How to Get the Most Out of Getting Mad

How to Get the Most out of Getting Mad. Anger has gotten a bad rap! Processed properly, it can actually benefit
you by motivating positive change. You will need Introspection Self-control Positive
action and exercise. Step 1. Don’t suppress your anger. Numerous studies have linked keeping anger
bottled up with the development of health problems. This is especially true in marriage — one
study found that couples who stew in silence instead of having air-clearing fights nearly
double their chances of early death. Step 2. Channel your anger into action. The remark or behavior that sets you off is
often indicative of an underlying problem, like low self-esteem or a dissatisfying relationship. Address the bigger issue, and the petty annoyances
will take care of themselves. Step 3. React strategically. Blowing up at someone isn’t likely to rectify
the situation, and will probably make things worse. Instead, take time to figure out a fair resolution,
and then speak your mind calmly. Force yourself to react more slowly and quietly
than usual; angry people have a tendency to speak louder and faster. Step 4. If it’s social injustices that have your blood
boiling, channel that rage into action: join a political protest, donate your time to a
charity, or organize your own philanthropic effort. Step 5. Take your anger-induced adrenaline and go
for a run or hit the gym; you’ll blow off steam and improve your health. Now _that’s_ how you get the most out of getting
mad. Did you know Our brains secrete norepinephrine
when we’re angry, a hormone that acts as an analgesic to numb our pain.

40 thoughts on “How to Get the Most Out of Getting Mad

  1. I thought it was going to be like getting mad and using it to beat some guy up that ripped your 30 bucks off last week XD

  2. So our bodies know that anger leads to fighting and numbs the body waiting for the hit…. Good to know… the one that gets pissed first will walk away from a fight LOL

  3. @phorms123
    It's either really. Rep is short for reputation, so you could say that, literally. However, the saying is actually "a bad rap". What a lot of people don't realize is that "to rap" means to talk. A rap is a talk. People or things getting talked negatively about are receiving a bad rap.
    Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
    G.I. Joe


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