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Hi, I’m Kati Morton. And I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. And I create mental health videos on youtube. Now you are most likely receiving this video because someone in your life is stuggling with depression, and doesn’t know how to talk to you about it. So what is depression? I know many people throw that term around a lot. ‘Oh I’m just so depressed, today has just been so terrible.’ But that’s not really depression, right. That’s just a bad day. Now depression is something that permeates our life. It can go on for years without anyone receiving help or telling anyone about it. What it can look like is; we can have body aches, we can be extremely tired, we can struggle to sleep at all, we can have a increased appetite, or a decreased appetite, often times we don’t enjoy social situations, we may isolate ourselves, not call our friends as much, you may not hear from this person as much as you used to. Or when you see them you feel like they are not the person they used to be. It can b really difficult, and completely debilitating. It can be hard to leave the house and take care of ourselves. So now that we know what depression is,
how do we help, right? I hear that those most from friends and family of my clients. You know,
‘How do I help them now that I know they’re hurting so much?’ And the most important thing to remember is that we can help them through understanding. Now if we don’t understand. We can ask them questions, we can seek to understand. We can just be there. Often times, it’s just helpful to have someone there with us. Being alone can be the hardest thing. So I would encourage you to give them a call, check in on them, pop by their house and have a weekly get together. Whether you are watching a movie or a tv show or playing cards or any number of things. I find just being there and seeking to understand their situation can be the most helpful. And the second thing is supporting them in their decision to get help. I know it’s really difficult. Many of my clients don’t come in to see me until they have been depressed, like I said for years. And so when they finally decide to try to look in to getting help even, at the beginning stages of trying to seek help. Having support from their friends and family is the most important thing. And however you can help them in making that decision. It will mean the world to them. And it will make sure that they get the help they need, sooner rather than later. Because no one wants anyone in their lives to be hurting, right. And the more we can be there for them, and support them. The better. So in conclusion. Someone in your life is struggling with depression. And it’s hard to talk about. But the things that we can do is; We can seek to understand and be there for them, And we can support them in their decisions to get help. And I hope that you found this helpful. And if anyone else in your life, or if there is anyone around you that you think could also benefit from this video, Don’t be afraid to share it. The more we spread the word. The less people are hurting. Thank you. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Thank you so so much for this Kati!! I've recently found out that my father had depression and that is a huge factor in my parents divorce, which has impacted me greatly. I've really wanted to get in touch with him lately because I miss having him around. Even tho he has hurt me emotionally, I want to see him eye to eye and tell him everything is going to be okay. I may try some of these ideas to see if I can meet up with him, or if we can talk on Skype or something. 

    Bless your soul Kati! You've done so much in the short(ish) amount of time you've been on youtube it's incredible!!

  2. I just discovered your youtube channel while on I have been suffering from depression for over 11 years now and still find it difficult to tell anyone Friends & Family. I have done things to myself that I'm ashamed of and it makes my depression worse. I have been watching your videos and it's helping me understand my illness and what I can do to get help. I would like to tell someone close to me about my depression and struggles. I feel I don't want to burden them with my problems and I don't want it to seem like i'm attention seeking.. I have scars that I've hidden for years and no one knows the things I'v done and I feel I have this big secret or big cloud hanging over me.. I could go on and on.. Well I just want you to know I'm watching and learning from your videos.. thank you!

  3. Thank you so so much for this. You don't know how much this means to me and to others who struggle. You are this inspirational person I really look up to. Thanks for being here for us, thank you for caring!. Words are not enough, thanks for being like a hero to some of us, I'm glad people like you exist in this world:)!

  4. This is a great video kati it was hard telling my closet friends about my depression I was more scared and nervous then they were just be yourself and make sure you have a ton of information about it to inform ur friends and family

  5. thank you so much for making this video i might send this to my mom but i still dont know but i love that i have this option

    kati you are ha bisky

  6. My definition of help is the steps it takes to go from depressed to not depressed…  being there to understand someone seems more like temporary help.  What things do professionals offer to help someone?

  7. Another Great Video Kati.  Thanks for putting these out here.  They are a wonderful resource that those of us dealing with Depression really need to help maintain healthy living, as well as invite our families and friends into their role in helping make that happen.  Thanks again.

  8. Thanks for the video, it was great and I sent it to some select people and got no response. Can you do a video on what to do if depression has mangled to mess with you so much that you've either weirded people out or pushed them all away?

  9. Kati I've met a girl who after 3 weeks of being involved with has told me that she has depression and is diagnosed Bi-polar, she's now really really distant but I want to try and help her…what do I do?

  10. is there free help for depression? I feel like my wife has been reaching out to me. I don't know how to help her, and we don't have insurance.. I feel like our marriage is on a slide. as recent as 2 days ago, found her in the closet crying, she ran towards me and crying her heart out she asked " please help her, she don't want to feel this way anymore" we have a 2 year old son together, I hate that he has to see mom this way… I'm a truck driver, I am away more than I would like. . please help. thx

  11. Thank you! This is making me understand how my friend feels now. But…I still don't know what to do. He tells me to stop caring for him and that I'm wasting my time on him but I keep telling him that I'll always be there for him. I'm scared that he'll hurt himself or do something even more worse. Any advice? Thanks!

