How To Overcome Resentment, Anger, Bitterness (4 Steps) – Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

– Hi guys, let’s talk about four steps in overcoming resentment. Life is difficult,
(tranquil guitar music) and it’s difficult even when
we’re not carrying anger or bitterness and resentment. And sometimes we find ourselves
in that place of life, and we feel powerless
against these emotions and this internal struggle that’s going on where we’re like, what do we do? Because these things
show up in our attitudes. They show up in our decisions. They affect the relationships that we have with other people, and
sometimes we’re aware of this, and we’re like we don’t like
this, but what do we do? And how do we get out of this? Let’s talk about four steps
in overcoming resentment. Step number one, pray
for the grace to forgive. Now, there’s certain prayers
that we offer up to God and we wonder is he
gonna answer this prayer? For example, you wanna
know the lottery numbers for next week. That kind of prayer I’m
betting, if I was a betting guy, that God might not answer the prayer in the way that we’d hope
he would answer. (laughs) But there’s certain prayers
that God always answers, and one of the prayers
that he always answers with a yes is God, grant
me the grace to forgive. And why does God always
answer that prayer? Because he doesn’t want us
to be stuck in unforgiveness. What is unforgiveness? It is a sinful response
to another person’s sin, and so God wants to bring us out of that. Now, a couple problems that come up with being stuck in unforgiveness, one is that we’re not
going to want to forgive. Our emotions are gonna tell
us get even, get revenge. That’s what our emotions
are gonna tell us. So, if we wait for our
emotions to tell us to forgive, we’re never gonna forgive. What I have found is that our emotions often give us bad advice, especially when it comes to
things that are difficult. And forgiving another person is difficult. And so then we go to God and say God, please grant me the grace to forgive because this is impossible without you. And step number two, make a
quality decision to forgive. Now, we can go through the
motions of forgiveness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean forgiveness has been
accomplished in our heart. To be able to make a quality
decision to forgive somebody, we have to be willing to carry
the pain they have caused us. And you might be thinking,
Ken, that’s unfair. I don’t want more pain. That’s why I wanna get out
of it, you know. (laughs) That doesn’t seem right. While it might not necessarily seem right, but think about what Jesus did. Jesus carried the pain
that we inflicted upon him as he went to the cross. In fact, he bore our guilt. He bore our shame. And so for forgiveness to be accomplished, we have to be like Jesus
who took our guilt, took our shame, took
that pain upon himself on the cross, died, suffered, and rose again and conquered it. And the only way that we’re gonna be able to overcome the pain that we’re stuck in is if we come to the decision that says I’m willing to carry this cross, this cross of pain like Jesus did. But we don’t carry it by ourself. We carry it in union with Jesus. See, the thing about carrying the pain is you gotta carry it anyway. I mean, you’re stuck with it, right? So, you can carry it with anger,
bitterness, and resentment, or you can carry it
with the heart of Jesus who is paying the consequence,
paying the price for sin. And so we make a decision, say, Jesus, I’m willing
to carry this pain. I unite it to you, Jesus. Now, conquer it. And in that place, we
are able to find freedom. And step number three, pray for the people who have hurt you. Now, not one of these prayers,
God, get even with him. Let fire and brimstone
rain down from heaven. Expose the depravity of
their sin to their hearts. You know (laughs), punish them. That’s not the kind of
prayer I’m talking about. The kind of prayer that
I’m talking about is, it goes something like this. God, bless them with
every spiritual blessing that you’ve blessed me with,
but multiply it by 1,000 so long as this prayer
doesn’t hurt my salvation. (laughs) You know, something like that. But pray for the good for those
who have sinned against you. I mean, again, this is what Jesus did. There, he’s on the cross. We placed himself there through our sin, and what does he do? He prays for us. He says Father, forgive them. They know not what they do. So in order to be Christ-like, in order to overcome the
resentment that’s stuck in our hearts, one
thing that’s very useful and very helpful is that we
pray for those who persecute us. And in fact, this is what Jesus asked. Matthew 5:44, but I tell
you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. And step number four, decide to love. Decide to love the person
who has sinned against you. Now, what does love want? Love desires the highest good of the one that is being loved, and so what is the highest good that we could hope for for somebody? It’s heaven. So, in the way that we
treat another person has to be leading them to heaven, not hurting their salvation. Think about if that person was in need. Would you be willing to help them out? Proverbs 25:22, if your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat. And if he is thirsty,
give him water to drink. My friends, there is
life after resentment. I heard somebody once say that
when you forgive a person, you set a prisoner free, and you realize that
prisoner was yourself. You can be bitter, or
you can become better. The choice is yours.

30 thoughts on “How To Overcome Resentment, Anger, Bitterness (4 Steps) – Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

  1. Agradezco mucho tu video un excelente consejo. Paz y bien desde Zamora Michoacán; México. Dios te bendiga a ti y a los tuyos. Mi más sincera gratitud…por siempre.

  2. Well said friend👐❤👏👏👏

    Also in the prayer Jesus taught us "Our Father", we recite "forgive us our sins as we forgive others who sinned against us".

  3. Excellent and very well explained. Thank you, Ken! Such a beautiful and practical way to see true forgiveness.

  4. If you don't like someone just tell them to their face you don't gotta be a two face!! Be straight up, this whole religion thing turns people weak… I once was weak but now anytime someone fucks with me I just plainly and simply put them in their place. Nobody should be a door mat

  5. My mom said some really hurtful things to my face and about me on FB. I didn't talk to her for almost 2 weeks, I spoke to her today. But I'm still mad about the things she's said. I still have resentment in my heart.

  6. This was so practical and amazing! You carried it out so well and it really hit home. I’ll remember this for a while🥰 thank you!

  7. Wow Jesus led me to see this just at the right time!! I’m having a major struggle with this right now. Thank you so much for this vid and hope you keep making more! God bless you!

  8. Ken, the good Lord has blessed you with a beautiful charisma, and you are applying this gift of His with humility and love for His Honour and Glory. Keep it up. God bless.

  9. I can’t seem to forgive my mother who lied to the police and had me thrown in jail for crimes I did not commit and exaggerated some things I did over a decade ago. I need never want to have a relationship with her again. She is dead to me now. I hate her so much. I hope she goes to hell.

  10. This sounds really good but when I'm caught in the moment there really is nothing I can do. I just lost my patience with people. I leave them.

  11. I have just became 28 years old and I've been holding resentment for a long time. I cried because I know it's very hard to forgive.

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