How To Heal Chest Pain Anxiety

I know that feeling. The tightness in your chest, you feel like
the world’s closing in on you. Your pressure is coming on. Your breathing is very shallow and you feel
anxious and you just can’t move forward. You’re stuck in this nervous, anxious feeling. I remember laying on my floor and feeling
this way, and I couldn’t breathe. It was hard to get my breath. I felt overwhelmed. I couldn’t move forward. It’s paralysis. And I remember saying to my husband, I can’t
do this. A year and a half ago with apnea, I can’t. I cannot move forward. I’m Carol Tuttle. I have extensive experience healing my own
life and helping literally millions of people heal and create lives they love. I’m a bestselling author. I’m a healer and a teacher, and most recently
my bestselling book, “Mastering Affluence, Six Lessons to Create a Life You Love,” has
been released. Think of a time in your life, recent when
anxiety to cover and you felt that chest pain anxiety. Just bring it to mind. You felt anxious, you had a hard time breathing. You felt that closing in sensation. You felt a paralysis that you just were stuck
in this place that was overwhelming, and notice the primary feeling it brought up for you,
powerless. You felt powerless to it. It’s the anxiety took over that moment of
your life, and the anxiety had more power than you. You became that anxiety. I understand that I .experienced it too many
times, and I became very proactive in believing I could heal it. And these two techniques are going to help
switch this out for you. It may happen immediately for you. You may have immediate, magnificent, miraculous
results because of this. It may take some practice. I’ve learned that anxiety becomes a habit
of the body. It triggers literally a biochemical response
when certain scenarios play out that become the reference point. It’s a pattern that develops. Certain things trigger the anxiety. That’s a first step is to notice what triggers
it and to make healthy choices to support you in staying free of those triggers. To give you some space to retrain your body,
your emotion, and your mind, because they’re all working together at this moment. They’re all working together to either add
to it or shift it and help it calm down. And so that’s Kinda the fork in the road. You’ve got…let’s just imagine the anxiety
comes on, okay. You can reflect on that and know because it’s
anybody sensation is a body memory and you can draw upon that memory and you know, yeah,
you know what that feels like. And so you have a choice in that moment. It’s a very quick choice. But you’re gonna make a different choice because
you either can choose to let the anxiety become you, by just fearing it, you know, just going
on letting it take over. Or your other choice, which I’m going to invite
you to choose today, is to be an observer of it, to notice it, to be okay with it. To go, “I’m having anxiety in my chest right
now.” “I’m feeling like I’m not able to breathe
fully. I’m noticing, I’m feeling quite paralyzed.” These thoughts and awarenesses will move very
quickly. Just so you’re watching it, you’re observing
it, okay? Now you’re in a different position because
you’re observing this energy, this state of being. Now, these two steps in that place of awareness
are going to help shift the energy. Put your hand on your chest, do it with me
right now. I want you to take five deep, clear and intentional
breaths. While you’re thinking this statement, “I am
safe no matter what happens,” because the deeper belief that’s running is, I’m not safe. And whatever triggers your chest pain anxiety,
that’s a deeper belief that’s really driving it. So five deep, clear, intentional breathes,
while thinking, “I am safe no matter what happens,” because the honest truth is, you
are. You are. So, five breathes with me. Remember what you’re thinking. “I am safe, no matter what happens.” Keep thinking that with each breath. Really feel your chest cavity fill up, open
it up. Two more. Keep thinking, “I’m safe no matter what happens.” One more deep, full intentional breath. Second step, place your hand on your forehead. We’re going to get the blood rushing to the
forefront of the brain. Your frontal lobe. That’s your more reasonable aware mind. Your survival mind is the backside. Sort of the ancient mind that’s like fear,
struggle. Oh no, is the back side of the brain. You want to, you can even take and press with
your fingertips or a firm palm handplant on it. You just want to press. It’s acupressure, bringing blood to the forefront
of your brain. And while you’re pressing on your brain, “I’m
open and I am safe.” This is what you’re thinking. “I am open and I am safe. Everything is under control. I am open and I am safe. Everything is under control.” One more time. “I am open. I am safe. Everything is under control.” Now, you know how a dog shakes off water? I want you to pretend you can do that, do
it as best you can. I want you to shake the energy off your body,
and get up and walk around. We want to go like this when we feel this
chest pain anxiety. You want to close in, hunker down, and disappear,
and you’re wanting to open like a blossom like, “I’m safe. I’m open, I’m opening the energy.” So shake it off and an open. Use those techniques, you’re gonna see a miraculous
shift and this anxiety is going to completely 100% subside at some point. I trust that. You’re meant to live the fullness of your
life feeling you’re in control. You’re free to move forward. You’re safe. I want that for you. Has this video helped you? Give it a like. Share with me in a comment any questions you
might have or any content you’d like me to cover here with my heal with Carol live, YouTube
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for it.

54 thoughts on “How To Heal Chest Pain Anxiety

  1. Interesting, the only times I remember that feeling coming on as you described it at the beginning. One I actually don't remember, it was after I watched my brother die and when I came home (I was at a family friend and not taken to the funeral) without my brother. My parents say I ran to my room scooted all the way under my bed so they couldn't reach me, grabbed the springs and throw a fit or convulsed. It was only after I passed out that my dad could pull me out and held me. I remember the chest anxiety pain though. The other time was at the start of being abused by my ex-uncle (uncle at the time) and I didn't have any help, or it seemed. I remember that feeling in my chest and felt no way out but taking my life. After a huge spiritual experience, I claimed myself and took charge of my situation that no matter what happened to me I would protect my siblings. So its interesting that you would say it's not in our control till we make it our control (paraphrasing). I am able to do the healing on friday. Thank you Carol I'm excited to begin my healing.

