How to Process Your Emotions

It is a quirk of our minds that not every
emotion we carry is fully acknowledged, understood or even truly felt. There are feelings that
exist in an ‘unprocessed’ form within us. A great many worries may, for example,
remain disavowed and uninterpreted and manifest themselves as powerful directionless anxiety.
Under their sway, we may feel a compulsive need to remain busy, fear spending any time
on our own or cling to activities that ensure we don’t meet what scares us head on (these
might include internet pornography, tracking the news or exercising compulsively). A similar
kind of disavowal can go on around hurt. Someone may have abused our trust, made us doubt their
kindness or violated our self-esteem but we are driven to flee a frank recognition of
an appalling degree of exposure and vulnerability. The hurt is somewhere inside, but on the surface,
we adopt a brittle good cheer (jolliness being sadness that doesn’t know itself), we numb
ourselves chemically or else adopt a carefully non-specific tone of cynicism, which masks
the specific wound that has been inflicted on us. We pay dearly for our failure to ‘process’
our feelings. Our minds grow unoriginal from a background apprehension as to their contents.
We grow depressed about everything because we cannot be sad about something. We can no
longer sleep, insomnia being the revenge of all the many thoughts we have omitted to process
in the day. We need compassion for ourselves. We avoid processing emotions because what
we feel is so contrary to our self-image, so threatening to our society’s ideas of
normality and so at odds with who we would like to be. An atmosphere conducive to processing
would be one in which the difficulties of being human were warmly recognised and charitably
accepted. We fail to know ourselves not out of laziness or casual neglect; it simply hurts
a lot. Processing emotions requires good friends, deft therapists and ritual moments like Philosophical
Meditation, in which our normal defences can safely be put aside and unfamiliar material
ring fenced for investigation. The outcome of processing our emotions is always an alleviation
in our overall mood. But first we must pay for our self-awareness with a period of mourning
in which we gradually acknowledge that, in some area or other, life is simply a lot sadder
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100 thoughts on “How to Process Your Emotions

  1. I am having trouble with the sentence: "Our minds grow unoriginal from a background fear of their contents". What do you mean, unoriginal? Do you mean dissociated or detached?

  2. I don’t understand emotions, and I don’t understand why I don’t understand emotions. I think I may have a very special condition. I feel like it’s so special I can’t even explain it. I don’t understand loneliness or love or sadness. I know it’s normal to love, but I think it’s stupid! Why would someone feel lonely?! Why would I need friends!? It’s, UNEXPLAINABLE! I WANT TO LOVE! I WANT TO HAVE FRIENDS! I WANT TO BE ABLE TO FEEL SAD! I WANT TO BE NORMAL! But I don’t think I should, I don’t think it’s good, I don’t think it’s useful! I think too… complex I guess? I guess that could be my condition? But I feel like it’s way more extreme than just that. Am I a super genius that sees through emotions? Am I a person that just can’t feel emotions but wants to? What am I?
    Edit: I also think social media is stupid
    Edit 2: like Rick from Rick and Morty

  3. I’ve been meditating and writing self reflecting in a journal and I start to feel in alignment with myself but then something happens either with my friends or family and I dissociate again 🙁 and right now I feel all these negative emotions boiling up inside me but I’m too scared to feel them so I looked up this video as a distraction really

  4. Let go of your "fantasy-self", or the "perfect version" you like to see yourself as, or your "perfect life". It helped me a lot. It can be pretty sad to realize how hard reality is, and how far you are from being who you like to think you are. And it's good to be sad, otherwise it gets stuck in yourself. Bad karma haha

  5. "We can no longer sleep, insomnia being the revenge of all the many thoughts we've ommitted to process in the day"

    Me, at 2:47 a.m. feeling exposed while watching the video

  6. I dont trust anyone ever because everyone will use it against you but i act happy so often that i just am. I dont tell my friends whats wrong with me and therapy is some pussy shit

  7. What scares me the most is my thoughts so I keep busy. I’ve ran into my thoughts a few times each time was bad

  8. My dad destroying my trust
    My grandma thinks I don't know my place
    My grandpa destroys my chances
    My aunt gets in the way
    I don't know my uncle very well
    I want my mom to come back home

  9. Turn ppl off or remove yourself from the tom foolery. . .a.k.a. ain't going to fall for the banana in the TALE pipe!

  10. People don’t understand why life isn’t easy or happy. That’s a very Western idea. Most people in the world and throughout history never even consider those questions. Life is just difficult with small moments of joy or lack of trouble. Most people throughout time have suffered and struggled. We need to stop being disappointed that life isn’t easy or happy. Most of the time it isn’t, never has been for anyone, and never will be. Accepting that liberates us from all this happiness expectation.

  11. You spent about 3min on why people should process their emotions, and about 10sec on what was promised in the title. But really you didnt have to explain why people should process their emotions. The fact that people clicked on this video means they know it already. Even that 10sec was vague and not useful in my opinion. This is bad journalism. I bet nobody in the comment section can say that this video actually helped them in this problem.

