How to Manage Anger in the Workplace : Workplace Ethics for Anger Management

Hi, I’m Brenda F. Dixon, a licensed clinical
social worker here in Nashville, Tennessee and we’re here with Expert Village today.
The fourth difficult person to deal with is what I call the sloppy work ethicator. This
person has ethics that are a little bit awry. They might decide that they need to take some
of their supplies home with them to keep for their own in the marketplace or in the workplace.
Or they may come into work late, they may decide to go home early, they just don’t give
it their all and people around them begin to notice it and it’s anger producing to be
around a person that has sloppy work ethics. So it’s real important to notice how that
pushes the button inside of you and makes you react as a person. Just being around somebody
that treats things differently than yourself, sometimes can create anger inside of you.
So the fourth person that is difficult to be around is the sloppy work ethicator and
this person will do things their own way, not necessarily the works way.

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