  2. This is another great video. I will try these techniques when I wake up during the night with anxiety and can't get back to sleep.

  3. I am so grateful for all of the things you share and that I've learned from you. But I'm especially grateful for this because I am hopeful it is an answer to prayers on behalf of my daughter. ❤️

  4. This is great as an introduction for my daughter who has anxiety. Hopefully this will help her feel more in control. And she will be able to use your other tools.

  5. Hi, Carol, Thank you for this video. I had an anxiety attack after entering an MRI machine last week. I had to cancel and re-schedule. Have you any additional tips for circumstances when you can't get up and shake it off to reduce the adrenaline? Thanks so much for all that you do and share!

  6. Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos, if you want to learn more about my healing programs, visit my healing center at:

  7. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!! I'm new to your work but amazed by what I've seen so far and love the four energy types. Profound work you're doing, and exactly what so many women need. (You're likely pegged me as a type 4 when I used the word exactly, and I'd agree to a point. I believe I'm a 2/4 (which is funny because here in Canada a "two four" is slang for a case of beer) but I'm definitely a low energy, soft, flowy, quiet natured, die hard introvert, type of woman most of the time. I'm also a paid on call firefighter and quit my full time job to follow my bliss so I'm bold when it comes to my beliefs about living a happy life. I'm wondering if you have many women that are an even split between two types…lol

  8. I had a panick attack and after that my chest hurt for 3 days. After 3 days it passed but it has came back and i am not sure if it's because of all this stress i am going thorough or is it something more serious and that makes me ever more anxious

  9. Carol! Thank you so much! I have tight chest for the whole day and can't focus. I tried this immediately and feel much much relieved. Thank you so much!

  10. Thank you lovely lady, I am having terrible tightness. I lost my husband a year ago. He had Lewy body dementia, and type ! diabetes, he got out of our home and hasn,t been found. He couldn't of survived as he has no medication with him. A year on I am getting this frightening tightening of my chest, back and stomach. I hope this helps me as it is paralysing. My be I feel I have lost control! Thank you Carol

  11. Thank you SO much, Carol. Do you have any tips or recommendations for overcoming PTSD? Or tips on how to deal with that in a marriage relationship? I would love a video on overcoming PTSD of you don’t have one already. ❤️ Thanks for all the good that you do! Your work has been a great blessing in my life! ❤️

  12. Hallo Carol i have full anxiety.I have ocd and about 3 years panick attacks not often but i have stuck in those.and i feel like i am breathimg manually otherwise i cant breath,so does it you have any advice??thank you in advance

  13. I have a question I have a headache and my body feels weird than usual I also get scared because my chest hurts in different places I can breathe perfectly fine I just really need help and I didn't start experiencing this till 2weeka ago. And my body felt shaky and my muscles won't stop moving by theresekf please help me

  14. You are an amazing being! Thank you for healing yourself so that you can help others move forward! ♡☆

  15. When I first got the feeling of chest tightness I got scared and thought a I had a heart problem so I googled it and it said a bunch of stuff about heart conditions so I keep thinking I have a heart problem. I finally decided that I'm going to make a appointment to see a doctor just to make sure that I am okay and don't have anything wrong with my heart.

  16. THANK YOU …. and do u have anything for overthinking ? I’ve been noticing myself overthink too much … I think this is what causes anxiety for me but idk 😭

  17. This video helped me so much. I’m going through a really bad breakup and my anxiety is awful. Thank you.

  18. Hi awesome Carol 🖐 I'm here first time due to recurring chest pain. Can you cover the area of chest pain due to menstruation and changes with age during perimenopause, please? Thank you ❤

  19. I woke up this morning with my chest feeling slightly tighter and you instantly notice that difference because you usually don’t feel anything in your chest area. That’s when I do the google searches and yada yada that put negative thoughts into my brain and I freak myself out. I am doing some deep breathing and watching this to help. The human body is so weird man

  20. I hate this feeling. Can't believe other people feel this. Add withdrawal to it and a burning acid reflux feeling to it. It makes me induce vomiting which makes it way worse. Then I can't stop making myself throw up. So then I'll throw up every minute for sometimes longer than a 24 hour period.

  21. Hi Carol! This helped a little to make me feel better however I have the chest pain 24/7 and racing heart sometimes especially when I try sleep. Any advice? As I can’t do the techniques all day

  22. Does anxiety gives chest pain with cough I am having rough cough consulted the doctor all are saying it's an anxiety but my mind not accepting it still having chest pain.having this anxiety for months

  23. Omg thx for this video going to try this.My chest gets sooooooooo tight and felt like the walls was closing in.I had to get out of my room to get air and I’m very scared to go back in feels like I can’t get air.Its this deep heavy tight feel.I thought I was my chest because I had implants and got them removed but I never felt it til they got in.My ps told me it’s anxiety in my chest.This video helped

  24. My heart feels like a sharp pinch and my chest was heavy and light and it is just painful. I dunno how to deal with it, it happens at random times like even just walking past people.

  25. you're very hearted, i started feeling anxiety then chest pains showed out nowhere, i kept thinking it was a heart problem, i googled stuff about it… definetlly didnt help but you're teaching me something useful, thanks carol.

  26. i dont know but the chest pain happens on my left side, it feels like it's located in my left breast. but no pain on the right. it feels like ive been stabbed and it feels tight sometimes. is it caused by anxiety

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