How To Give Yourself A Headache | 8 TRIGGERING WAYS!

Why hello boys and girls, In this video
I’m gonna be telling you how to give yourself a headache, because a
self-induced headache is just such a wonderful thing to put yourself through
especially since your life isn’t miserable enough already. Oh it’s negative 9 degrees outside here on a Saturday night in Indiana. Let’s do this. Queries of the Interweb. What’s going on? Joel here and I amusingly answer
questions that are searched for every single day on the interweb. You really
can’t blame me for the questions I answer well because you’re the one
asking them so if anyone should be judged it should be you. Let’s talk about
how to give yourself a headache. By the way subscribing to my channel
automatically gives you a headache so if you want to get that headache
right away just hit the subscribe button see what happens. I dare you, I dare you.
I’m gonna be walking you through eight things that you can do that are gonna
give you a headache. I’m getting a headache just just talk, just thinking
about it. The first thing that’s gonna give you a headache is sleep deprivation
Don’t sleep stay up all night. Do your insta-twitter, your snap vine which I
think is dead now. Instagram, vidooley, there’s always some new crap that you
can be doing. Alright you can binge watch me if you want. You’ll get a headache
after the third or fourth video I guarantee you. The second thing you need
to do to give yourself a headache is strain your eyes okay. When you when
you’re squinting like this like, your squin, you are squinting real hard,
you squint real h-h-h-haaard. Squint at a book book you can’t read because you didn’t
finish school. Strain your eyes the tension, the extra tension around your
eyes is gonna give you a headache. Watching this video, squint right now
squint at me you little punk. Squint! A third way to give yourself a headache
on purpose it’s to wear your hair really tight. Now if you’re like me you don’t
really have any hair right now so that’s not really an option for you, but for
those of you with ponytails and you know other types of tails make that ponytail as
tight as you can okay. Wrap the crap out of your hair. The little bungee things
you use to tie your hair with what are they called? Hair strap-ons? Whatever you
strap yourself with it on your head okay. Wear it is tight as you can. The extra
intention on your forehead all day is gonna give you a headache. A fourth way
to give yourself a headache is exposing yourself to extremely bad smells. Now I’m not telling you to go stick your head in the toilet. Except for you Charlie.
freaking Charlie. If Charlie stuck his head in the toilet no one would object. In
fact no one no one would tell the difference because that’s what his head
always is. I feel like my cheeks are like super rosy right now. Comment below if
you think my cheeks are rosy. In fact comment below if you’re digging my rosy
cheeks. Red lips and rosy cheeks then in in the legs now standing in the heart go
babe wow this dream. A fifth way to give
yourself a headache on purpose is dehydrate yourself, don’t drink liquids
don’t drink water do not drink the water the water. Do not touch the water. I think
I accidentally opened a garage band. I’m sorry I gotta close this out. Fricking
garage band. Nobody wants you anymore you’re old. No I don’t want to continue.
Force quit! Stupid. Essential sound library, there’s nothing essential about
what you do Garage Band. All right for those of you who are over 21 a 6th
way to give yourself a headache is alcohol. This usually happens the day
after for those of you who over drink but alcohol can induce a headache or get
rid of one temporarily and then bring it back twice as hard. But most of you
probably already knew that. A seventh way to give yourself a headache on purpose
is loud noises and bright lights. Have you ever been to a club. I’ve been to the
club and look I like to go out there and murder the dance floor just as much as
anyone else, but those bright lights flashing for three hours and the loud
noise you get out there you can’t hear anything your head hurts, I’ve been there.
For those of you can’t go to the club well just look into a bright light while
listening to some heavy metal or something I don’t know, same simulation.
It’ll get the job done. Your head we’ll hurt. it’ll happen. An eighth way to give
yourself a headache on purpose is intense physical activity. Fatigue will
give you a headache. ok fatigue. Iif you’re doing curls or
doing sprints or, or even sitting on the toilet,
if you push as hard as you can or, forget the toilet comment. Ok, but if you’re like
going hard on the exercises, the exsexercises, the extra fatigue, that will
give you a headache on purpose right away and believe me it’s not gonna feel
good. Now you know how to give yourself a headache. Go make the world a better
place. We know you can. I’m a modern-day Socrates for people who suck. No offense.
I’ll see you in the next video. Peace!

100 thoughts on “How To Give Yourself A Headache | 8 TRIGGERING WAYS!

  1. I got a stuffed up nose when I subscribed. Fuck school I’m not even going. I won’t have my phone anytime soon to watch more vids. Peace ✌️

  2. Oh and don’t poop that will make your stomach hurt and you will have a headache I’ve done it before …I had to go to the hospital

  3. Also to fake a headache you can put hot water on your forehead and dry it. (make sure you dont leave any water) Have fun staying home!

    (Thanks for the likes I never got this many)

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  5. I told you to find out how to bring logic to real life and reply at 6am but you haven't written anything about that yet and reply at 6am tomorrow please I'm not gonna keep going to school

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  7. So again Queries of the Interweb, please try to find some instructions on how to bring logic to real life and tell me whenever you like but as long as it's before next weekend or even tomorrow or Monday would be great. By the way tomorrow is my birthday so please write happy birthday to me.

  8. Put a rubber band on your head squint and sit real close to that flatscreen and play that ps4 lol volume all the way up

  9. You kinda give me this idea that your like a native kinda chief that is really wise but gives the native kids funny things too do that’s misleading and laughable

  10. 1567: Oh no I have a headache I have to heal immediately or I shall die

    2019: Google: How do I get a headache?

  11. these videos are such a bad influences and i love it

    edit: something that gives me a headache is pinching my daith (ear), it hurts man

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