How to manage anger and overcome aggression? By Satyarthi Prateek (In Hindi)

Hi friends! Namaste πŸ™‚ My name is Satyarthi. And today I am going to talk about anger. OK? Let’s start then! Anger is a very important subject. We all of us have the issue that ‘Anger’ which is such a powerful energy We ignore it too much And because of ignoring it,what happens is Anger is getting supressed in our bodies day by day and as all we know that when anger in our body supresses,then it generates a lot of wierd types of issues, physical problems in our body mental health traumas and many similar issues in our bodies day by day Now, if today I am talking about anger then we first need to understand that ‘Anger’ is a type of energy and we shouldn’t look it in either positive or negative way Okay? We will need to understand that its an energy which can come in our body due to situations, can come due to any outer situations or many a times it might happen so, we tend to not like certain situations or you may face a issue in your office or a person who is harassing you because of which inside your body the first chakra (vortex of energy) has accumulated a lot of trobbing which is dyeing to come out. But the problem with society is that, society doesn’t allow us to express our anger and its not alright too to an extent because if you are angry over your friend you cannot just, BOOOOM! and smash him Its not ethical to do that. Or for instance, your boss says ‘You are a useless person and cannot work at all, you are an ass’ and you better know that he is bigger ass but you cannot tell him the truth! You cannot possibly tell him that at all! So because of all these stuffs what happens is that, anger in our body keeps on getting supressed day by day. Many times you will notice that even if you just scream loudly at once you will see many of our physical traumas and internal ones get healed So, in my today’s topic I am just want to tell you that our attitude towards anger of negativity and leading to its supression should get over once and for all we should understand that anger is an energy which is born in our body and we should express it. Now, the question rises of In this society, where every thing is going around at work place, in our love life a relationship and our work, also several other things which are around, How do we express our anger? If we try to express our anger there can be many side effects of the same so, we being safe and alert from all these things we need to express our anger, consciously express it Not in the manner that, let’s say if you are angry on someone Normally, we do is, if we are angry Foe eg; you switch on a table fan as soon as you press the button , you will see the fan switches on Okay? Normally we behave in the same manner suppose if someone asks if you are a dog, you get angry immediately and you react to it. So, it is just a reaction instead of this reaction,we need to start consciously start expressing ourselves and if we talk about consciously expressing our inner selves then there are many aspects to it. The first and foremost important thing is you need to understand two things- 1) Anger can be because of either a situation eg; if you are stuck in a problem and its frustating, harassing and irritating you due to which you feel an urge to get something out from within you Okay? 2)Second can be a particular person because of which you have excessive anger more than required anger, which is irritating you again and again you may feel anger because of this too Got it? Now, there are two ways to express it First way is to shut ourselves in a room when we shut ourselves in a room after that the situation which is torturing us we will start visualizing that situation start analyzing and thinking about it and how much ever anger we are feeling, all that anger we will start inviting. That today I am consciously inviting my anger that, it comes within me and I am consciously inviting it After this I am going to go restless with my body in any manner I feel like while doing body movements in random, I will try throwing all that anger out of me “ONLY FIVE MINUTES” If you do this just for five minutes, anytime during the day closing the door and analyze the situation visualize it and think about having an anger Get all together alive in the situation as if you are re-living that situation; and with all anger and strength making all the face expression, analyze it and just dump it after that! Remove it out of your system Okay? The second method is to take a pillow, take a pillow in your room and think of the pillow as the situation. That you have now analyzed it, suppose you were driving on a road and you witness a pot hole suddenly, your car tire bursts out and now you are angry on the entire system that although after paying taxes government doesn’t provide facilities and we start ranting about it and get further angry. Now if you analyze this situation and see that your anger didnt come out then, you go to your room and analyze the situation on the pillow Dream about it and after that start beating your pillow. Put a timer of five minutes and start hitting the pillow as much as you want! This way by smashing the pillow you get out all the anger from yourself. These two methods, you can do either related to a person. As if, when I talk about cooperate, then many a times we feel angry on our seniors a lot. We feel extremely angry on them. We often get the feeling of how are we even working in such an environment. so much frustration and angry, that they don’t understand the matter ‘No one understands me, I tend to put so much efforts” “There is no appreciation of any sense, then how do I even work” At such time you can apply this method because when the angry keeps on accumulating in your body then your whole work efficiency also lowers down extremely. Now, at times like this, at such times you have to again head into your room, put on the timer. First method will remain the same i.e; to relive the situation. And after reliving it, think about the person/topic and throw out all your angry on it. The only way to remove out all your angry is that with your face and body expressions whatever is coming out from within, the energy that is building you will spill it out in the heat of the moment. Understood? The second way is to, in the same manner analyze the person on the pillow, the way you are damn sure, that this pillow is that person. For instance, what I do is, I write the name of the individual on the pillow and after that I start smashing the pillow for ten minutes. That whatever anger and frustation is coming out I dump it on the pillow to give myself a relieve that I did beat the shit out of the person and completely poured out my anger out of my body. As soon as this, energy of anger comes out of your body You will eventually realize, that you are feeling much relaxed, extremely enjoyable and blissful. When you will return back to your normal life you will feel very much calm and composed. In a way, you can use this in your relationships. You can apply this for your friendships too. For that sake in any relationships, whether its for your relationship with your parents, your friends, your wife or with your girlfriend or your boss in that matter. In any relationship, where you are witnessing that things are left unsaid, where there is an untold distance between two individuals, where we feel most angry, in all these cases this release works extremely well It works like magic! So now I end this topic here, end my talk here. If you like my video or find my idea likeable Please, you can give it a like. I am available everywhere whether its on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and I am so keen to know, how did you find this method when you practice it. How did you feel? What changes did occur in your life? Okay? So, don’t forget to tell me about it I would love to listen you! Thank you! Bye-Bye! πŸ™‚

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