Well hey everybody! Welcome back to the channel. Today’s video is on how to make your own makeup remover and that comes straight from the comments section, straight from the request line for Chris Gibson Live and I’m happy to talk about this because removing makeup and getting it all off your skin every single day is one of the most important steps that you can take, ladies, and some of you guys, to make sure that your skin is clear and clean and healthy. And a lot of times I find people skip it, clients skip it, and in doing some research for this I actually found out that 40% of the women polled in a recent named skincare survey said that 40% of these women said that they could not use makeup removers because they’re too dry the drying too harsh they caused them to break out they irritate their skin so when you look at the chemical composition of a lot of brands are a lot of over-the-counter products that are used for makeup remover it makes sense I mean we’re not removing nail polish and some of the same ingredients are in both which would tell you everything you need to know right there right also interestingly 60% of women in this same survey said they were looking for a product that was naturally based that didn’t irritate their skin and worked in one step without them having to wash their face afterwards and others they didn’t want to make the routine harder or longer and that’s what we’re all after we’re all after like these one-step things that we can do and spin care and it makes total sense to me well today I am going to share with you a natural easy to make homemade skin care solid makeup remover and it’s so easy and so simple to do so if you’re excited to learn how to make this makeup remover yourself hit the like button and let me know that you are and let’s dive right into this because it’s really super simple there are a few things that you’re going to need and you need to decide first what kind of oil you’re going to use you can use olive oil you can use coconut oil you can use castor oil that’s all fine choose the oil that you like the best for this demonstration day we’re going to use the olive oil just simply because I have more of it so we’re gonna use the olive oil and it’s one tablespoon of olive oil and put it into a measuring cup so that you have you know you have a place to stir this up and mix it up all right and then it’s three teaspoons of witch hazel and witch hazel is very inexpensive and very easy to find you can find it anywhere look I won’t go over there so about three I keep overshooting the spoon but anyway if you need to add a little more oil that’s fine but it is one tablespoon of whatever all that you’re using and three teaspoons of witch hazel and to that you’re going to add a teaspoon of a cleanser in today’s demonstration I’m going to be using our own clearly flawless foaming face wash but you can use you know one of your favorites what about the extra cleansing properties but it really dilutes the cleanser down so that it isn’t going to be irritating or too drying which it shouldn’t be anyway if you’re using a good cleanser you shouldn’t be having that problem anyway and then the next thing you want to do is add some essential oils now I have lemongrass and tea tree oil here if you have extra oily skin or you have skin that is acne prone tea tree oil three drops of this is absolutely fine it will really make a great tonic for your skin after you use this makeup remover again the great thing about this makeup remover is you wipe it off you don’t need to wash afterwards you’re going to let these ingredients after they clean the makeup out of your pores and off your skin actually nourish your skin so it’s a really really great tonic as well we’re going to use three you can use three to six drops of an essential oil I’m gonna use lemongrass because I like the way it smells smells very clean and very citrusy and then what you’re gonna do is you’re going to of course stir that up okay I’m going to stir that up and then you are going to pour it into an airtight container like I have here hopefully I won’t make a mess which makes a mess when you’re trying to do stuff on camera I can do this 100 times without the camera on and it would be perfect but it went in there so you can see it made just a little bit you can double triple this recipe as much as you want so here’s what it looks like this is the one I’ve made with the olive oil if you use another oil it may not be the same color but this is your makeup remover now let’s see how well it actually takes makeup off skin I’m going to use my hand as a demonstration so we’re gonna check this out and see how well this works okay so I have put a really heavy greasy thick almost the at Racal makeup on my hand so I could demonstrate this for you today to see how well this actually cleans this off so we have a little bit left in our glass here we’re going to just put a little bit of it on the on the the tissue here I’m gonna use tissue you can use a cotton pad you can use whatever but I’m going to wipe it off and you may need to use a little more you want to massage it in with your fingers is fine it has a really great feel to it so the test here is look I’ve wiped that all off alright the test is going to be to see if the tissues remain clean so let’s pick a clean side and test it look at that look at that no residual makeup whatsoever left on my skin no D to wash it smells wonderful it’s it’s very soothing very hydrating this is a great great way to have a all-natural product in your house to use to get makeup off and it’s not going to be on your skin or in your pores or on your pillowcases anymore so as you can see really simple to put together all natural ingredients very easy it’s going to go a long way to help me you have clear skin and getting all the makeup off in one try you’re not gonna have to super wash your face or scrub off makeup it’s just really a wonderful mixture of natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin you’re gonna keep your skin your pores and your pillowcases makeup free now for other videos that I have on how to use naturally based products and oils for the health of your skin I’m gonna put a couple of videos right over here so do me a big favor if you haven’t subscribed and you like what you’re learning here subscribe to the channel hit the like button throw me a comment or two I love comments I read them all the time and hit the little notification bell and I’ll see you over on the next video


  1. About an acne problem… please tell me..

    Does apple cider really work? Or that just a myth. I’ve seen it on dr oz but I’m not sure. In your research experiences, can you tell me if apple cider works for acne? Thanks

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