how to get toddlers to listen without yelling

How to get toddlers to listen without
yelling? I’ve got an expert with me today Nicholeen Peck joins us for Live on
Purpose TV. So glad that you’re here you know that we do a lot of parenting
content here at Live on Purpose TV and you can link to our positive parenting
playlist right up there where you’re going to find a whole bunch of videos on
different topics that you might be interested in. And today, I brought in the
person that I think knows more about parenting than anyone else I know
professionally, this is Nicoleen Peck thank you for being here. My pleasure
Paul thanks for having me. Nicoleen you have impressed me so much
over the years with your approach and it’s really about teaching
self-government so that these children can learn how to basically govern
themselves and they don’t have to have someone telling them what to do all the
time, every second, yes. I think one of our main jobs as a parent is to work our
way out of a job, I mean if we’re doing it right then we should be launching
them off with confidence right? right yeah, yeah. Now we’ve had a lot of
questions that come up from our viewers with particularly young children how to
get toddlers to listen to you without yelling and yelling is a trap isn’t it?
But definitely a trap and I think the thing about yelling that is so important
is actually to recognize that when you’re yelling you’re in a selfish state.
And so and I I mean I’m a bold speaker I call it kind of like I see it right and
and that is what is happening when a person is yelling, usually it’s
because they are in an emotional trap that they’ve put themselves in, so there’s
really no need to yell, but then you have to ask yourself okay well what am i
lacking then why do I keep going to this place of yelling
and usually the parents are lacking some sort of skills that they need in order
and a mindset, I mean you have to look at what you’re doing and as your role as a
parent with new eyes, before you can decide to adopt new skills and new ways
of communicating with your children. So yes, so with your tod, with your toddler
children okay so we’re talking about little ones, little ones, right? right and
their cognitive ability is minimal and so you have to remember that. Their
prefrontal cortex of the brain is not fully developed well, until they’re
between the ages of 18 and 24 years so they have a long way to go though when
they’re at that stage they just don’t have a lot of ability and I think
parents think well I told you not to touch that one thing already, how come
you’re touching it again but we have to recognize oh they’re learning curve is
so steep right now, I mean they have so much to accomplish and to learn and so
you have to when you’re looking at your your mindset as a parent you have to say
okay so is this is what I’m doing right now about figuring out a way not to be
annoyed or is what I’m doing right now figuring out a way to best nurture and
teach my child. Ah… and there’s a difference there. That’s an important
distinction and I I think there are some indicator feelings we can look
at and you were touching on that frustration, anger, resentment, those
feelings are things that we might experience as a parent and usually when
we’re yelling we’re responding to those feelings mm-hmm. Instead of really
focusing like you’re saying on the child what is this child’s needs right now? How
do I best nurture and love and teach? Well, see the thing is, is the parents
have a tendency to forget who they are by focusing so much on how they feel.
This is a big thing, you know I have that book called oh yeah
you know I have that book called rolls the secret to family business and social
success and I wrote that book after I wrote my other parenting books because I
realized there is a major identity crisis happening in our world today
especially in the nation in the place where I live where parents are literally
forgetting who they are, as a parent. And then they’re expecting their children
sometimes to almost step up in their roles and then their children are
usurping the power of their parents and so that makes it so that then there’s
dysfunction in the home, in all ways. So when you I know we have to talk about
toddlers today we keep get deeper of course, yes so getting back to all right, so how do we
get these toddlers, these little people to listen without yelling, mm-hmm
and without giving in to our emotions and our feelings. There’s an option here, yes, that maybe we’re in
choice still and thinking about who we are and what our role is as a parent and
I know you’ve got some practical ideas for parents too. I do, let’s share some
ideas, okay, that would be great so once you’ve decided you know what I
actually like teaching my children I like nurturing my children and this is
what I’m gonna do. Then you have to ask yourself okay, well
how am I gonna do it, without getting to that emotional place? So one thing that
parents can use and this is especially important for the little ones when they
can’t they don’t speak as well and I’m thinking toddler honestly up
until about age four and five, okay? So any time in that category of a child. Preschool years, exactly! And so some of them actually or have they’ve gotten pretty
smart and they can do a lot of talking another so and they can even when
they’re babies they can understand more than they can say and you have to
remember that. So you don’t have to dumb everything down because they’ve
been hearing you communicate all the way along. But a big key thing is describe.
Describe, describe what is happening. Describe what should be happening and
then do practice, so for the little one it’s all about pre-teaching what things
should be happening correctly and you have to practice that more, than they do
it the wrong way otherwise they won’t change the behavior so it’s huge now
sometimes you have to you know stop them from attacking another person and kind
of like gently grab them and pull them away and physically you know sometimes
you have to, you know, because we’ve got to protect everyone, but then, then what
after that one in our family they go to a calm down place if they’ve been doing
something like that. They would go to a calm down place but it’s not for a
specified period of time, like a timeout. They just go there until they’re calm
enough so that they can say okay and be ready to do a teaching moment with mom,
okay? right? So then we do a teaching moment and I described. So just a moment
ago, you were hitting so-and-so because they didn’t want to share with you, what
you should have done was and then we’re going to go back to some skills that I’ve
taught them. So what teach children these four basic
skills and they can learn them when they’re tiny. I have seen children under
two years old be able to say, “Mom can i disagree appropriately?” I mean they can say it. Yes, can I do
agree appropriately and between siblings, between friends, they can use these
little skills, so the skills are to learn how to follow instructions, the second
skill is to accept no answers and criticism, wow, the third skill it is big,
the third skill is to accept consequences and you have to have that
you can’t let herself government unless you learn cause and effect. You have to have opportunity to accept your consequences. And then fourth one is disagreeing appropriately and
those four skills actually cover 99% of all negative behaviors. And so, your
little child you would say what you did was this, what you should have done was
this and you would explain exactly what that is and then you would practice it
the right way. Actually practice the skill of them. Multiple times even yeah
and then as they get an older maybe they’re three and four
you might even do a little role reversal where I’m the child and my
child’s the mommy you know, and then they get to see
it from the other side even. Now when they’re tiny too and maybe they can’t
they can’t do it but when they get a little bit older they can even go to
that level of understanding what’s happening. So as far as you know not
having to yell, number one you have to decide do I need to yell or do I just
need to teach? Because the only time you should yell is like if they’re in the
road or in front of a train or you know what I mean? Like because otherwise why?
Just right there, just get on their level look at them and talk to them, correct
them, but my children do earn extra chores, I will say. Even when they’re tiny.
I might help them. I might help them put all the crayons in the box, right, you know
but we’re going to still teach them some cause-and-effect and teach them how to
govern themselves during a little chore. They don’t get too full self-government
just like in their toddler years. Well they’re not ready for it. It takes time, no, they got to have that functioning capability first, you know. So, well, Nicholeen, I knew
that you would have some great ideas along these yes these questions that
we’re addressing here Live on Purpose TV today. And folks, Nikoline has a lot of
really great resources and we’ll put a link down in the description. Great! you
know they can get to your website you’ve got books that are available for the
kids, the kids as well as for the parents. A lot of great resources .Thank You Nicholeen and that was really helpful. My pleasure. That’s another great video free
parenting library. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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