  12. It's hard to process emotions. It's scary. There can be a huge feeling of panic, worry, and the urge to avoid the hard feelings. It can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes painful to go through the emotion.
    One thing I can say is that it hurts for a much longer time when you don't process the emotion that is coming up. You can try to stuff it down, but it'll come out in different ways (usually in neurotic/anxiety/depressive ways), and then you're dealing with a whole bunch of problems. 😒
    Someone gave me this advice once and it helped me see my emotions differently and actually start to process them in a healthy way:
    There is no such thing as a GOOD or BAD emotion.
    There can sometimes be bad actions, like acting possessive, but simply expressing an emotion is not good or bad.
    Over the years this is how I learned to process (and eventually move on from) my emotions…. just sit in it and feel the emotion. Don't fight the emotion or try to control it. Notice the emotion in your body, and how your body is reacting to it. At first it'll be very scary, but remind yourself that you'll be ok and that this feeling will eventually pass.
    Practice self-compassion: Thank yourself for allowing yourself to process the emotion. Acknowledge how much strength and courage it took to sit through the pain.
    Give yourself a pat on the back and repeat whenever you feel emotions bubble up again.

  13. I usually keep my emotions locked up at school and at home most of the time because i usually feel embarrassed to cry at school or home

  14. I have a hard time explaining my emotions. I just know I feel a certain way in my stomach which makes me stop doing everything and I call it emotional

  15. We have to focus on learning to use out emotions in the right way. "… if he does not use these qualities (anger and wrath) in a right way, they are blameworthy." ~ Baha'i Faith

  16. What helped me is to just give my emotions to Jesus Christ. Just say "Jesus, I'm feeling this type of way, please forgive me or help me to see it in a different way," and it has really helped me a lot. I use to bottle my emotions up so bad to the point where I use to get up every morning feeling so heavy and angry. Now my conscious is clearer and I have been able to move past certain things so that I may get to the next level in my growing process. It is A PROCESS, and you have to be HONEST with yourself about your emotions or you will continue to let them have control over you.

    God Bless

  17. Emotions. What Are They And Where Are They Coming From?

  18. I meditate every night but I still wake up in the morning with my heart feeling heavy. Meditating at night helps me get out of bed in the morning though. I listen to binaural beats while meditating. Maybe this can help one of you that’s feeling down. It helps me a lot.

  19. We've been socially conditioned to thing that feeling depressed is somehow normal, that it's somehow okay no to feel okay. I hate it when someone jokes about PTSD or depression as a throwaway comment because they don't know what it's like 😂

  20. I avoid my emotions by being on my phone 16 hours a day, playing games the rest, of sleeping the rest lol :((

  21. literally no helpful information, its just complaining/warning about unprocessed emotions. the title is a complete lie

  22. i sometimes cant determine what i feel, im always a different person when im with other people or my friends, i dont know why this happens, my thoughts keep me up at night, i always feel that somebody is watching me when im alone even though there was nobody there, there were times when i want to cry but i cant, chest hurts sometimes but thats ok.

  23. I'm seeing a specialist who asked me some questions by email. One was "How do you process emotions?". I didn't even know what that meant but now after watching this video my answer is simple. I don't.

  24. I needed this video. God, I've been feeling depressed but I am feeling better. Gotta work on my mental health.

  25. I think the ability to Proccess emotions helps a lot especially if your a drug addict or lonely it just gives a clear idea of what an emotion means and how we can better oursleves for sure edit:School should teach this education but how ironic this channel name is school of life tho lol.

  26. 16 friends and family passed away by the age of 18. I had to learn to feel simple emotions like to love, can only cry in silance because you feel as a bather to others. Ext but if you dont try to make your self happy first you will always lose the battle.

  27. I'm tortured by my memories of injustice and shame, and the realisation of my inadequacies within a world seemingly blind to its own, on more or less an hourly basis.

  28. What is the ideal. In a sea of consumers,that is.Cause and effect is not cheap. Payment is due after services rendered.

  29. I talked out my issues with my friend and she distanced herself away and I stopped. Honestly, people don't like hearing about other's issues, they are not your therapists. However, you do need good friends who can lend a helping ear as well. Right now I am enduring extreme criticism from my parents who I despise tremendously and hate however, that criticism comes from themselves and are projections that they aim at me.

  30. I can't explain how much this channel has helped me cope with so many things in my life, it has even given me more compassion and understanding towards other people and myself.

  31. Wow, thank you for that.
    Clearly I was guided.
    Thank you much for sharing.
    It made my eyes water just from being able to relate.

  32. Maybe I will just get a government job and act like a bitch all the time like some people did to me everyday

  33. Someone asked me out and i replied with "i dont know yet" but they are my friend, but i like them so much more than that to the point where i am scared i will loose them if i say yes and if something bad happens, then i will have to deal with awful emotions again and i don't want to have a depressed episode again.
    Also all this lovely shit is new to me, but i always feel so safe when i am with him. And he has a sort of disability that i'm sure is life threatening, like he needs a 50/50 operation. I just don't want to lose anyone else i love.

  34. You do have to go through a period of mourning before you draw your own lifes conclusions. This is video is brill!

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