How to Overcome Anger : How to Calm an Angry Person Down

Hi! I’m Brenda F. Dixon the owner of Life
Help Now and I am here with Expert Village and today we are talking about how to overcome
anger. I have given you some definitions to give you a clear understanding of it. I told
you that it pushes people away and it also brings people closer to you because they feel
like they want to help. One of the things that I have noticed in my practice with working
with people with anger, if you are dealing with someone, if you will give a very gentle
answer when someone is in your face speaking. Talking anger whether it is rage or just an
everyday anger, if you will speak very gently to them, they will actually begin to calm
down right in front of you. So one aspect of overcoming anger is to speak gently and
it just begins to calm the room down, calms the person down and they begin to feel this
composure that is in the room. No one has addressed what has caused the anger. No one
has gotten into that. I am just talking about how to overcome it by being very gentle with
the other person.

42 thoughts on “How to Overcome Anger : How to Calm an Angry Person Down

  1. In 7th and 8th grade this teacher named mr.david tore my test up in my face and told me I had study hall I staired at him for a few seconds got up threw my pencil at his face strolled out kicked the trash can over knocked the door open and started running down the hall Fucking raging after that day the other guys thought it was cool when I freaked like that and started doing what I did guess its a matter of looking tough but ya young and stupid I grew up lol

  2. The only way to cure anger is for another person to be more angrier than you are. Believe it or not I'm in a fucking rage right now and I don't even know how I'm typing.

  3. parents thought it would be 'funny' to make me clean my room for a freakin' new Sims game and I spent 4 hours on it and it turned out they were just 'messing around' but if I didn't do it well then its so not sarcasm and I'm dead …. URRRRGGGHHHHH

  4. it also depends what you say to the person too. gently telling someone that they are a piece of shit wont help them much at all.

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