How to Overcome Anger : What is Anger?

Hi, this is Brenda F. Dixon a licensed clinical
social worker here with Expert Village and we are going to talk about how to overcome
anger. I’m going to give you the definition of anger before we start so we would know
what we are talking about. The root word meaning in anger is to constriction, straggling, fear,
tightness. It also means it is a feeling of displeasure that someone has and they actually
feel like they want to fight the person when the anger starts to well up inside of them.
It also a inflammation of a wound, it’s pain or trouble. All of these things are in companied
around of the definition of anger. A person would have anger and it will play in parts
of their body. So we are going to start talking a little about how to overcome this anger
and we would do this the next time we are together.

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