How to Manage Anger in the Workplace : How to Avoid Involvement in Anger in the Workplace

Hi, I’m Brenda F. Dixon, the owner of Life
Help Now in Nashville, Tennessee and we’re here today with Expert Village. As we’re talking
about managing anger in the workplace, it’s real important to know that you really have
the power to stop yourself from being involved in it. You have the power to keep yourself
from being sucked into somebody else’s anger and so I would tell you that as you are learning
more about how to handle anger, that you very carefully realize that nothing, nothing can
pull you in except that you give it permission. So you choose to be pulled in to what’s going
on around you. When you get really savvy about this or get yourself to a place where you’re
confident, you won’t get pulled into it. Now I’d like to say at this time that it’s really
important to listen to all of these segments to learn the full picture about managing anger
in the workplace. Sometimes if you just listen to the first part and you just listen to the
last part, you might miss the whole context because this is information that comes in
pieces and parts but it’s important to listen to all of it to get the continuity of managing
anger in the workplace. Anger, I just want you to know that anger is not something that
has to plague you. You do not have to be manipulated by anger and that is an important thing for
everybody to know. That your strength begins to come from knowing more about it and being
able to stop what goes on with you internally. Now the next time we get together, we’re going
to talk a little bit about the different kinds of people that you might find in the workplace.

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