How to Overcome Anger : How to Maintain Self Control

Hi, I’m Brenda F. Dixon, I’m with Life Help
Now. I am the owner of it and we’re with Expert Village here today and we’re talking about
how to overcome anger. One of the things I want to tell you about anger is, it’s a self
control issue. You can stop the anger that is boiling inside of you. Actually you want
to stop it before it gets to the boil stage. You want to get it as it is just beginning.
And the way I know that it is truly not going to be something that you can’t do is…. They
have ran tests way back where people were hiding in closets, and they were angry. Well,
they never showed their anger inside that closet because they knew that if they did
show their anger they would be killed. So there have been many studies, I won’t even
go into all the studies that you can, every person that is listening to this, every person
can control their anger. It is something that you do inside of yourself. You can say, I
will not get angry. I will not explode. That is not stuffing the anger that is declaring
what you are going to do. You have the self control. Now remember, anger comes from fear.
So, all you have to do is say, I am not afraid, I will not be angry and the anger disepates.
This is a component to overcome fear. I want every person that listens to this to be empowered
to overcome fear and overcome anger because the two are linked together. I know this is
going to work for you.

25 thoughts on “How to Overcome Anger : How to Maintain Self Control

  1. Fear is the path to the DARK SIDE. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
    (lol Star Wars)

  2. Anger is just one of the Ten Worlds. Ten worlds – ten potential conditions inherent in every life form that manifests in the continuum of time. They are, hell, hunger, animality, anger, tranquility, rapture, learning, realization, bodhisattva, and Buddhahood. These conditions are inherent in a single entity of life. –Nichiren Buddhism

  3. HELL!!!
    just kidding

  4. I don't see how she claims all anger is from fear? Your driving down the road and someone from the car driving in front of you hurls some food out their window and it hits your car, making it all dirty. Anger felt in this situation would stem from a percieved INJUSTICE, not fear?! How would fear even be remotely related

  5. i'll try my best to not get angry because im always afraid to lose a fight and i want to defend myself and win but in the end, i lose, but not anymore ( I hope) ill try not to be afraid of the bullies!

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