I'm treated in office and is not acceptable and taught my trainer that i should also be treated the same as my co worker was treated

  33. I tried using humor and they're still being a huge dick. They follow me around and sneak up on me for when I turn around they are in my face and get mad when i get upset or scared!

  34. Hey, I have a so-called cousin whose also my boss called me physically challenged last month, due to the fact that I'm slower than the others – also she told me, when I was younger she taught I was stupid , yes … indeed I was a slow child growing up, I was even diagnosed as having cerebral palsy at birth ( that's the level of behavioural qualities that I once had ), also I was developmentally delayed, but thanks to God I'm grown now, but unfortunately there's still visible signs of my birth defect ( vision issues, can't work too fast, I have terrible balance issues, can't stand for too long, ….. among others ), however my speech and brain function haven't being damaged to the extent that my immune system has ( I believe ), … long story short, everyone who I come into contact with has advised me to ignore, move on and forget it – I'm also a highly sensitive person who cannot do that very easily, it occurred a month now, and for me, like it happened yesterday – I know you gave suggestions but what'd to you suggest for someone like me. Thanks for the feedback and upload.

    P.S. Was developmentally delayed at birth, had a severe speech impediment I was told, and much more – but now I don't allow anyone to call me was I once was.

    N.B. I don't speak to her anymore.


  36. my problem is that my teacher is always angry at me but i didn’t do anything wrong and it really annoys me, i dunno what to do anymore. I can’t choose if im gonna transfer another school or just ignore it.
    It really bothers me alot knowing someone is hella angry at you

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