How to Overcome Anger : How to Control Anger in the Work Place

Hi, I’m Brenda F. Dixon, I’m with Life Help
Now and we’re here today with Expert Village. We’re talking about how to overcome anger.
I’ve had people ask me in my practice, they would say things like, I work right next to
somebody that is angry probably four out of five days a week. How do I handle that? Well,
I want to remind you of some of the things I’ve already said. One of the things that
you do is you maintain your total calm. That stability that goes along with you, that carries
you, you carry it everyday. That stability, that quiet, that calm is what actually calms
that other person down. If they start getting really negative on you, negative is one thing,
but to begin to escalate and then have a red faced, hot tempered moment, just maintain
your calm. It actually begins to change the other person. It’s very important. You can
say a few words like, I hate that, or I really wish that hadn’t happened, or you can actually
be composed in the words that you speak that are soothing. So, it is important to overcome
anger by being composed in the way you present yourself around the angry person.

14 thoughts on “How to Overcome Anger : How to Control Anger in the Work Place

  1. It's easier said than done but this method does not work for me because in order to overcome anger you have to allow it and actually feel the emotion and find something to hit like a pillow or drop something not very valuable and that can help. Never resist anger and allow the emotion to flow but don't take it on someone else and hit something or drop something or kick it until you feel cool 🙂

  2. I don't get angry with people, I become violently happy. I don't suffer from small pet peeves, I have major psychotic hatreds

  3. this didnt fucking help me…. i really get pissed So got damn it if your not going to put differant shit on here we alreayd dont know THen PISS OFF!

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