How to Manage Anger in the Workplace : How to Deal with Getting Ahead in the Workplace

Hi, I’m Brenda F. Dixon, a licensed clinical
social worker here in Nashville, Tennessee and we’re here with Expert Village today.
The next difficult person in the, I keep wanting to say marketplace, it is kind of a marketplace,
but in the workplace it is the exterminator. The exterminator has a way about them that
they just want to make other people look not so good and themselves look really good. They
do things to elevate themselves, sometimes they’re a little bit boseful, they will just
manipulate the system. For example; they may go to the boss and tell the one thing negative
that somebody else has done, and they don’t mention anything about themselves, just making
themselves look good. The exterminator is very difficult to be around because they will
watch you and perhaps even put things in a perspective that makes you look bad. So this
could be very much anger producing being around a person that really is intimidating. They’re
difficult to be around because they will say things that are harsh and sometimes it’s not
the truth or sometimes it’s the truth but it has a little bit of skewed edge to it.
So the exterminator will produce anger around the people in the workplace also.

2 thoughts on “How to Manage Anger in the Workplace : How to Deal with Getting Ahead in the Workplace

  1. God this video makes me mad….. I mean serious thats like talking shit… I need to learn to deal with anger not hear someone talk shiut about an exterminator

  2. I have a co-worker at my job. He seem's pretty aggravated, I work in a dish room dealing with plates, lids, & cutlery. Let's call him Joe, so anyways I notice Joe has been upset for days now. Me and him are supposed to load the machine, but sometime I can't load the machine in time because I'm too busy with my orders. So when the time come's for me to load the machine, he give's me attitude saying "oh look how much stuff needs to be loaded." My other co-workers stick up for me saying that I'm taking care of my orders. Then Joe says "I don't fucking care!" So then I have to set up the food wagon for my other co-worker then I look at Joe and he gives me the look like he's pissed off at me. Then he throws the cage carts and whips it at the wagon washer and the cage hits her in the face. Then my other co-worker told Joe how to properly hand over the cages to the wagon washer without them getting hurt. Then Joe says "fuck off I don't care." And finally when we are finnish at the end, the entrance to the was blocked from the wagons. So there are two exits to the dish room, one way was blocked but the other way isn't. So Joe has is cart that was dirty full of buckets of food. So then he plow's right through the clean items dirtying them with his dirty cart. When that 2nd exit I've been telling you about was free from obstructions, but he didn't go there. 3 days ago he's been throwing lids. Instead of sliding the lids threw the table, he just whipps it in a angry way. What should I do? Should I talk to him about how he's acting or should I report this to my supervisor? I don't know how to talk to about this. I just want this to be resolved as soon as possible. I think he has anger issues how do you deal with that?

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