  12. To all the people who think tonight is the night. Who are thinking of picking up the blade again. Who aren't eating. Who are bending over a toilet. Please try not to. I know it can be hard not to but please don't… not for me, but for you. Because you are worth so much more. I wish I could hug you and comfort you right now but I can't. But know that someone cares and that someone wants the absolute best for you. Remember: you are not fat or ugly or worthless babe and you will be missed. No matter how terrible you think you are, youre incredible. I believe in you and I am so proud of you and the smallest and biggest things you accomplish. even if it's one day without cutting or throwing up. I am happy For you when u smile and laugh and I care for you when you are sad and down. I might not know you but my heart pours for you and people going through things like you. we all have horrible Times and your not worse than anyone else for finding yourself falling apart. I hope this helps you. Stay strong. you'll be so proud of yourself. Sending love your way 🙂

  13. Hello! I have been trying to tell my parents I feel sad, depressed but I don't feel comfortable telling them I really trust my uncle and I want to talk to him but I don't know how to tell my parents that I want to talk to my uncle without it bring weird pls help me 😁

  14. Hi. I just found this video and subscribed to your page. This video was very helpful, and it feels so great to have a professional out there on a social media platform who addresses these issues, especially when some of us cannot afford therapy services. I do have one question: What can you do when your partner struggles with depression for as long as youve been together, and you've been extremely patient and supportive and listen as much as possible, but that support is very one-sided? How can I combat the feelings of feeling drained and like my partner doesn't really care? I research depression extenstively, and am a psych major also. I try to remind myself that it's the depression that causes those actions, but sometimes, I feel like the relationship can't go on like this and that my own emotional needs aren't being met when I'm consistently being ignored and feeling devalued.

  15. hi my boyfriend has depression and so insecure about himself.he hates himself but im not sure if he self harms .He just says his been having bad days but doesnt tell me what happened.i dont know what to do or say.

  16. i have had depression since age 16….but it got worse when i was 17 and found out my father was terminally ill. My mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 20 yrs old. Ive fought it off in past years with athletics…..and meds, but lost my insurance and meds unforrtunately. Have two children at home and go to work every day ,laying brick n block…. just am exhausted to do much more. Feel guilty im not being a good dad or boyfriend, lay in bed alot lately😟

  17. I was wondering if you have any ideas to help my friend, he refuses to tell anyone that he needs help because his parents don't believe depression is real. He was in the car with his mom and she shut off the radio because it was talking about depression a Dm she went on about how she thinks it isn't real. And my friend needs help, but I don't know what to do. In the end his parents are the only ones to get him the professional help he needs, but how do I tell them that he needs help if they don't think that what he's dealing with is real?

  18. Wish My Friends Would do this
    My friends and family are just making me feel worse but dont even know.They Know im Depressed and they try but make me feel worse

  19. I can’t talk to my parents. They’ll shrug it off and say I’m too young. I feel like I’m drowning and I can’t even explain why and I just want to talk to someone, so so bad.

  20. My family's reaction is to leave me, whatever I say there's no answer. Which is the worst answer, SILENCE is the most depressing and most hurtful scary thing.

  21. My friends recently told me about her cutting and depression, I can help her with cutting because I do it (anger reasons) and I hate seeing her the way she is.

  22. I started to think a lot of negative things until the depression that I experienced became worst. But now w ith this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can completely focus my energy and thoughts into a decisive line on how to make my entire life much better constantly. I`m happy and enjoying many social actions..

  23. I notice that because I’m different, I’m not getting the support that I want or need and I’m basically calling out my own family. I’ve gone through depression for awhile now and it seems like it’s not going anywhere but in a dark place in my head.

  24. I get depression over live difficulties, and I was born with the horrible disease GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). In high school, i was bullied. I dealt at a young age with family death. I knew suffering. So, I embarked on a quest to find the answer to life and what life is all about. Although I was raised a Christian, I wanted to make sure that i was following the right religion. So, I took a secular (unbiased) course on world religions. I used hallucinogenic drugs for over 25 years. I listened to gurus and Dr. Timothy Leary. In college, I got a minor in philosophy and a Masters in biology, the study of life. What did I learn? I realized, from the hallucinogenic drugs, that there is a higher reality than what we perceive as we live day by day dealing with life's problems. I know that there is a God because of creation; all I have to do is look at my body. It is a designed electrochemcalbiological machine able to self heal. I did not design it. It is, to me, obviously designed and created by an intelligent source (God). i also realize that I have done many bad things in my life. For example, taking LSD is illegal. I was breaking the law. I learned that of all the major world religions, it is Christianity that says that in order to wipe away our wrong deeds (sins), God sent His son Jesus Christ (God as a Man) to live a perfect, sinless life. That way he could die on the cross in our place and, as Jesus intended and said, take on our sin and pay for them by spending 3 days in the lowest depth of Hell so that we can stand blameles before all-sinless, all-righteous, all-powerful, loving God. But God has to be a fair God and judge sin. Sin separates us from God because we do sin because we lack love for others in our heart, and God is an all loving God. So, God sends sinners to Hell, where there is separation from God and torment forever after we die. But God sent jesus to take away our sin. Jesus said that all we have to do to enter into Heaven, where there are no more problems and sadness, is to believe that he died on the cross for our sins and to accept him as our Lord and savior. That is it. We are still, and will always be, sinful. But if we love Jesus, we will try not to sin so that he does not have to pay for more of our sins. It is not living a sinless, perfect life, which we cannot do, that will allow us to enter heaven, but just having faith in Jesus. No other major religion states this. This makes sense to me. So even though i have a criminal record that is preventing me from getting a job, not having a family, having to take care of my 78 year old mother and being poor and eating out of soup kitchens, I am filled with happiness and job because I know that problematic life, which is very short compared to all eternity, will end and after I die I will enter the wonderful kingdom of Heaven forever more. So remember that when you are depressed. i also find that jogging helps with depression.
    Frank Reiser

  25. I told my mom I was depressed again and she told me to repent. Depression is self absorption. Thanks again for the pep talk mommy dearest

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