Greetings, folks,
and welcome back to another tip, trick,
and hack with your pal, Douglas Smythe, from
PhoenixShaving.com. Wow. Today, we are looking
at diaper rash cream. That’s right, folks. Now, what does this have
to do with wet shaving? Far more than you’d
guess, really. It has more to do with wet
shaving then babies’ behinds, although the BBS thing,
you know what I mean, it kind of ties the
whole room together– BBS meaning baby-butt smooth. However, this is more about less
your butt, and more your neck. A lot– well, there’s
many guys out there that have irritation, agitation,
chafing on their neck. Well, it turns out to
be chafing on the neck. They typically think it has
to do with their shaving. They’re shaving
too much, so they start shaving every other
day, still experiencing this, and they can’t figure out
what’s going on with their neck. Well, I’ll tell you what’s
going on with your neck. Your collar, especially
if you wear a stiff collar to work every day, or if
you’re a firefighter, someone who wears a strap
under their chin, that can cause irritation
and agitation, too. And there is one way around
it that works really well. And it’s diaper cream. It’s not actually
diaper cream, however. It’s the active ingredient
inside the diaper cream, which is zinc oxide. No, I don’t know if
you can see that. Yes, there you go. Zinc oxide, and
it’s right there. That is what makes
the magic happen. And so you just want to
apply a little bit of this to your neck. A little goes a long way. Rub it in really well. The problem with
some diaper creams is they leave a thick white
coating that’s tough to rub in. So you can dilute it with
a little bit of olive oil or some other oil– argan, kukui, even shea butter. But you could dilute it that
way to work the zinc in. If not, if that
doesn’t work for you, or if you don’t have any
diaper rash cream around, you can make your own. That’s right, folks. And that’s what we’re going
to be doing right now. This is a balm or a
moisturizer I picked up. And it was an impulse buy
while I was at the supermarket. You can use any type. You can use– hell, you can
use one of my shaving balms, if you want. A balm, a moisturizer,
any type of lotion will work to be a carrier or
a vehicle for the zinc oxide. This is a one-ounce
tube of it, which is perfect for what
we’re going to do. Next, you will need zinc oxide. Let’s look at that closer– zinc oxide, because everyone
has a tub of that lying around. Clearly, this is what I use
at work for some products. But you can find this
online really cheap. And especially, if you’re
suffering from this problem, this is going to be something
you want to invest in. Zinc oxide– you can get it
on eBay or Amazon super-cheap. It’s a white powder. We’re going to look
at that in a second. And you’ll also
need a hand mixer. You can use a hand mixer. I use this for sports
drinks and whatnot. It’s great for mixing stuff up. If you don’t have one
of those bad boys, though, a chopstick, a spoon. And most importantly, you
will need a measuring spoon. Now, I’m going to use–
and I suggest you use, but you might want to– well, that’s my suggestion. But you might want
to play around with the amount of
zinc oxide you use. This is a quarter teaspoon. This works for me with an
ounce of moisturizer or balm. But you never really know. Your mileage may vary,
as with anything else. So if you mix your own
balm, zinc oxide balm, and it’s too pasty
white, you’re going to have to lower the ratio
of zinc oxide to moisturizer. Again, this is a
one-ounce moisturizer that I’m combining
with the zinc. And you know, you’ll
be like, well, Doug, I just wasted all this on
one ounce of moisturizer. Now, I’ve got this one ounce of
moisturizer that’s pasty white. That’s fine, folks. Save that for the beach,
because zinc oxide is what provides the SPFs in sunblock. That said, if you are
using this to prevent chafing on your neck, you don’t
want to wear this to the beach unless you’re going
for sun blockage. And in that case, this doubles
as a sunblock, so super win. So let’s just mix some
of this up right now. Forgive my focus. I’m sure it’s doing
some weird stuff because it’s on auto-focus. I don’t have an Oompa
Loompa filming me today. OK, so you want to get all
that in there, just like that. Then we’re going to take
again a quarter teaspoon. And it doesn’t have to be
a heaping teaspoon, either, because you only
really need about 10%– and right in there. Now, I typically
start off any type of mixing by stirring
it in by hand first. And again, I love
chopsticks, not only to eat with, but for stirring
stuff up in the kitchen. Even the lab, I’ll use
chopsticks and stir stuff up. OK, and then we can– oh, you know what? We have a piece of
wheat grass in there. OK. But see how great
this thing blends? And again, you want to
blend this in really good, because this white
powder will stand up. If you’re not familiar
with the white, pasty look that sunblock can
give you sometimes, think of the ’80s, when people
used to put that colored zinc on their nose. That was zinc oxide. It’s the same stuff. So again, you can use this
on the beach on your nose, or just as a regular sunblock. Next, we’re going to take
the tube that this came in– and let me just grab some
kind of a cutting block. I’m going to use a plate. And we’re going to
reuse this tube. Now, we don’t want to
cut all the threads off, because we want to
put the lid back on. But as you can see, all we
have is that little hole to work with, and we
want to refill this up. So a serrated knife will
work, just like that. Now, see that? It still looks kind of
difficult to fill, but trust me. Then you’re going to
need a bag and a spoon. And we’re going to want to– we’re going to treat
this like a pastry bag. Again, forgive me if it’s
going in and out of focus. But right down in
this corner is what we’re going to want
to fill up with this. Now, maybe if it’s
liquid enough, you can actually pour that in. But I’m going to spoon this in. Again, this makes
a great sunblock. You know, I would love to start
selling artisan-made sunblocks. However, it’s really–
talk about jumping through flaming
hoops to get that, because zinc oxide’s
considered a drug. So now, I’d have to deal
with– instead of the FDA, I’d be dealing with the DEA,
and it’s almost not worth– and I don’t want them
knocking at my door. But I encourage you to
make your own sunblocks. OK. So as with– if any of you
are bakers or have ever baked in your life, you know how
to use a bakery bag or a pastry bag. Now, you just cut off a little
bit of the corner of the bag, and you twist it a
little to get it going. I cut the hole a little too big. It also helps if you squeeze the
tube a little so that there’s air, and it’s helping you
by sucking the lotion in. But I think you get
the point, people. So that is how you make your own
anti-chafe cream or sunblock, if you will. But this is about chafing. So we’ll call it chafe
cream for now, DIY. So this has been another
tip, trick, and hack with your pal, Douglas
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